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Disability Doesn’t Mean Inability

Disability Doesn’t Mean Inability

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Disability Doesn’t Mean Inability

96 pages
1 hour
Aug 4, 2020


Dr. Lutendo Rhinah Singo is a woman living with a disability of Profound Deafness. She has faced many challenges associated with her disability yet has managed to live her life beyond those challenges. All the experiences she has mastered throughout her life have led her to learn to live beyond the various challenges associated with her disability. She enjoys encouraging other people living with disabilities and motivating the young ones. With all she has accomplished, she is living proof that “Disability Doesn’t Mean Inability.”

Living with a disability of any kind is a very difficult and painful challenge faced by disabled people on a daily basis. A disability is an impairment that can happen to anyone and can occur either through being hereditary, by having an accident, or through an illness. A disability is not a contagious disease; rather it is a condition that affects how a person walks, speaks, hears, acts, or performs compared to others. This book therefore encourages people with disabilities to accept themselves, embrace their disabilities, and realise their strengths, weaknesses and worth. It also encourages them to live outside challenges associated with their disabilities. To live outside disability challenges, means to live life to the fullest and to achieve one’s goals while overlooking the barriers associated with one’s disability. If you are a person living with a disability, you do not have to give up on your life, dreams, and goals just because you are disabled. It is important that you concentrate on things your disability does not prevent you doing well, and never regret the things your disability interferes with. Achieving your dreams and goals in the face of overwhelming obstacles will encourage and motivate other people living with disabilities to also use their abilities and strength and prove to the world that disability is nothing but a state of mind.

Aug 4, 2020

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Disability Doesn’t Mean Inability - Dr. Lutendo Rhinah Singo



I dedicate this book to all persons living with disabilities, both young and old. The main theme of this book is for them to be able to accept their disabilities and love themselves; and for them to learn how to move forward in this challenging society. This book encourages you to live, think, act, and plan beyond your disabilities. As long as you concentrate on things your disability does not prevent you doing well, and never regret the things your disabilities interfere with, you can indeed show the world that Disability Doesn’t Mean Inability.

Table of Contents




1. Introduction

2. Review of Different Categories of Disabilities

3. Challenges Faced by Persons With Disabilities

4. Impacts Associated With Disability

5. Never Judge a Disabled Person by Appearance

6. Disability as a Learning Curve

7. Embracing Disability

8. Disability Doesn’t Define You

9. My Life as a Disabled Person

10. Disability is Not Inability


Interviewed Disabled Persons

About the Author

Words by the Author



I have encountered mountains of challenges which are associated with my disability of profound deafness. It was very difficult to cope on my own, as people could not understand my disability and how it affected my everyday life. There were certain individuals who cared to listen when I narrated my condition, including all the negative issues associated with it. Their support, encouragement, and motivation have helped me to be who and where I am today. The support I have received has been overwhelming.

My daughters (Thiko Kelebogile Thoka and Theshano Atang Thoka), thank you so much for accepting and loving me. As hard as it was, you learned to communicate with me and taught me how to be a better mother to both of you. I thank you for your patience and understanding.

My parents (Elizabeth and Edwin Singo), whose vision and interest in mainstream education enabled me to overcome the challenges associated with my disability; together with my elder sister (Tracy Singo), my younger sisters (Takalani, Thusani and Thelma Singo) and my only brother, Innocent Singo, thank you so much for your understanding, love and support. You raised and cared for my children like your own; you taught me how to understand them too.

Mr Thomas Ramalekana (Pr.Sci.Nat.), motivational speaker and renowned author. Thank you so much for proofreading and publishing this masterpiece. You reshaped it to be as perfect as it looks. I owe you in zillions.

Proffessor Tibangayuka Abbas Kabanda (North West University - Mafikeng, Hons and MSc supervisor), you were the first person to ever encourage me academically. Without your constructive criticisms I wouldn’t have reached this far.

Dr Peter Musula Kundu (Ergeton University - Kenya, PhD supervisor), you lifted me up when I thought I was falling hard to a point of no return. Thank you so much for exposing me to different knowledge and ideas. You showed me that anything is possible as long as I work hard to attain it.

The late Dr Thavhanyedza (speech therapist and audiologist, Tshilidzini Hospital), you raised me up to be the woman I am today. You taught me how to talk, how to listen, and how to focus. All the sessions you provided did not go to waste. I wish you had lived longer and kept raising others. May your soul rest in eternal peace.

Ms Fhumulani Innocentia Mathivha, (PhD fellow, University of Venda), you have been the friend I never had. Thank you so much for all the help and encouragement you have shown me. We travelled the world together, and you were like my right hand.

Mr Simon Hesborne Ogombe (PhD fellow, University of Venda; Egerton University - Kenya), your biblical encouragement and support really made me strong. You taught me to never give up. I learned so much from you.

Ms Alice Pofane and Ms Sebolelo Shete (Rand Water, Vereeniging), you have shown me the true meaning of friendship. You never gave up on me and I cannot thank you enough for your kindness. Your prayers and encouragement shaped me for the better and brought more blessings to my life.

Ms Nditsheleni Nevhushoma (Vhembe District, Department of Health), you are a shoulder to cry on. I never thought that this disability we share would see us this far. Thank you so much for your presence in my life.

Ms Carol Motale (Vaal University of Technology, Vanderbiljpark), thank you so much for showing me that I am an inspiration to many. You never doubted my capabilities.

Ms Khathutshelo Shavhani (Vaal University of Technology, Vanderbiljpark), thank you so much for being you. All the days we spent together, and all the talks we talked, have been amazing.

Mr Pascal Thoka, thank you so much for your endless support. You never gave up on me no matter how hard it could get. I owe you a lot.

Lastly, I give thanks and praise to Almighty God for His grace and blessings throughout my life. For You have strengthened and emboldened me in times of distress; You set me free for purposes of good.


Growing up with a hearing impairment disability has not been an easy journey for me. There were stumbling blocks here and there, people’s attitudes even made it difficult for me to cope. I struggled a lot and found it difficult to accept myself the way I was, as I couldn’t understand why

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