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Автор: Mike Fitting

Длина: 454 стр.7 ч


Its a future time in the Wayman Galaxy, a time where both human and AI powers work together in many ways, each recognizing both worlds. Technology, applications and solutions are on the rise in new and innovative ways. A new kind of brain implant has been developed providing higher processing abilities, access to immediate knowledge and information, customization enabling multitasking and interface to a variety of platforms. Four groups of people and their life path's converge together, they embark on a path neither of them could have imagined. A powerful advanced AI power from an advanced civilization across the universe leads them to new places, new people and friends, new and amazing knowledge and experiences. Advanced transformations take place, each of them are transformed in both mind and body, knowledge beyond their wildest imagination. Their lives take on new meaning as they deal with love, friendship, and strife. Together they return to their home galaxy, to begin building their civilization and people with their new knowledge, advancing their own civilization to whole new levels.