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The Moretti Brothers: Johnny

The Moretti Brothers: Johnny

Автором Kristy Gibs

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The Moretti Brothers: Johnny

Автором Kristy Gibs

219 pages
2 hours
Jan 28, 2021


Secrets end in broken hearts.

I’ve never considered myself lucky, until my shitty life landed me in the lap of the Moretti family. Little did I know that while I stripped the birthday boy of his reservations on stage, one Moretti’s life was ending.

The death of the Don changed Johnny—made him reckless and wild. There were times where I thought he wouldn’t make it back to me alive, but he did. It took him a few years and a nearly fatal encounter to change his ways, but now, he is ready to settle down.

But I’m not. There’s another life stopping me from embracing true love. One that Johnny may not be able to forgive.

Jan 28, 2021

Об авторе

Author Kristy Gibs is a romance author from New Jersey who writes about strong women and hunky men without skimping on the happily ever after. Kristy began writing when she was in high school, but it wasn't until she was almost 30 that she published her first book.She is a wife, mother of 3 crazy kids and spends her days crunching numbers and her nights typing away vigorously on her computer. In her free time, when she isn't working, writing, or running all of NJ with her kids, you can find Kristy curled up on her couch with her kindle in one hand and a glass of wine in the other getting lost in whatever new romance novel that has captivated her.Kristy currently has 4 published books with her 5th coming out the end of January 2021; His Broken Angel which tells the story of love after loss. The Moretti Brothers Series; Book 1 - Santino and Book 2- Carmine and Book 3- Johnny (coming in January) that centers around the mafia of New York City and More Than Friends- A friends to lovers second chance romance.Make sure to keep checking back with Kristy as new books are in the pipeline!Don't forget to follow her on Social Media for news on upcoming releases!Facebook Group: https://bit.ly/3aE857kFacebook Page: https://bit.ly/3aCC9QZLinkTree: https://bit.ly/34dQhPkWebsite: https://bit.ly/3aw6QarBookBub: https://bit.ly/2Vko18nTwitter: https://bit.ly/31uU7lvInstagram: https://bit.ly/3ll8lNB

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The Moretti Brothers - Kristy Gibs




It was my eighteenth birthday the night he hurt me for the first time.

Despite my better judgement, I married the first man who told me he loved me. Immediately after saying I do, a group of us went to celebrate both the impromptu wedding and my 18th birthday at Club Rave. Because it was my birthday, I had the night off and being on the high of being married, I let loose. I rarely partook in drugs and alcohol, growing up the way I did, I promised myself I wouldn’t end up like my parents, but Nico set us up in a VIP area and everyone was dancing and partying. Anything we wanted we got, the night was awesome, the best night of my life- until it wasn’t.

A group of guys- they weren’t older than twenty-one came up to me and my girlfriends on the dance floor and we all started to dance- it was harmless fun and meant nothing, I was a stripper and danced naked in front of men five nights a week. Before I even knew what was going on, I was being dragged out of the club by Nico. He pushed me out through the club side door that opened to an alleyway and it took everything in me not to fall. The amount of force he used left me shaking. I didn’t even get a word out; he slapped me across the face, the taste of blood filling my mouth.

What the fuck was he doing? He never put his hands on me before. I went to scream, and he grabbed me by the throat and pushed me up onto the side of the wall.

Are you trying to make a fool out of me, whore?

I pulled at his hands to remove them from my throat. I couldn’t breathe. This was the end. Just as my vison began to blur, he let go and pushed me to the ground.

Let’s go, you fucking cunt, he spat at me as I tried to catch my breath. Every cell in my body told me to run, but I couldn’t. I was in 6-inch heels, and it was the middle of the night. Where would I go? Who would help me? I had no idea what to think. How did this happen? Why did this happen? The night had been perfect—we had just gotten married for fuck’s sake. I tried to get up, my whole body shaking from what Nico had just done to me. As soon as I made it to my feet, he latched on to my arm, forcefully, and pulled me to a waiting car.

The entire ride back to Nico’s house we sat in silence, I hoped once we arrived, he would let me go off to my own room. We were legally married, but I couldn’t even look at him right now. I don’t know what prompted tonight; he had never been physical with me before.

