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To the Top Smart Free Marketing for Entrepreneurs and Self-Employed

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To the Top Smart Free Marketing for Entrepreneurs and Self-Employed

Длина: 256 стр.2 ч



To the Top - For Whom is this Book Especially Useful?

Freelancers, retailers, small publishers, IT specialists, accountants, lawyers, artists, farmers, craftsmen, health specialists, and many more entrepreneurs and start-ups.

It answers the question: "How can I promote my start-up with little effort or a very small marketing budget?" And it explains in detail:

How excellent customer service and a positive corporate culture boost your success. It doesn't matter how fantastic your startup's product or service is — finding customers is always the key to success.
  Don't rely on the same old banner ads and Google reviews.  Instead, try these content marketing strategies:  Learn about influencer and affiliate marketing, discover SEO's greatest secrets, video & podcasting, sweepstakes, e-Commerce, email & direct-response marketing, and free advertising on Google Maps.
  Content articles and posts will stay forever online (or in print).  While paid ads will be immediately removed by the advertising company once the ad time runs out. Companies that prioritized content marketing increased their website conversion rates by 500%.  Your blog, along with a newsletter and website, is the best way to build a list of online followers and potential customers.  People forget statistics and names and events, but they never forget (content) stories.
  Communication & Social Media Tip: "The richest people in the world build networks – everyone else looks for work."  Hundreds of valuable influencer and Content Marketing Possibilities!  Instagram and YouTube are precious platforms for this.

To the Top - a valuable business guide book - has been written through the eyes of a founder and true entrepreneur.  The motto of this helpful entrepreneur guide is: "Free Marketing vs. Paid Advertising".

If you are looking for: Marketing Tips for Start-Ups, Influencer & Social Media Marketing, Successful Content Marketing strategies, Free Advertising on Google Maps, Direct-Response Marketing, Excellent Customer Service, Tips on Video, Sweepstakes, Podcasting, Email Marketing, e-Commerce, etc., this book is for you!