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The Wrath of the Masses: Libro 1, #1

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The Wrath of the Masses: Libro 1, #1

Длина: 66 стр.46 мин


I wrote this essay adapting Seneca's book. Because the anger described in that book 2,000 years ago describes very well the behavior of the present masses. I think the story is cyclical. And although we would like to believe that we are different or better than our ancestors, it is evident that the symptoms of social discontent are repeated.

Also, I have written about anger thinking especially in this age of

individualism. Where people get carried away by anger when driving, on social networks, at work, anyway, everywhere. And this is worse when anger manifests itself in groups of people at a public demonstration. Since this dark and unbridled passion is one of the most dangerous that I think we still do not know how to manage as a society.

Especially now that we are gradually approaching an institutional crisis in Chile, which I predict for the year 2,030 if we do not learn from the lessons of the past. The ideas that sustain this crisis are presented in my book "Coup d’état in Chile, year 2,030" in case you want to know more.