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Orgasms: 101 Facts & Trivia

Orgasms: 101 Facts & Trivia

Автор Anura Guruge

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Orgasms: 101 Facts & Trivia

Автор Anura Guruge

321 страница
3 часа
14 авг. 2020 г.


This book details over 101 separate, diverse, self-contained true facts about human orgasms. They are divided into five categories: Hers, His, 'Fancy That', In the Media and 'Basking in the Afterglow'. Though the book is meant to be an entertaining and educational celebration of all things orgasmic, it could also be viewed as a 'Believe It Or Not' or a 'Well I Never' guide to orgasms. Would you, for example, be willing to believe that women who have 'vaginal orgasms' walk differently to those that have 'clitoral orgasms'? Well check item #92 of the book. Have you ever heard of the connection between Poughkeepsie (in New York State) and orgasms? That is #74. Any idea how many people around the world are orgasming, right now, while you are reading this? That is covered in #10.

Have you ever celebrated an orgasm related holiday? There are at least three of them. While orgasm faking, by both genders, is talked about, multiple times, including in the context of the TV shows 'Seinfeld' and 'Sex in the City', what do you know about the deception involved in female copulatory vocalization (FCV). That is #8.

Yes, the book does include lots of numbers, durations, lengths and volumes such as: 8 feet (you read that right), 20 seconds, 14 gallons (U.S.), 222, 35%, half a coffee cup full, 'about 4 minutes', less than 1", 100 per hour and 89 years old. You are also likely to be introduced to quite a few new terms and concepts such as: 'status orgasmus', refractory period, birthgasms, Orgasm Rating Scale (OSR), intravaginal ejaculation latency time (IELT), téleclitoridiennes, elephant posture, Skene's glands, edging and genetically modified orgasm (GMO).

It is not really a 'How To' book. Nonetheless you will find plenty of information that will certainly help. You will read about: the best positions for achieving orgasms, orgasmic diets, natural remedies, medical solutions and the best day of the month – not to mention the best 'toys', e.g., the 'Crave Duet' for females and the 'Humpus' for males. You will even learn whether you should be wearing socks and what heel height might best serve the ladies. This is a book that covers a lot of ground.

There is even culture and quite a bit on movies (e.g., first non-pornographic movie to show a female having an orgasm). So, in addition to the 1960s hit "Je t'aime… moi non plus" you will also read about 'Liebestod' in Richard Wagner's 'Tristan und Isolde', Władysław Podkowiński's 'Frenzy of Exultations', the incomparable Bernini's 'L'Estasi di Santa Teresa' and some of the bawdy orgasmic scenes in John Cleland's 'Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure'.

Oh! You might even be very surprised to learn that the term 'come' did not come to be the way you probably thought it did. So, yes, this book does cover a lot of ground when it comes to orgasms. Use the online preview to take a peak. As with most of the author's other eBooks this book is also priced at 99 cents to make it affordable. Even at just 101 facts, even though there is much more, that comes in at less than 1 cent per orgasmic fact! So check it out. 

14 авг. 2020 г.

Об авторе

Anura Gurugé is an independent technical consultant who specializes in all aspects of contemporary networking, corporate portals and Web services – particularly if they involve IBM host systems. He has first hand, in-depth experience in Web-to-host, SNA, Frame Relay, Token-Ring switching and ATM. He was the founder and Chairman of the SNA-Capable i·net Forum in 1997. He also teaches graduate and post-graduate computer technology and marketing at Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) – Laconia/Gilford and Portsmouth campuses. He is the author of Corporate Portals Empowered with XML and Web Services (Digital Press, 2002). In addition, he has published over 320 articles. In a career spanning 29 years, he has held senior technical and marketing roles in IBM, ITT, Northern Telecom, Wang and BBN. His Web sites are: www.inet-guru.com and www.wownh.com.

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Orgasms - Anura Guruge


101 Facts & Trivia

by Anura Guruge


COPYRIGHT © 2015, ANURA Guruge

All rights reserved.

No part of this book may be reproduced by any means without the written permission of the author.

Edition 1 – April 22, 2015.


