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Italian Taxes Made Easy

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Italian Taxes Made Easy

Автор: Nicolo Bolla

Длина: 108 стр.1 ч


It is a common feeling for non-Italians to find great ways to do business and make money easily in Italy. It is a big country, with a strong economy, and multiple opportunities.After a good brainstorming session with your friends or fellow expats, you have finally found the next big thing in Italy, and you are 100% sure that you will make money off of it in a couple of years. You made the greatest business plan, and nothing – I literally mean, NOTHING – can stop your idea from being the next big thing.Not too fast!Your business plan did not account for two typical Italian features: high taxes and byzantine bureaucracy.Then, you start wandering around different online groups and blogs and hear horrific stories about businesses which were choked by the horrendous greediness of the tax office as well as the overall lack of business acumen of the Italian public offices in general.Those who made it have to face daily challenges and crawl through a complex, harsh, and unfriendly environment.Despite author’s different take on the Italian business environment, this picture is far from being inaccurate as Italy tops the list of the countries with the highest taxation. This is discouraging, to say the least, if you want to start a business!Given that, there are multiple ways to deal through the system and prosper in this business environment, and Nicolò Bolla can guide you through the whole process of planning your tax expenditure wisely.In this book, Nicolò Bolla will provide real life examples and case stories developed through his experience to help you understand how to make the most out of your income in a legal, honest, and safe way.