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Lymene Holy Mother of Divine Grace

Lymene Holy Mother of Divine Grace

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Lymene Holy Mother of Divine Grace

129 страниц
4 часа
7 апр. 2019 г.


The book is a novel, mostly in dialogue form, between the Swedish pensioner Johan and the staunchly Catholic believer, the young, beautiful and vulnerable Filipino multi-mother, Lymene; She is real and living in the Philippines under a different name. Lymene wants to be called Mary because she adores Virgin Mary of all her being.

Lymene stands under his father-in-law, the strict Catholic patriarch, Alberto Notcheas, tight control.

When Johan comes on a temporary visit, Lymene by Father Alberto Notchea is forced to wear a chastity belt. But she gets permission to fly with him to Sweden controlled by a strictly global digitized, encrypted system.

On the way back, Mary and Johan fly over Catholic Poland further into the orthodox re-Christianized Russia, where the new extreme nationalism, Chauvinism, stands in a dramatic confrontation with Globalism.

The trip goes via Malaysia back to the Philippines where everything gets an unexpected dramatically final.
7 апр. 2019 г.

Об авторе

Goeran B. Johansson is a retired teacher who has previously been a leisure politician and has served in the UN forces in Cyprus from 1967 to 68. He has traveled a lot and lived in different countries in Southeast Asia for a long time. Mainly in the Philippines. His primary interests are history, political ideologies, and independent geopolitical analysis focusing on the ongoing global power struggle between the United States, NATO vis à vis Russia, and China within the BRICS and SCO. But also fiction and some of his most recent, read works are, The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas, The Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov and last but not least The Dwarf by Pär Lagerkvist and The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli. He is also enthusiastic about chess and its strategic thinking. He is a multi-instrumentalist and plays piano, violin, classical guitar, and various accordions at a high level. He is fluent in English and Russian. He has also written two short stories published in Swedish and English, A Swedish Fellow in Asia, published in Swedish and English, and Lymene Holy Mother of Divine Grace.

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Lymene Holy Mother of Divine Grace - Goeran B Johansson



First Edition



© 2019 Goeran B. Johansson

All Rights Reserved


This is fiction. Any resemblance to actual

persons, living or dead is entirely

coincidental. The pictures are arranged, and

any resemblance to real persons is

coincidental here too. Any factual errors are

my fault.

Translation from the Swedish Original.

The Author

All Pictures in the submission: The Author, unless no other state.


FrontPage Background Photo. Interior of the Saint Peter Cathedral in the Vatican on March 23, 2012, in Rome, Italy. St. Peter's Basilica until recently was considered the largest Christian church in the world. The inserted picture of Lymene is an edited watercolor by the author.

Backside: Apocalyptic Nuclear Bomb Canstockfoto 56329846, Donald Trump Pixabay 1708433/ Wikimedia Commons: Remix by the Author of Vladimir Putin/ Description: Photograph of Russian Vladimir Putin at 2017 G20 Summit in Hamburg. Cropped and size increased by Emiya1980 Source http://en.kremlin.ru Author: Пресс-служба Президента Российской Федерации

Paci Conciliandae

I had planned extremely carefully and packed everything; moreover, as usual, far too much in my two trunks; a combined backpack that you could also pull on wheels if needed; Also, a giant trunk which also runs on wheels and can be controlled with a light touch where you want it. In the massive one, I had my violin in a specially designed case, yes, decimated merely, in the sense that it was sawed off at the top so that only the violin went into the matter. But not the violin bow, because on the plane it can happen that they do not allow to bring in a violin case in the cabin, as it is eighty centimeters long towards the permitted fifty-four. I, therefore, guarded myself because the case was still sixty centimeters. If they would say no, then I could have it in the trunk; I had placed the violin bow in a hard-wearing PVC tube that just went into the chest on the diagonal, so everything was arranged in detail with the practicality.

I think of her, the only one, most of the time. She is within me always present, and now I eagerly waited for her to get in touch in a way or another, either through Facebook Messenger or SMS. Meanwhile, in my room at Cleaver Learn Residences, located along Quezon National Highway, a short distance from the internationally famous Filipino film institute Bigfoot, I was busy with preparations to check where my money was scattered in various hiding places.

