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OJ Simpson: Jury Questionnaire: OJ Simpson, #2

OJ Simpson: Jury Questionnaire: OJ Simpson, #2

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OJ Simpson: Jury Questionnaire: OJ Simpson, #2

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7 мар. 2020 г.


The Crime. The Victims. The Suspect. The Media Circus. The Evidence. The Verdict.

Book 2 in a Series

The controversy still continues 25+ years later regarding the jury's decision to acquit O.J. Simpson.  But who were these jurors?  How did they get on the jury? What were their backgrounds?

Each potential juror had to complete an extensive 70+ page questionnaire prior to their consideration for the "trial of the century."

Would you have passed the test? How would you have answered questions regarding race, experience or your forgone conclusions?

Read the riveting "actual" full questionnaire to get your questions answered.


7 мар. 2020 г.

Об авторе

Patrice Williams Marks is an author, Sensitivity Reader, founder of courses that teach Sensitivity Reading, founder of a non-profit charity, founder of several film festivals with diverse entries from filmmakers and writers. She also has a background in public relations, marketing, and journalism with an emphasis on research. She penned her first book in third grade; The Day Snoopy Got Married. While it didn't make the New York Times Bestseller List, it was an instant classic with the Nunaka Valley Elementary School staff. From that moment forward, Patrice knew she was a writer. Patrice uses her investigative journalism background to excavate untold/unknown stories from times-past to populate her historical fiction novels based on true stories. She also writes non-fiction with the intention of sharing knowledge.  >> FOLLOW HERE or visit her website to be notified of new releases and limited time offers.  SensitivityReviews.com PatriceWilliamsMarks.com (Sign up here to be notified of full novel release) Twitter: @PWilliamsMarks @Unfinished_The Facebook.com/Author.PatriceWilliamsMarks

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OJ Simpson - Patrice Williams Marks



Newspaper Stand with O.J. on Many Covers (Public Domain Image)

January 24, 1995. Prosecutor Marcia Clark and Christopher Darden made their opening statements.

Opening statements are not how they are depicted on television. They are not concise arguments that last only a few minutes. No, instead, they can last hours.

Everyone was on the edge of their seats when Ms. Clark began. But by the end, we were exhausted and tuned out. (Maybe that was just me?)

By then, most of the country had already made up their mind on O.J.'s guilt or innocence. I was leaning towards guilty. Like most high-profile trials, it is next to impossible not to have an opinion before the trial even begins.

I'll just highlight what I consider to be the important parts of the opening statement.

But before that, Judge Ito gave instructions to the jury to make sure they understood that what was said in the opening statement is not proven as fact and should not be considered fact.

Here's what Judge Ito said:

We are going to begin with the opening statements made by the lawyers in the case. Let me remind you from my instructions to you yesterday that any statements made to you by the attorneys during the course of their opening statements are not evidence and should not be considered as such by you. These opening statements are normally given by the attorneys to sort of give you an overall view of the evidence that they intend to present. It's to give you a road map so to speak as to how to evaluate the evidence. This case, as you know, will be relatively long. And by necessity, some of this evidence will be presented to you out of chronological or logical order. So they'll need to explain to you the case that they intend to present. All right. Are both sides prepared to go forward?

(Superior Court, State of California official transcript; abridged).

Darden: You promised to be fair and you promised to be open-minded and you promised to hear and see and carefully consider all the evidence in the case and you promised to find this case -- to come to a verdict in this case solely on the basis of the evidence and the law given to you by Judge Ito. And you promised to do that based on the law, based on the facts and the evidence and nothing else.

To me he is already setting himself up for failure by treating the jury like children and reminding them of their duty. They know their duty. But, in hindsight, we now know that he didn't want the facts about Fuhrman to derail their case.

Darden: All across the country, everybody wants to know and everybody I know often pose a question to me: did O.J. Simpson really kill Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman? Well, finally, ladies and gentlemen, I am here in front of you this morning to answer that question. And we'll answer that question from the witness stand and from the exhibits you'll see in this case and from the evidence. And when you see the evidence and when you hear the witnesses and when you put it all together and consider the totality of circumstances in this case, the answer will be clear to you as well. The answer to the question is yes.

Darden: Do you know O.J. Simpson? We've seen him play football for USC. We watched him thrash UCLA playing the rose bowl. We watched him win the Heisman Trophy. He may be the best running back in the history of the NFL. We watched him leap turnstiles and chairs and run to airplanes in the Hertz commercials, and we watched him with a 15-inch afro in Naked Gun 33-1/2 and we've seen him time and time again and we came to think that we know him. What we've been seeing, ladies and gentlemen, is the public face, the public persona, the face of the athlete, the face of the actor. It is not the actor who is on trial here today, ladies and gentlemen. It is not that public face… but his private side, a private life, a private face. And that is the face we will expose to you in this trial, the other side of O.J. Simpson, the side you never met before.

Darden: That other face, the one that Nicole Brown encountered almost every day of her adult life, the one she encountered during the last moments of her adult life; the same face Ronald Goldman encountered during the last moments of his life… and the evidence will show that the face you will see and the man that you will see will be the face of a batterer, a wife beater, an abuser, a controller. You'll see the face of Ron -- of Ron's and Nicole's murderer.

Darden: He killed Nicole for a single reason. Not because he hated her. He didn't hate Nicole. He didn't kill her because he didn't love her anymore, because in his mind, in his mind, he did. He killed her for a reason almost as old as mankind itself. He killed her out of jealousy. He killed her because he couldn't have her; and if he couldn't have her, he didn't want anybody else to have her. He killed her to control her.

Darden: She never had an income really of her own. Throughout her entire adult life, this man, defendant in the courtroom, held her purse strings in her life. Whatever money she got, whatever material possessions she got, she got from the defendant.

Darden: As you listen to the evidence in this case, you're going to be hearing evidence regarding domestic abuse, domestic violence, stalking, intimidation, physical abuse, wife beating, public humiliation. As you listen to the trial and as you hear

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