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Charmian, Lady Vibart

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Charmian, Lady Vibart

Автор: Jeffery Farnol

Длина: 162 стр.2 ч


Charmian, Lady Vibart is a novel dealing with many of the characters made famous by Jeffery Farnol in "The Broad Highway," and the action takes place twenty years after the final episode of that book. Charmian, now in the early forties, is still a great beauty and not afraid to gamble love and honor in a game of sinister peril. Young Richard Vibart, son of Sir Peter and Lady Charmian, receives in Paris a challenge from a famous duelist whom Richard has slapped for speaking lightly of the boy's mother. When Sir Peter hears of it he hurries to Paris, while Charmian, with a plan of her own, follows secretly.

This Farnol novel describing the joys and tribulations which parenthood has brought to the well-loved Charmian and Peter Vibart, recaptures the atmosphere of "The Broad Highway" in a fast-moving narrative which is replete with action and suspense.