New Hampshire




Cover photo of waves breaking at Schoodic Point, Acadia National Park, Maine, is by the author.



all those working tirelessly, around the world,

as those involved with the ‘Orchid Project’,

to eradicate, as quickly as possible,

female genital mutilation.

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Table of Contents

Orgasms: 101 Facts & Trivia



By The Same Author

Table of Contents


This Book is in 3 Parts.

Part A: The Highlights

Taking A Breather

Part B: The Details

I. Fancy That

II. Her Orgasm

III. His Orgasm

IV. In The Media

V. Basking In The Afterglow

Vital Stats To Savor

Part C: The References

Anura Guruge’s 5 Precepts on Orgasms

The Author


"The orgasm has replaced the Cross as the focus

of longing and the image of fulfillment."

—Malcolm Muggeridge

No woman gets an orgasm from shining the kitchen floor.

—Betty Friedan

"An orgasm a day sure beats an apple a day

in keeping the doctor away."

—Anura Gurugé

THE ODDS ARE BETTER than 98% that you are here, reading this preface, because somebody somewhere sometime ago had an orgasm! Efficacious sperm harvesting has only been a reality for thirty years or so. Not that many people, even today, are born as a result of non-orgasmic sperm. So, much of humankind is here because of orgasms. It was orgasms, moreover, over millions of years, which enabled humanity to progress to what we are now. That is both a seductive and sobering thought. I, therefore, cannot but help think of orgasms as the spark of life. I also believe, with deep conviction, that orgasms are good for you, in every way; an ‘apple a day’ nowhere near as good as an ‘orgasm a day’ in keeping you healthy—both body and mind. At least speaking for myself, orgasms make me happy, they reinvigorate me, keeps me motivated and puts a smile on my face. I hope the same is true for you.

This book, my fourth ‘101’ book, just like the other three have been, is very true to its title: ‘Orgasms: 101 Facts & Trivia’. You will definitely find, individually numbered, 101 separate, diverse and self-contained nuggets of information about orgasms. Actually you will find more than 101 orgasm related facts in here; the ‘101’ a nominal ‘low ball’ bar as to the least amount you could expect to encounter.

This is not meant to be a ‘How To’ book. That said you will nonetheless find plenty of information that will certainly elucidate and help. You will read about: the best positions for achieving orgasms, orgasmic diets, natural remedies, medical solutions and the best day of the month – not to mention the best ‘toys’, e.g., the ‘Crave Duet’ for females and the ‘Humpus’ for males. You will even learn whether you should be wearing socks and what heel height might best serve the ladies. But, all told, I wrote this book as a means of celebrating orgasms. There is, as there should be, so much to them. At the same time there is also so much that still confounds, especially when it comes to the female orgasm. That there is still intense debate as to the nature and source of the female orgasm, despite the chagrined protestations from females, is in itself beyond the pale. Take a look at #11. What I have strived to do in this book is to pull together as much diverse (but balanced) information as I could so that you can walk away with a much greater insight and appreciation as to the ‘Wonderful World of Orgasms’. Did you, for example, know that there is a ‘National Orgasm Day’ as well as the ‘International Day of the Female Orgasm’? Check out #2. Any idea how many people, around the globe, are having orgasms, this very second, as you read this? Try #10. You will be amazed.

Another way to look at this book is to think of it as a ‘Believe It Or Not’ or a ‘Fancy That’ guide to orgasms. Would you, for example, believe that women who have ‘vaginal orgasms’ walk differently to those that have ‘clitoral orgasms’? Do you think that when it comes to men orgasm and ejaculation are two separate events? What about women having orgasms on a public beach in California, riding a Sybian, in the hope of raising money for a very worthy charity? In this book I cover all of that and more. 222 orgasms in a ‘session’? Ejaculates shooting out eight feet or more? Ejaculates measured in gallons? So I am going to keep this short so you can dive into the text and read all about it.

One thing I do have to stress is that none of (numbered) 101  orgasmic facts presented are based on conjecture, propaganda, foibles or prejudices on my part. That is why for each of the 101 items I provide references in Part C. So if you want to check the veracity of any of 101 numbered items please check the references.

