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Chicken Coop

Chicken Coop

Автором Davis Baker

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Chicken Coop

Автором Davis Baker

160 pages
1 hour
Sep 1, 2020


Build a Chicken Paradise in Your Backyard with This Ultimate Guide on Building Chicken Coops! 


  • Are you worried about the fact that store-bought eggs are damaging your health? 
  • Do you want to eat fresh, organic, and tasty eggs every day, without having to buy them?
  • Are you toying with the idea of raising your own chickens, but don't know where to start or how much it costs? 


Keep reading to find out why millions of people have denounced store-bought eggs and decided to build their own chicken farms! 

During the last few years, many egg production factories and farms have been closed, and their eggs recalled from the market. Over 380 million eggs have been declared unsafe for consummation. It's the hard truth, but you need to hear it: most eggs available in stores are nothing but a serious health hazard. The chickens that lay them usually packed with antibiotics, hormones, and growth enhancers, and these damaging chemicals of course transfer to eggs and end up on your plate, and in your body. 

What's more, you never know when the eggs you're buying were actually laid. The average store-bought eggs have been laid 15-30 days before they came to the store shelves. And yet they are being marketed as fresh. Eating these "old" eggs can cause serious health problems. Salmonella or food poisoning is just one of them. 

So what can you do to stop depending on store-bought eggs? 

Build your own organic chicken farm! 

Chickens are one of the easiest animals to take care of. All they really need is food, water, and shelter. The chickens raised on cage-free farms produce much more eggs than those on mass production farms. You are looking at over 300 eggs a year per chicken! Additionally, eggs from chickens that are free to graze and walk around are incredibly tastier because they consume healthier food. 


Here's just a fraction of what awaits in this ultimate chicken coop guide: 

  • Discover why building your own chicken coop is better than buying one, besides saving a lot of money
  • You get 10 detailed blueprints on different types of chicken coops, that you can easily build from materials you already have at home
  • You'll find the biggest guide on chicken coop accessories, from lighting and ventilation to heaters and fencing
  • You'll learn how to protect your chickens from various pests, including some secret tips that professional farmers use 
  • You'll discover many helpful advice and techniques for raising a happy flock, from coop maintenance to teaching your chickens to return to the coop
  • And much more! 

The beauty of this book is that it is completely beginner-friendly. That means that you can raise your chickens successfully, even if you've never seen a live chicken in your life! With this book's building plans and recycling techniques, this project will require a minimal investment that will pay back in a matter of weeks with all those delicious, fresh eggs you'll never have to buy in stores again! 

Sep 1, 2020

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Chicken Coop - Davis Baker





chicken coop is a building where chickens are kept safe against predators or harsh weather. Nest boxes are included in the coop allowing the hens to lay eggs and perches on which the chickens can fly on to sleep.

Building a chicken coop as some people see it is not that hard. This book will teach you how you can build yourself a chicken coop in 4 easy steps. Remember having your coop is vital for your chickens. One of the advantages is that it secures them against predators and harsh weather. So, building yourself a chicken coop lets you save money.

The four significant steps involved in constructing chicken coops include

1. Know the size of your chicken flock. That is the number of chicken you plan to house.

2. Draw the plan of your coop

3. Get all of the materials and tools needed

4. Construct the chicken coop


It is essential to know how many chickens you have. That is to avoid overcrowding of your chickens. A chicken will have a floor area of at least 4ft 2 inches. That means that if you are planning to house ten chickens in your coop, you must have a minimum of 40ft 2 inches. Thus you need to consider this first before moving ahead with the coop's design plan.


This is another crucial step when building your chicken coop. Do not forget you're building a residence for your pets, and this home must be safe and comfortable.

However, remember the following while preparing your chicken coop:

I. CHOOSE THE RIGHT MATERIALS: You must use a chicken wire mesh to cover the outer part of your chicken coop and use a lock that cannot be opened easily to flip to avoid unauthorized entry into the coop.

II. RAISE YOUR CHICKEN COOP: There are a lot of benefits to raising your chicken coop. Your coop will be about 2-3 feet tall. That would make the coop dry all seasons and allow your chickens to move around freely. It will also protect the chickens against predators.

