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Unfit: Consequences of Empowerment

Unfit: Consequences of Empowerment

Автором Lee McGarr

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Unfit: Consequences of Empowerment

Автором Lee McGarr

146 pages
2 hours
Nov 11, 2020


UNFIT is a true story of corruption within the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) that depicts the various struggles within the organization, complete with a well-developed assassination plot, disregard for the lives of any citizen in the traveling public and apparent payoffs from those who seek approval. The FAA uses a standard game plan. First it attempts to buy-off anyone who might become a whistleblower. If this doesn’t work, it will stoop to murder – that’s what I said – murder. If its intended target survives and actively pursues an effort to expose the agency for what it is, the FAA will publicly discredit and financially break that person. Unfit will blow your mind. Clearly, the FAA is not just another Federal Agency run amuck, because it has responsibility for air travel safety. Believe me, I was as surprised and dismayed as you will be by the amount of criminality and mismanagement within the FAA. Fasten your seat belt! It’s going to be a bumpy ride.

Nov 11, 2020

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Unfit - Lee McGarr


Consequences of Empowerment

Lee McGarr

Copyright © 2020 Lee McGarr

All rights reserved

First Edition


Conneaut Lake, PA

First originally published by Page Publishing 2020

ISBN 978-1-64334-959-6 (pbk)

ISBN 978-1-64334-958-9 (digital)

Printed in the United States of America

Table of Contents

How Did We Get So Far Off Track?

Where did the Senior Executive Service come from and what exactly is it?

What Really Goes On in the FAA

The Threat to Kill?

Where Do We Go Now?

The Club’s Overtime!

The $3,000,000 Landing

Let’s go Shopping

A New Platform and Watered-Down Inspection Standards

A Suspicious Fleet Conversion

The Liars Roar On

The FAA and Boeing Want to Dance. Who Pays the Fiddler?

Little Eddie and Company

Bissonnette Attacks a Terrified Little Old Lady

Logbook? What Logbook?

The Federal Government Weaponized Against Whistle Blowers

The Finger Pointing Begins

Prospective Interviews with the Authorities for Ed Lucke

A Decorated Veteran is Forced into Retirement

The Retirement Ailment Scam

The Mandatory Move to Alaska

The Battle Intensifies!

The Timeline to Death

The Hatch Act



In Memory of Clifford MaGee, a friend, a patriot, and an attorney who was the most brilliant and honest person I have ever known. His friendship extended beyond any expectation I may have had consciously or unconsciously regarding any person I’ve ever encountered. He helped me deal with serious domestic issues during the tumultuous period of my employment with the FAA as I struggled to keep my family together in the face of FAA management’s ugly acts of intimidation and ongoing death threats. When I would call Cliff, it was always invigorating and reassuring for me to hear his, Yes, Lee! every time he answered my call. His logical, relentless, optimistic approach coupled with his persistent grit and seemingly boundless legal knowledge was uplifting.

He was resilient and helped me to be resilient as we navigated the FAA’s threatening, illegal activities. He once told me:

There is no doubt that the FAA is simply inefficient and evil with a few people getting away with significant crimes. Why the IG has not caught them, calls that office into question. What it takes is someone in the Club that exposes the other Club members. It is that simple as for proof. Then it takes a disaster that shakes the trust of the public in the FAA. The only approach you have right now is your book and an investigative reporter!

He helped keep me going. I know, without reservation, that everyone that knew him, profoundly regrets that he’s gone. His family, his friends and l, and for that matter everyone who ever dealt with him now has a void that will be impossible to fill. America lost a fine patriot and it will never be as great as it could have been with him. He was, indeed, a True Friend to all.


In 1996 I went to work for the FAA in Anchorage Alaska as a Safety Inspector. It was my belief that no matter what state I was in, the FAA was above all else interested in the Safety and well-being of the average citizen who traveled within the Air Transportation system.

In 2000 I was moved to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma to work at the Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center to ensure Regulatory Compliance of all FAA Flight Crews operating for FAA Flight Check. What I soon found was that safety of the flying public was the farthest thing from the minds of FAA management.

Initially, I believed it to be only a local mindset, and that the corruption that I found daily was there only. As time, and over seven hundred complaints to the Inspector General (DOT/OIG) went by, my testimony in Washington, and to top things off a well-developed plot to kill me, I realized that it was not an isolated, local issue, but rather the entire agency playing by a completely different set of rules. We were not on the same team!

In late 2013 I met Clifford MaGee, who was honest, true to his word, and willing to take on the task of setting the agency straight.

This book sets out some of what I found before and after I left Alaska and the journey that I set out upon to bring the truth to the public fore.

It is going to take many strong people to upright this ship, and put our country on a steady, straight and narrow course.

This country has today, as we have in our history exactly what it takes. We will succeed!