This book, despite my fondness to err on the side of scholarship, is meant, first and foremost, to be read for fun. You can read this book more or less any way you want to. It certainly does not have to be read sequentially. Each numbered bullet point is self-contained. As such this is an excellent ‘Bathroom Book’. It is also something you can read, at will, piecemeal on a bus or subway. I even structured the contents into two parts; Part A ‘The Highlights’ and Part B ‘The Details’. So the 101 items appear twice; once in condensed form in Part A and then in detailed form in Part B. The references are in Part C. Got that? I think that about covers it. You can read all of Part A and none of Part B or vice versa. Ideally you will read both parts. However, a good compromise would be to start with Part A and then pick and choose items of special interest in Part B.

A friend of mine, Louis Epstein of New York State, a polymath with whom I have collaborated with on my papal work, helped me proof this book, as did, as always, my wife, Deanna. Paul, an eminent lawyer and friend, also helped proof the first part of the book. Thank you Paul. But, as ever, given that my middle name is ‘Typo’, all typos that nonetheless got through are my fault and mine alone. I, as such, apologize in advance. It should also be pointed out that Deanna and my two older kids had been urging me for years to write a book like this. They could not understand why I devoted so much of my time writing books about popes when I am not even a Catholic. They pestered me to write a book about something that I had ‘first hand’ experience. They did say ‘write about sex’. So I did. I am glad I did. It was a lot of fun to write and I hope you have even more fun reading it. Thank you. Enjoy. Pax.

Anura Gurugé

Lakes Region, New Hampshire

March 22, 2015

Forget about the chicken and the egg.

What is much more important and interesting is,

what came first,

man or an orgasm?

—Anura Guruge


—The peak (or climax) of intense sexual pleasure, in terms of both physical and emotional sensations and excitation, during sexual activity;

—A temporary rush of sexual excitement that results in the abrupt but pleasurable release of sexual tension.

The best possible feeling. Ever., The meaning of life., "...  Its like an explosion in the inside of your body, but it feels great." – Urban Dictionary.

Used in this sense since the late 1600s.

From the ancient Greek orgasmós excitement, swelling and orgáō to swell with moisture.

From then, Latin orgasmus and French orgasme.

The 1960 edition of Encyclopædia Britannica does not have an entry for ‘orgasm’ nor does the word appear in the index. Neither does it address ‘climax’ in its sexual context.

This Book is in 3 Parts.

Part A:

The Highlights

Part B:

The Details

Part C:

The References

❖❖  ❖❖

THE 101 ORGASM-RELATED facts and trivia that constitute this book are stated pithily, usually in a single sentence, in Part A. This, as the title for that section states, is for those that are looking for ‘The Highlights’.

Each of the 101 items appearing in Part A are talked about in considerable detail in Part B, with corresponding item numbers. Hence ‘#26’ in Part A will correspond to ‘#26’ in Part B – and for that matter, ‘#26’ in Part C. So if an item in Part A catches your fancy, go to that item in Part B to get the details – while Part C will contain the relevant external references related to that topic.

So please remember, three parts: A, B & C. ‘The Highlights’, ‘The Details’ and ‘The References’.

Parts A and B are self-contained. You can read Part A without bothering with Part B or vice versa, though the hope is that you will find Part A so interesting that you will end up reading most, if not all, of Part B. Each of the 101 items, furthermore, are self-contained (with cross-references where applicable). So you can pick-and-peck between the items. This book does not have to be read sequentially. One can and should dip into it at will.

This is meant to be a recreational book. So first and foremost read it for entertainment. Yes, it is meant to be educational too. But you do not have to focus on that. As you go along you will be surprised as to what you have learned.

Part A: The Highlights


1.  Some women, though granted not that many (i.e., less than 0.5%), can experience orgasms during natural childbirth, so called ‘orgasmic births’ – a movement now afoot to raise awareness among expectant mothers as to the possibilities of an ‘Obirth’.

2.  There is a ‘National Orgasm Day’ (July 31st), an ‘International Day of the Female Orgasm’ (August 8th) and a ‘Global Orgasm Day’ (the Northern Hemisphere Winter Solstice).