Cleaver Learn Residences is an English student institution from the neighboring countries of the Philippines. Mainly Japanese as well as Koreans but also Filipinos who intend to serve as so-called caregivers or housekeepers. In most cases, the Middle East, but also English-speaking countries such as the US and UK, to care for people in old age. Yes, yes, I am undoubtedly seventy-three already, but it is not the time for me, I think; though it can come quickly so, you never feel safe.

At this particular moment I was pacing back and forth in the room in expectant hope to see her, the only one for me, come to visit me here in her new raffish and slightly challenging dress, which she received as a gift from my only daughter in Sweden. It may well be added that, moreover, she had promised she would put on the accompanying silver earrings.

I was just about to grab the mighty trunk when it beeped in one of my phones; a Samsung Galaxy J100ML where I have my Philippine SIM card. In the other mobile phone, a Sony Xperia Z2 with a few years on the neck, but of very high quality, I have a mobile banking and my Swedish Fello SIM card. If any of my principals I am a trustee and legal guardian for, an extra key I have to raise my minimum, below the minimum level EU pension from the Swedish state, would like to contact me during my monthly stay in Southeast Asia. However, one cannot wholly rely on mobile banking working abroad; once it happened, that when I arrived from the Philippines to Thailand and would pay the room, both bank-id were corrupted. So I could not log in and activate my Nordea Visa Gold or Swedbank / Handelsbanken's Mastercard; if I did not also have had three physical safety boxes with me to my three banks, a severe money crisis had arisen. I could have been forced to sleep under the sky in the worst case. Likewise, I always have several pays as well as credit cards scattered in different wallets in different places, yes, yes, I must reluctantly admit that I am starting to be uncertain of my memory nowadays, so I write it all up in my Microsoft Office 365 Excel plan in one of my two laptops. The ASUS K 52 F, and a faithful servant, IBM T-43, which complement each other in a good way and that I also take with me when I travel a long distance, like now, 14 000 kilometers in three rounds. The first phase Arlanda Bangkok in Thailand is the worst so where I spent the night to rest after a strenuous twelve-hour flight. The next day, the journey went from Bangkok to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia and finally, I reached the Philippines and Cebu in the Visayas. In both my laptops and mobiles, I have passwords. But no matter how you guard, you still run the risk of forgetting the password to the computers, which happened to me once when I was in a room with her during the heat of battle; I have known her since October 2008, so it is approaching ten years now. I snapped up the Samsung and saw that it was she who I had in mind since last year I was here. She wrote in a text message that she was sitting in a taxi and was already away at Marina Mall, a few kilometers from my hotel room, so she wanted me to wait for her because she wanted to inspect my nose, she said. Ha-ha, yes, yes, she has a fondness for that one, I know this more than well.

She, my only one is called Lymene but, she wants me to call her Mary because it's her first real name in her secret double name; She says she would like to be called by that name because the Holy Virgin Mary is her role model in everything.

I waited, for what else could I do. I really wanted to see her now, and it seemed like an eternity, but then her so typical three knocks were heard, which have an unmistakable rhythm and dynamic strength; I have listened to them now for years; Especially after midnight, around the early morning, outside my bamboo hut in Marigondon, when I previously lived here more or less permanently.

I carefully opened the door, and when she entered the room, it was as if she would have come from an alien planet. But it was here on Earth indeed and she, if any, is down to earth in her entire self. She carried a small child in her arms. It shone like an aureole around her face and around her neck she wore a rosary and a crucifix.

The dress she wore was of the minimal kind in her scope. But it was excellent on her otherwise rather slender body. Its color was a mix of a gray-white mixture. The pattern as such, in itself very interesting in its intricacy, which fit in perfectly with the lady in question who is also superbly cunning in her distinctive ability to treat and capture her victim's interest, went into waves in beautiful frills, which in their places completely transparent revealed her naked skin. At the bottom, in the vicinity of the strictly secret area, a man, in this case, poor Johan, destroyed in

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