III. HAVE A PERCH AREA: Make chickens feel more relaxed at the back of your mind when they're perched. That would reduce overcrowding and offer more room if you provide them with a perch area.

IV. CREATE NESTING BOXES: Whether you like it or not, you must provide your hens with nests or nesting boxes where their eggs will lie. These nest boxes will have a minimum depth of 4 inches, and you'll make sure it's large enough for more eggs to fit.

V. ENOUGH VENTILATION: All animals must survive with fresh air or ventilation. If your chickens cannot access fresh air, or the air is dirty in the coop, they may get sick. So make sure you install a window or vent for quick airflow within the coop.

VI. PROPER INSULATION: When a chicken coop is well built, it will extend the life of the chickens. Ensure you are mindful that the coop will be for the weather conditions of the area. You will be able to decide what kind of insulating materials to use if this is understood. If you, however, want to use a heat lamp, make sure it is safe and does not cause a fire outbreak.

VII. ACCESSIBILITY: The chicken coop should be humane and welcoming to the chicken. Make egg selection and cleaning easier by inserting door access and dropping trays into the coop.



This is the next move after your chicken coop design is done. At this point, you should start gathering all the tools and materials required to build your Coop. Be sure your calculations are correct to get the right estimate of the cost of the necessary materials to build your chicken coop.


This is the stage to start building the Coop. Follow all the measures on the above strategy. Take double calculation, and cut once. Begin with the base, and continue from there. Make sure the rest of the roofing, windows, and doors are finished.



our chicks are on order, and they are all set up and ready for the brooder pool. Now that the chicks are mature enough to step outside, you need a spot to bring them in. You're going to need a chicken coop, a henhouse, a chicken tractor-but what one? And how high does that have to be? Can you convert a chicken coop to an old shed or doghouse?

The preparation of the right chicken coop starts with the consideration and answering of several key questions.


The type of Coop you prefer depends on whether the chickens can stay in it full-time with access to an outside run or more substantial parts of pasture, or whether it needs to be a mobile coop that can be regularly rotated to provide the chickens with the fresh ground for the forage.

Decide whether your Coop will be a fixed, stationary structure, or if you need a mobile chicken tractor, you can drive around at will until any further planning is complete.


Next, find out how much space the number of chickens you want to hold would take. Be on guard against underestimating — you can start small but plan to expand quickly to a bigger flock. A lot of people find it best to build on the broad side, which will allow you to expand your flock later.

Here's a handy guide:

• Allow two to three SQR FTS per bird inside the Coop when your birds have access to outdoor foraging. More space is better, of course, so if you have the room, don't be afraid to make your Coop spacious.

• If your birds need to remain cooped continuously or for a portion of the year (e.g., during winter), target 5 to 10 SQR FTS per chicken.

• If your birds live in a chicken tractor that travels with them, about five SQR FTS per chicken is ok.

There is nothing more than general guidelines. The larger the chicken, the more space it needs; meat birds usually need more space than laying chickens, and full-grown pullets need more space than baby chicks. Many behavioral issues with chickens can be healed with more space, such as pecking and aggressiveness, so prepare for a coop that is as generous in size as your room and budget allow.


Chicken coops can range from a fundamental floorless wooden box surrounded by chicken wire and covered with a piece of plywood roof, to complex structures costing thousands of dollars for designers. There are so many choices that can seem daunting to choose from.

If you are in an urban or suburban environment, you might need to consider limitations on safety and aesthetics, as well as municipal building codes, zoning laws, or HOA (homeowner's association). Some community groups establish their CC&Rs that you decided to obey when you moved in. Such CC&Rs are far more rigid than the building codes and zoning laws of the general population, but you have no choice but to obey them. Restrictions on chickens and other livestock may be particularly rigid, so be sure to check first to avoid disappointment later on.

If you have laying hens, they'll need:

• BOXES FOR NESTING: For each four to five hens, plant one nest box or one SQR FT of community nesting space. When it comes to nest boxes, you would think this is stingy, but with too many nests, hens can be

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