3.  Males have a built-in recovery time between orgasms, known as the ‘refractory period’, which can vary widely, per numerous factors, from less than one minute to many hours (if not longer), about 30 minutes an overall average.

4.  A Canadian company is conducting clinical trials (with promising results) on a testosterone-based nasal spray, ‘Tefina’, that is intended to facilitate female orgasms.

5.  Women afflicted with persistent sexual arousal syndrome (PSAS) may experience, to their chagrin, 50 to 100 spontaneous, unwanted, clustered together orgasms a day; sometimes five to ten in an hour.

6.  Men when having sex with a partner may also sometimes end up faking an orgasm, a 2013 survey finding that 22% of men had done so – thus making faking an equal opportunity rite.

7.  Hands free orgasms, i.e., orgasms purely via mental exertion, can indeed be a reality for women, and Cosmopolitan magazine, an acknowledged arbitrator on such matters, has given this their imprimatur, at least twice.

8.  A 2011 survey (albeit limited in size) found that female copulatory vocalization (FCV) on the part of 66% of women, rather than being a manifestation of their heightened arousal, was instead usually done ahead of their partner’s orgasm, typically to hurry up his orgasm (FCV very stimulating to men)—the findings of this survey consistent with anecdotal data.

9.  Members from both sexes can suddenly lose consciousness, i.e., pass-out, while experiencing an orgasm or soon thereafter – the French phrase ‘la petite mort’ (the little death), a popular euphemism for orgasm, believed to stem from this malady which is said to have afflicted many a Victorian lady (with some affectedness to feign modesty notwithstanding).

10.  Over 250,000 people worldwide, men and women, are having an orgasm right now – as this sentence is being read!

11.  There is a statement in a primary source of Jewish religious law, dating back to the 2nd century, which not only references, but advocates, female orgasm by having this to say: If the woman emits her seed first she bears a male child; if the man emits his seed first she bears a female child.

12.  As recently as October 2014 there is still active debate among scientists as to the source and nature of the female orgasm, with some adamant, regardless of all the women who maintain otherwise, that there is only one type of female orgasm and that talk of ‘G-spot’, ‘vaginal’ and ‘clitoral’ variants is inappropriate and misleading.

13.  At a May 30, 2009 ‘Masturbate-a-thon’ held in Copenhagen, Denmark, a female who wished to be known just as ‘Lady Monster’ is credited with having had 222 orgasms; the best male effort that day being but eight.

14.  APPs are now available for various mobile devices, replete with two-way interaction, motion detection and pseudo feedback, to remotely control, across the Internet, personal wearable vibrators so that couples can participate, hands-on, in orgasmic escapades even if separated by an ocean.

15.  ‘Beautiful Agony’ is a subscription-based website dedicated to publicizing non-pornographic videos, though albeit highly erotic, of non-nude folks, from both genders, individually and in groups, having realistic and often intense orgasms – vocalization invariably a feature.

16.  ‘Come’, now a near universal synonym for ‘orgasm’, rather than having a derivation related to male ejaculation, might have had its roots, vis-à-vis its sexual connotation, in the terminology used in the Middle Ages to describe the germination (i.e., the sprouting) process in seeds – resulting in early prose such as "... then off he came, & blush for shame ...".

17.  In May 2014 unsuspecting volunteers in Venice Beach (California, U.S.), in trying to raise money for a worthy charity, ended up having orgasms in public while riding a ‘Sybian’, a heavy-duty masturbatory device – the intended charity, the ‘Orchid Project’ (to which this book is dedicated).

18.  A 2014 study involving 54 sexually-active, female heterosexual U.S. undergraduates found that there was a definite correlation between the frequency of intercourse-based orgasm, the male partner’s level of self-confidence and his family’s income (or wealth)!

19.  Hypnosis is claimed to be a very potent, gender independent, means for facilitating orgasms as well as for increasing their intensity self-hypnosis, rather than stage hypnosis, inevitably the preferred approach.

