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Stop Killing Us

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Stop Killing Us

Автор: Terry Keys

Длина: 223 стр.3 ч


USA Today Bestselling Author Terry Keys takes aim at the racial divide facing America today in this breathtaking memoir.

Who needs to read this book? Everyone. There is education for everyone and chapters written specifically for different groups. Why? So that we can all engage, have healthy conversations and grow as nation.

This book is not PRO Black or ANTI White - it is PRO UNITY.

What makes this book different? The author has compiled everything this subject needs in one place. Common myths, history and real life experiences of regular, everyday black men here in America. Never before has there been a compilation of as many stories from a multitude of men. These men aren't criminals, thugs or gang members – but rather fathers, husbands, sons, uncles, brothers, business professionals and coaches. You'll be able to read their stories and relive their pain/humiliation with them. Through their powerful words and compelling narratives you'll be able to connect.

Slavery ended in the United States in 1865 – the year is now 2020. America has had 155 years to make black people feel welcomed, wanted and safe. The gap has closed but we aren't there yet.

Humans are inherently flawed so racism in America will never be completely stamped out. But the overwhelming majority of Americans don't condone racism. The recent murder of George Floyd set off a tidal wave a protests, riots, looting and social media posts from most Americans with a pulse. Most were outraged at the policing that was employed in the video that we all watched.

But how did we get here? The author takes a deep dive into American history and weaves his own experiences as a black man living in America.

Everyone views the world through their own lens. But in order to see everyone for who they truly are it is important to make an effort to see the world through someone else' lens.

What are some of those experiences that black men in America go through? If they have encounters with police doesn't that mean they are criminals? How can white Americans engage? Where do we go from here? How can we knock down some of these walls and make America a better place for everyone?

Don't miss this incredibly impactful, touching, inspirational and timely piece by Terry Keys.