That's The Way She Is

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That's The Way She Is

Автор: Archie Lee

Длина: 130 стр.1 ч


This book contains material that will educate men and women on how to interact with each other through understanding and communicating. It provides insights on relationships and how to deal with the issues that come with them. It also provides a wealth of knowledge on the different types of women, and their character personalities. It discussed how men and women interact with each other through understanding and communication; the challenges faced with dating and social interaction, sustaining marriage, and platonic relationships.
That’s The Way She Is provides a male centric point of view on the female character personalities types. The information revealed in this book is based on research, as well as group discussions from a crowdsource of intellectual men and women with professional, romantic and problematic relationship experiences.
Obviously, many terms in this book can easily be considered chauvinistic and derogatory towards women. To be clear, I do not support the exploitation of women in any form. Nonetheless, the harsh fact remains that many in our society continue to use negative terms to describe various types of women, resulting in some women accepting them as the norm, internalizing, and ultimately identifying themselves as such. My aim will be to thoroughly explain the meaning of these terms in a technical and constructive sense.
One of my goals is to encourage all men to listen carefully to the women in our lives-mothers, sisters, daughters, girlfriends, and wives. I hope that reading this book makes as profound a difference in your life, as writing it has in mine. May your relationships be successful and everlasting.