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Hong Kong Protest Leaders – Sick facts that Western countries do not know: when a democratic movement itself is not democratic ...

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Hong Kong Protest Leaders – Sick facts that Western countries do not know: when a democratic movement itself is not democratic ...

Автор: Selina Co

Длина: 91 стр.56 мин


A terrible example of democratic movements: when a fight for democracy is just an excuse for riots and anti-government movements …

Hong Kong protest activists have been proactively contacting foreign governments and foreign press, telling them how righteous they are and why their governments are wrong. However, they do not get as much support in Hong Kong locally than internationally. Why?

Award-winning author, Selina Co, lived in Hong Kong both when it was a British colony and after it becomes Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) of China for more than 10 years. She was graduated from a top university there and has Hong Kong citizenship (dual citizenship). Being currently in an overseas country, she found that foreigners are misunderstanding the situation. She would like to present facts about the protests, without interference by China or by protestors, and with no conflict of interest from either side.

Selina, native in Cantonese (Hong Kong’s spoken language) and fluent in English and Mandarin (Chinese language) has collected activists’ videos, speeches, posts, statistics, interviewed with locals and translated local newspapers to English. Sources are presented to you whereas possible so that you can verify them. Many facts are revealed to western countries for the first time.
This book also tells you about Hong Kong history, from the society and people’s suffering before the riots, back to the time when it was a British colony in the 1990s and how it was colonised in 1841.

We will look into different aspects of its politics, such as elections of the Chief Executive and the legislative council. We will also discuss accusations against the police in 2019-20 political unrest, accusations against the governments and the self-proclaimed pro-democracy leader Joshua Wong and other activists respectively and why independence would bring more harms than benefits to the people.

Perhaps, you will find that this historical ‘democratic movement’ is just a scam …

P.S. This book has nothing to do with cybercrime. Selina only happens to be a cybercrime detective, graduated from a top university there.