Maybe he was drunk, not that it was an excuse. Making my way toward the direction of my room, the one I still shared with Maggie, Nico grabbed me. Hard. With his fingers digging into my skin, he pulled me into his bedroom and tossed me on the bed. His eyes burned with disgust and hate.

I knew what he was going to do before he even made his first move- he was going to do the unthinkable. I swallowed the bile that rose in my throat; I was going to be sick. Fight him! I told myself. I had to do everything I could to not let this happen; but he was double my size, and I didn’t stand a chance. The more I fought him, the rougher he became. I had no choice but to lay perfectly still as he forcefully ripped my dress off. I did my best to hold back the tears that were threatening to spill. Nico and I had sex many times before, we were technically together, but on several occasions, he brought women back and I knew they fucked but I never once questioned him. This was our lifestyle, so I couldn't comprehend how dancing led to him going off the deep end.

Nico entered me hard. It hurt.

He was trying to hurt me. He was always gentle with me, and tonight, he was anything but. Praying for this to end quickly, I stared at the white ceiling until he turned me over and took me from behind—this was his favorite position and always made him cum quick.

With tears down my eyes, I tried to think of anything else but what was happening. Moments after he came, he pulled out and got up immediately.

Get the fuck out, but remember, you belong to me and only me now, Nicole. Don’t ever forget that. Tomorrow, you will act like a respectable wife, not some whore.

Nodding my head, I ran to my room; I didn’t even bother to grab my dress. I didn’t care if anyone else who was in the house saw me. I needed to get to my room. Grateful that Maggie wasn’t there, I cried most of the night, wondering how I got myself into this mess.

I needed to find a way out and fast.


3 Years Earlier


I'd like to make a toast to our youngest son... My father, Salvatore Moretti, or Don as most people called him, raised his glass. Our family-owned club, Sapphire, was closed for the evening. Family, friends and acquaintances from up and down the East Coast had arrived to celebrate my twenty-first birthday. I was the youngest Moretti son, and tonight was not just my birthday celebration; it was my initiation party into the family business. A business that goes back generations.

I never thought we would see this day, he continued while I waited patiently, anticipating something embarrassing to come from his mouth. He meant well, my dad, but when he got going, especially with a little whiskey running through his veins, you never knew what shit he would come out with. For our Johnny boy, who has always been and I am sure will always be, the pain in the ass of the family, he toasts. Many times, Lucia and I didn’t think our Johnny boy would make it to twenty-one. He turned to me. But here we are, and we couldn’t be prouder of all of your accomplishments, son. My father rambled on for a few more minutes, talking about my childhood and his disbelief that I was old enough to join the family business.

Twenty-one was the magic age; the Moretti family rule was we had to go to college after high school before we could officially run a part of the family business. I just graduated NYU with a degree in finance and endless possibilities, both within the family and out of it. Not only was I the son of a notorious Mafia king, I was also smart as shit: book and street smart.

After cracking a few more jokes about me being the baby of the family and how my mother would soon need some grandkids to keep her busy, pointing to my older brothers Santino and Carmine to fill the void of her baby boy becoming a man, he held his glass high. "You, my son, are going to do great things. I have no doubt. Saluti." After sipping his drink, the room erupted with applause and cheers. My mother stood, glaring up at him, a loving smile spread across her face.

Someday, I want what they have, I thought.

After dozens of hugs and handshakes, I snuck off to the side, taking it all in. Food, booze, music and bodies filled the room. I watched a few of my friends from NYU hide in the corner, whispering to each other. Having heard all of the stories of the infamous Moretti family, I could only imagine the conclusions they drew. The number of men in dark black suits and women draped in expensive dresses and diamonds had to give them a clue.

I didn’t exactly hide who I was. It was almost impossible, but unlike my brothers, I didn’t run around throwing the Moretti name everywhere I went. When people asked, we were in the import/export business and managed some properties throughout the city. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do or who I wanted to be in this family, but after tonight, I would have to decide.

With a glass of ember-colored whiskey in my hand, I watched my parents approach. My mother didn’t look a day over forty; Luciana Moretti was the epitome of beauty and grace. Always lending a helping hand to anyone in need. She may be the wife of one of the most notorious mobsters in the country, but no one would ever know just by looking at her.