Fig. 1-1

Bio on One David Boulter

David Boulter
Vice President, Flight Program Operations

David H. Boulter is the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) Vice President of Flight Program Operations, AJF-0, for the Air Traffic Organization.

In this role, Mr. Boulter serves as the agency’s Flight Program Executive. He is responsible for all aspects of FAA Flight Program safety, administration, operations, training, and maintenance. Flight Program Operations core business is safe flight operations and efficient execution of its four primary missions: aviation safety training; flight inspection; research, development, test and evaluation support; and transportation. Mr. Boulter oversees all operations in support of the National Airspace System and United States Military. The FAA Flight Program operates 44 aircraft in worldwide flight operations. The organization holds an Air Operator certificate under Part 135, as well as Part 145 repair station certificate and an ODA.

Since joining the FAA, Mr. Boulter held 14 CFR Part 119 management positions in three FAA Flight Programs and also served on a detail as Manager of the National Flight Program Oversight Office. He began his FAA career in 1997 as an Aviation Safety Inspector with the Scottsdale Flight Standards District Office before transferring to his first FAA Flight Program position with Aviation System Standards as a pilot and check airman. He went on to serve as Assistant Division Manager/Assistant Director of Operations and Director of Operations/Division Manager of Aviation System Standards (now Flight Program Operations).

Mr. Boulter then took a position as the Senior FAA Representative/Senior Foreign Affairs Specialist in Afghanistan before returning to flight program operations as the Assistant Manager and Director of Operations for the Flight Standards Flight Program. He most recently served as the Flight Program Manager and Director of Operations for the Washington Flight Program based at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport in Washington, D.C.

Before joining the FAA, Mr. Boulter held various civilian aviation positions in part 121 and part 135 operations as a pilot, flight instructor, check airman, and Chief Pilot of a commuter airline.

Mr. Boulter holds an Airline Transport Pilot certificate with CL60, BE30, EMB-110, CV24-34-44 type ratings, and he is a Certified Flight Instructor ASEL, AMEL, and Instrument.

Chapter 1

How Did We Get So Far Off Track?

This book is written based partly on the knowledge that this author has of the United States Constitution and how our forefathers set forth our country to operate. In general, it was set up as foolproof, or at least hopefully that way. At this point in the history of our nation, we can truly hope it was foolproof, or more appropriately criminal proof.

I worked as an Aviation Safety Inspector in Anchorage, Alaska. During an investigation, I traveled to Mountain Village, Alaska. I was tasked with investigating a Designated Pilot Examiner (DPE) from California, Clifford Hodges, who had moved to Mountain Village, Alaska where he was working as a pilot for a local air-taxi operator. The first thing that struck me was how odd it seemed that someone would make such a move. Mountain Village, Alaska is a small village that is just off the Yukon River and is quite remote.

As I opened the investigation, I began to find many oddities that startled me frankly. Apparently, this airman had a thriving business doing Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) training and Check Rides, primarily for Korean pilots that were employed by Korean Airlines and Asiana Airlines. As I began to check the visa status for these airlines’ pilots that had come to the United States for their training and ratings, I discovered that their visas were missing. As I investigated this further, I learned that not only were they absent for the training and check rides, but I also discovered they had paid approximately $14,300 each for their training and ratings. Then came the final straw: The Beechcraft Duchess, the aircraft that the training and check rides were supposedly conducted in, was in an aircraft bone yard and had been there for more than two years. And guess what; it couldn’t fly. The check-rides were all a sham and the pilots were never legitimately certified for the rating that they went on to use.

I had already issued emergency revocations of all the airmen who had received the bogus ratings from Mr. Hodges. What was to follow caught me off guard more so than anything I had yet experienced. I received a call from our FSDO (Flight Standards District Office) manager who had just spoken to AFS-1 (Aviation Flight Standards—the #1 indicates the person in charge), the head of Flight Standards, Nationwide. I was instructed to retract all the emergency revocations of the Korean airmen. When I asked why, no answer was given. I learned the answer in the coming weeks. Asiana Airlines had placed a major order for Boeing Jets. If I continued, if the emergency revocations of the Korean airmen’s certification, the Boeing order would have been cancelled. Safety was sold out. I refused to retract my order of Revocation and very shortly thereafter, the FAA’s Western Pacific Region cancelled all the work that I had done. As of this writing, all the Korean pilots that are still living continue to hold U.S. FAA Airline Transport Pilot Certificates.

A little less than a month after I had made this discovery, a Korean Airlines Boeing 747, Flight 801 crashed into a mountain in Guam. One of the falsely certified pilots, courtesy of Clifford Hodges, was at the controls. Apparently, the pilot had dialed in the Instrument Landing System (ILS) which was out of service, and proceeded

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