20.  An average male over his lifetime, while orgasming, will ejaculate 14 gallons (U.S.) of semen.

21.  There is a U.S. Federal Drug Administration (FDA) approved device, handheld and battery powered, called the ‘Eros Therapy Device’, which improves and increases blood flow to the clitoris and the area around it, and as such is prescribed by doctors to treat ‘Female Orgasmic Disorder’ (FOD).

22.  The goal of the so called ‘Orgasm Rating Scale’ (ORS), developed c. 2004, is to provide an unified means for assessing and quantifying, in both genders, the psychological experience associated with orgasm by rating orgasms in terms of words such as: elated, flooding, pulsating, quivering, swelling, trembling, etc. etc.

Her Orgasm

23.  Though they are disinclined to talk about different types of male orgasm, notwithstanding the awareness of prostate-stimulation based orgasms, scientists, doctors and researchers invariably try to categorize the female orgasm, at a minimum, to clitoral orgasms and vaginal/‘G-spot’ orgasms.

24.  The ‘G-spot’, for the ‘Gräfenberg spot’, is named after the German gynecologist Ernst Gräfenberg, who in 1950 claimed that orgasms could be triggered by stimulating the female urethra through the front wall of the vagina; he, a confirmed believer that the urethra played a vital role in the female orgasm.

25.  There is a theory, dating back to the 1920s, that the distance between a woman’s clitoris and her vagina plays a role in her ability to have orgasms via just penetrative vaginal sex; a separation of less than 1" considered favorable; Napoléon Bonaparte’s great-grandniece the pioneering advocate of this contention.

26.  A 2008 survey of 1,000 British women, aged 18 to 30, found that 92% masturbated regularly, 66% doing so on average three times a week – though no attempt was made to correlate masturbatory episodes with actual orgasms; though women are known to be more orgasmic when masturbating than when having sex, all female masturbatory activity does not result in orgasm (though those that do may end up involving multiple orgasms).

27.  While a typical female orgasm lasts around 20 seconds (if that), it is documented that some women can enjoy lengthy ‘status orgasmus’, complete with prolonged, gratifying contractions, which can last up to a full minute.

28.  Since the female orgasm, as opposed to that of the male, is not seen as a prerequisite for human procreation numerous hypothesis exist to explain them, some of them being that it is a reward mechanism for the risk undertaken in getting pregnant; that it encourages long-term pair bonding; that it helps identify males who are likely to be more supportive or that it signals the acceptability of the discontinuation of coitus.

29.  Though, in theory, women can come in most any position provided that they are comfortable, in the mood and get the stimulation they require, some sex positions are said to be more conducive than others, ‘deep missionary’, ‘reverse cowgirl’, ‘doggie style’, ‘side by side’ and ‘missionary on steroids’ being some of the recommended ones – the major influencing criteria being: control over depth, angle and pace, clitoral access, degree of intimacy and level of physical comfort.

30.  A typical female orgasm, lacking in general the equivalent of a male ejaculation, does not necessarily have an explicit outward indication—spasmodic muscular contractions (6 to 10), in and around the vagina, uterus and anus, are considered the most obvious and reliable signs, with heightened wetness (sometimes copious), increases in both breathing and heart rate, a sex flush, perspiration and nipple puckering may also occur, along with significant hikes in hormone levels, especially of prolactin, oxytocin and vasopressin.

31.  In October 2014, LELO, a Swedish sex toy marketer, launched the ‘LUNA Smart Bead’ – a 3.2" long, electronic, self-learning, tampon-shaped, internally worn silicone device, with built-in pressure sensors —said to be the world’s first ‘personal pleasure trainer’ for better female orgasms; a kind of ‘iKegel’ for exercising internal pelvic muscles (with a ‘continuous mode’, to boot, that permits it to do double-duty as an internal vibrator).

32.  Some women are irrefutably multiorgasmic, this now recognized as a fundamental difference between female and male orgasms; a landmark study of nearly 6,000 women in the ‘early 1950s’ finding that 14% claimed to have multiple orgasms on a regular basis – with research from the 1970s suggesting that women may be able to have up to 100 orgasms an hour.