My mother engulfed me in a tight hug and kissed my cheek. Happy Birthday, baby.

I smiled as she dabbed the corner of her eyes. She was always so emotional with us boys. Thanks, Mom.

I’m looking forward to our meeting Monday, son. Dad clasped my shoulder in his big hand. Monday was our first official meeting to discuss my role in the family business.

Me too, sir. Although inside, a part of me was weary.

After mingling for a bit longer, my parents approached me again to let me know they were calling it a night. Deciding to leave the rest of the evening to the kids, my parents and their friends said their goodbyes around midnight. My mother kissed my brothers and me, and made my older brothers promise to make sure I behaved. With a smile and an of course, Mom from Santino and Carmine, Mom and Dad headed home.

Not even five minutes had gone by after they left, when my brothers dragged me on the brightly lit stage next to the DJ booth. An empty chair waited for me.

I knew exactly what would happen. I sent them both a look that told them I was pissed. I hated being the center of attention, and they knew that. I was known as the shy Moretti brother. Living in the shadow of my brothers—Santino, the next in line to take over the family since the day he was born, and Carmine, who had a chip on his shoulder bigger than New York—it was hard to be anything else. For as long as I can remember, Santino was the son who always tried to learn all he could from our father, and Carmine was unable to keep out of trouble or his dick in his pants.

I was the normal Moretti. I joked around a bit too much sometimes, but it was all in fun to lighten up the mood, especially with the family. I went to school, I got good grades, and had a few friends I spent time with, but compared to them, I was a saint.

With the use of the microphone in his hand, Carmine spoke above the loud music booming from large speakers set up around the club, Little brother, your birthday present has arrived.

I watched with wide eyes as a woman sauntered out in what looked to be the whore-version of a Little Red Riding Hood costume while my friends yelled and cheered. She had a barely-there red skirt, thigh-high black fishnet stockings, black studded heels over six inches high, and the only things covering her chest were two triangle pieces of fabric that barely hid her extremely hard nipples and her lacey red cape.

I wasn’t a prude, but I wasn’t as experienced as my older brothers either. Carmine had a revolving door of women, and Santino was engaged to Sherry, who had been around since we were kids. I had a few non-serious girlfriends and a few girls I hung out with, but I mostly did my own thing. No one had ever held my interest for any length of time.

I watched as the red head straddled me, and I became instantly hard. I tried to shift to hide my excitement, but there was no use; she was molded against me. It was hard to see where she ended and I began.

As she moved on top of me, I admired how gorgeous she was up close, and it had nothing to do with the lack of clothing she had on. Her makeup was light, and I could tell she hadn’t had any work done; her tits were real—not the big cantaloupes most strippers had—and her face was normal. No duck lips. She had these big chocolate brown eyes that showed a hint of mischief in them.

They were mesmerizing, and I wanted to know all the secrets they held. When she realized I was hard, her eyes widened before giving me a little wink. She began grinding herself up and down on me. By the way she was breathing, she was trying to get herself off.

At this point, we were giving everyone a show. If the music didn’t immediately stop, breaking me and the red head out of our dry humping session on the stage, I wouldn’t have noticed my mother running back into the club.

Covered in blood...

Carmine and Santino rushed toward her, and I not so gently, shoved the stripper off my lap.

Sorry... I muttered as she plopped onto the stage floor with a loud thud. I jumped off the stage and ran toward my mom. My hard cock instantly deflated.

What’s going on? I yelled as I watched Carmine punch the wall and Santino run his hand through his hair. Santino? Carmine?

Both ignored me.

It happened so fast, my mother said before bursting into tears.

I looked between my brothers—Santino looked around the room like he was waiting for someone to tell him what to do while Carmine held his face in his hands.

He’s gone. He’s really gone! our mother screamed between sobs.

Putting one hand on her shoulder to try and steady her, I asked, Who mom? Unclear of what was going on, I looked around trying to find my father in the crowd that started to form around us.

Your father! she cried.

Dropping my hand, I stumbled backward at the words she spoke. It was like someone had slapped me in the face. Gone? Dread filled my entire body, and I felt like I was going to be sick. This had to be a mistake. I looked from Carmine to

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