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Ultimate Profits Guide To Instagram Marketing Strategies

Ultimate Profits Guide To Instagram Marketing Strategies

Автором Laura Maya

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Ultimate Profits Guide To Instagram Marketing Strategies

Автором Laura Maya

148 pages
1 hour
Apr 9, 2020


Are you still struggling to promote your brand to widely scattered masses, low traffic, sporadic sales, limited reach, or sparse engagement crippling Your business success?

You can drive brand awareness, grow traffic & increase sales with Instagram  which has nearly 1 billion monthly active users that you can convert into tons of targeted visitors for your offers without spending a fortune.

Let's check out some interesting numbers that will get you glued to Instagram Marketing-
⠢         More than 95 Million photos and videos are uploaded to Instagram every day.
⠢         Instagram stories have more than 400 Million active daily consumers.
⠢         The Instagram ad revenues will cross $10 Billion by 2019.
⠢         90% of the top 100 global brands now use Instagram.
⠢         Instagram clocks up 3.5 Billion likes every day.
⠢         More than 80% of registered Instagram accounts follow a business on that social network

To become successful, you need proper information that is proven and tested, as well as keeps you in good shape and saves you from losing your time and money.

Don't worry, here's an easy and proven system to add this ultimate online marketing giant to your marketing mix and take your business to cloud 9.

Presenting.... Ultimate Profits Guide to Instagram Marketing Strategies

Image and video marketing has never been more important. Video marketing is known to increase revenue by 49%. Imagine if you started getting 50% more sales in your business. What would you do with that increase? Would you expand your business even more? Outsource so you could focus on the tasks you find most enjoyable? Take time off to travel?
This step-by-step training guide will take you by the hand and teach you how to effectively target your desired audience by communicate visually with your fans, followers and customers.

With its proper use, you can easily boost the authority of your website and demonstrate expertise in your niche  .And, MOST IMPORTANTLY,
You can use advanced Instagram monetization strategies to boost sales and profits.
Apr 9, 2020

Об авторе

Laura  Maya ,is a freelance writer and  a leading  influencer who works with International PR event expecially for financial institutions and is also fluent  with financial services Having worked in  Beijing / Hongkong  for 7 years , she is heading a marketing  communication subsidiary in Hongkong  whose client list includes major european financial corporations with EU-China platforms  and is developing  strategic vision and competitive strategies brand marketing and into the greater china.Being a Bilingual, She also provides financial coaching  for businesses out from the mainland for clients  looking for financial packages from major banking corporation or investment in China

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Предварительный просмотр книги

Ultimate Profits Guide To Instagram Marketing Strategies - Laura Maya


Welcome to the latest and very easy to apply Ultimate Profits Guide to Instagram Marketing Strategies   designed to take you by the hand and walk you through the process of getting the most out of Instagram  on behalf of your business.

I’m very excited to have you here, and I know that this will be very helpful for you.

This exclusive training will show you step-by-step, topic by topic, and tool by tool, what you need to know to dominate Instagram Marketing, in the easiest way possible, using the most effective tools and in the shortest time ever.

This training is comprised of 20 chapters, ready to show you the latest Instagram Marketing strategies  

This is exactly what you are going to learn:

✓  Chapter 1: What Is Instagram Marketing All About?

✓  Chapter 2: Setting Up A Branded Instagram Account

✓  Chapter 3: Researching Profit-Generating Hashtags on Instagram

✓  Chapter 4: How To Create Posts That Get Lots of Views, Likes, Comments, and Shares

✓  Chapter 5: Boosting Your Best Performing Posts With A Business Account

✓  Chapter 6: Sending People To Your Sales Pages With Instagram Stories

✓  Chapter 7: Increasing Brand Awareness With Video Posts

✓  Chapter 8: Promoting Affiliate Offers With Instagram Live

✓  Chapter 9: Promoting A New Product Line With Carousel Posts

✓  Chapter 10: Hosting An Instagram Contest To Boost Engagement

✓  Chapter 11: Converting Instagram Followers Into Email Subscribers

✓  Chapter 12: How To Increase Online Sales With Instagram Shopping

✓  Chapter 13: How To Increase Profits With A Micro-Influencer Campaign

✓  Chapter 14: Instagram Marketing Tricks To Try  

✓  Chapter 15: Instagram Marketing Best Practices For Businesses

✓  Chapter 16: How To Monetize Instagram  

✓  Chapter 17: Do's And Don’ts

✓  Chapter 18: Premium Tools And Services To Consider

✓  Chapter 19: Shocking Case Studies

✓  Chapter 20: Frequently Asked Questions

Well, it’s time for you to start getting the most out of Instagram in 2018, on behalf of your Business.

I know you'll love this training.

Chapter 1: What Is Intagram Marketing All About?

Hey there everyone! Welcome to our " Ultimate Profits Guide To Instgram Marketing Strategies"  the only course you’ll need to totally dominate your Instagram game this year and beyond!

If you’ve been thinking about making it big on social media but are finding it difficult to get started, then this is for you! This course has been designed to teach you the easiest ways to actually start your own Instagram marketing business and to live the internet lifestyle that all successful people are talking about!

So What Is Instagram Marketing All About?

It’s been 8 years now since Instagram launched in 2010. Back then it was a simple yet very engaging app that allowed people to share stylized pictures in squared format, then it quickly grew and changed the marketing landscape.

That’s because companies soon realized that a platform such as Instagram would easily allow them to humanize their brands, their message, and more, as they also realized that Instagram would allow them to inspire their audience in a way that was unheard of.

Because Instagram is all about visual discovery, businesses of all sizes have been able to use it to introduce and showcase their latest products in a very authentic way.

That is why businesses, brands, celebrities, and marketing agencies prefer Instagram as their top marketing channel today, because it allows them to build brand awareness without having to use the same old tricks. It makes them look fresh and original!

For your business, it means that you can easily advertise your products in a way that looks friendly and non-invasive.

It means that you can just simply upload entertaining pictures or videos of you telling the story of your brand and products to grow your business.

As you can see, Instagram is not for personal use only anymore, and online marketing has never been so compelling and straightforward!

And Why Is It Important ?

There are currently over 700 million active monthly users on Instagram, 28% of which are US adults with purchasing power. Over 75% of them are overseas users that can help you expand your business to other regions. Surely you can see the potential for doing business there!

Now, we know that’s a lot of users, but how engaged are they? Well, very engaged indeed! 51% of them visit the platform daily, and 35% of them check it multiple times during the day. But that’s not all.

Another important benefit of Instagram marketing in 2018 is that Instagram audiences are much more engaged than audiences on other social media platforms. They produce more engagement rates for brands and businesses than users on Twitter or Facebook do!

70% of Instagram users in those audiences are spending time on the platform looking for brands and products. That means that building a visual presence on Instagram is vital for your online business.

And here’s the kicker: 72% of those Instagram users

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