33.  There is an unmistakable ‘orgasm gap’, possibly an ‘orgasm chasm’, between genders, across the world; a 2007/2008 worldwide survey of 26,000 respondents from 26 countries finding that 48% of these ‘always’ or ‘almost always’ enjoyed an orgasm – though when split by gender this came in as 61% of the males and 33% of the females; a 1992 study of 3,432 Americans, aged 18 to 59, finding that women had about one orgasm for every three by a man (and this despite a women’s ability to be multiorgasmic)!

34.  Ongoing debates, notwithstanding, ‘squirting’, i.e., female ejaculation, the expulsion, at orgasm, of a clear (sometimes whitish) liquid from the vicinity of the urethral area does happen (in less than 10% of women), with plenty of confirmatory evidentiary data, with the latest findings being that two different liquids, neither of which is urine, may be at play and that the Skene’s glands, at the top of the vagina, may play a role – half a coffee cup, believed to be the usual volume of the liquid involved.

35.  Some mothers when breastfeeding experience (low intensity) orgasms or sensations similar to that; this (a form of lactational arousal) but a reflexive action having to do with huge spikes in hormones, oxytocin and prolactin (the ‘feel good’ duo) in particular, that get triggered by the suckling process.

36.  In December 2014 ‘Cosmopolitan’ featured a photo gallery of ‘8 Sex Toys for Mind-Blowing Orgasms’; 6 were vibrators (some ‘G-spot’ specific), one was a ‘Heart Wedge’ foam pillow – with the most intriguing being the, ‘impossible to fail’ ‘Crave Duet’, a non-gripping pincer like vibrator, resembling a lobster claw, that goes around the clitoris and delivers four modes of intense stimulation.

37.  There are ‘orgasmic diets’ for women (to overcome ‘low libido’), the five common themes among them being: increasing Dopamine levels, decreasing Serotonin, boosting Testosterone, ingesting more Omega-3s and maintaining a good regime of vitamins and supplements (zinc, magnesium, calcium and fish oil in particular) – and, yes, chocolate is often mentioned (white chocolate, of late, being thought the best).

38.  Females can and do have wet dreams, with research indicating that about 35% of females have had them (5% maintaining that it was how they had their first orgasm) – with researchers having added the caveat (that does not apply to males) that a female must awaken during a wet dream for it to be considered as real (given that there may not always be any tell-tale ‘bed wetting’).

39.  There is growing consensus among ‘experts’ that females are more likely to orgasm through self-masturbation than when engaging in sexual activity with a partner, with the influential Kinsey Institute stating: ‘women are much more likely to be nearly always or always orgasmic when alone than with a partner’ – with one studying having found that 40% of females experienced their first orgasm through masturbation.

40.  ‘Anorgasmia’, divided into primary, secondary and situational, is the medical term to describe difficulty in reaching orgasm, on a regular sustained basis, despite ample sexual stimulation – it, however, deemed a treatable condition; Canadian gynecologists believing that 10% of all women suffer from it, while the renowned Mayo Clinic is on record as saying that it is a ‘common occurrence, affecting more women that you think’.

41.  Female orgasms are known to be, for reasons well understood, powerful painkillers, it all having to do with the oxytocin and endoprhins (body’s natural pain reliever) that get released in to the bloodstream – some studies indicating that a female’s pain tolerance threshold may increase by 75% (or more) following a masturbation induced orgasm; something to think about next time one has a headache.

42.  While ‘G-spot’ adherents will vehemently disagree, scientific consensus, at least for now, based on multiple findings is that 70% to 80% of women require some amount of clitoral stimulation in order to orgasm, even if it is indirect, via ‘flexing’ of the clitoral body through dynamics elsewhere – the clitoris, highly erogenous, having at least 8,000 nerve endings, twice as much as a human penis.

43.  The notion that some females have orgasms while horseback riding has been long held, especially in Britain—an October 2013 posting on ‘Psychology Today’, by a psychologist, stating quite matter-of-factly: ..women who experience orgasms while engaging in particular activities—such as bicycle or horseback riding, exercising, or simply wearing tight clothes; a new twist to this being orgasm inducing amusement park rides, the new ‘Slingshot’ gaining much attention in this regard.


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