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Freeing His Baby: A BWWM Romance

Freeing His Baby: A BWWM Romance

Автором Scarlett Press

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Freeing His Baby: A BWWM Romance

Автором Scarlett Press

103 pages
1 hour
Apr 21, 2021


He was supposed to be the prey.

Wealthy and primed to step into the trap.

Thornton just wants to get away. A secluded beach at an exclusive island—the perfect setting to weather the media storm back home.

But he can’t get away from it, not even here. Harmony’s too eager to please, to ready to display those thick assets. He’s cautious this time—seeing the trap before it springs. He wouldn’t fall for the bait again.

Or would he? Even after Harmony comes clean, he can’t resist her. He needs to take her over and over. How far will he go? Can he believe a con woman? She says she doesn’t want to. She says she’s under another man’s thumb.

After a month on the island, one thing becomes clear—he needs to set his baby free.

Freeing His Baby is a 24k stand alone novella. A short read for an afternoon of fun romance with interracial bwwm, a wealthy billionaire, a secret baby, a woman in need of saving, and daddy claiming his family.

Apr 21, 2021

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Freeing His Baby - Scarlett Press

Freeing His Baby

Scarlett Press

Published by Steamy eReads, 2019.

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Scarlett Press Presents

Freeing His Baby

A BWWM Romance

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Copyright 2017 Steamy eReads

Table of Contents

Freeing His Baby

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

Chapter Five

Chapter Six

Chapter Seven

Chapter Eight

Chapter Nine

Chapter Ten

Chapter Eleven

Chapter Twelve

Chapter Thirteen

Chapter Fourteen

Chapter Fifteen

Chapter Sixteen

Chapter Seventeen

Chapter Eighteen

Chapter Nineteen

Chapter Twenty

Chapter Twenty-One

Chapter Twenty-Two

Chapter Twenty-Three


Chapter One

As soon as Thornton landed in Jamaica, all thoughts of the last few weeks fled from his mind. There were no paparazzi, no one to remind him of his circus of an engagement. His mom had warned him never to date an aspiring actress, let alone put a ring on her finger.

Thornton was hurt. He truly believed Brittany was the one. Yet, when it came to money, she proved she was after something, and it had nothing to do with Thornton’s heart.

Sir, my name is Poplar, and I’ll take you to the villa, the charming, tall Jamaican said as Thornton stood in front of him.

Thank you, Thornton replied politely as he gave Poplar his one suitcase. Thornton wondered how Poplar knew exactly what he looked like, but then he remembered having to send the agency a recent picture of himself when he booked the trip. They hated the idea of their clients being greeted with a big card which had their name on it. So, they opted for the driver having recent photos of the client so that the service would feel more personalized.

It was late at night, and the last thing that he wanted to do was spend his time going up and down Kingston Airport looking for his driver. There were hundreds of passengers getting off the plane, after being stopped by the passport control who seemed more interested in the Jamaicans entering the country than they did the foreigners. Thornton had visited the island previously, and it was always the same. Before he even opened his passport, he was told to move forward, and the next person was called in line.

It was clear by the couple of women who were in short skirts and winking at Thornton as he arrived at Arrivals, that they were after one thing.

He said under his breath, More gold diggers, wondering if he had a sign on his forehead that said he could be taken for a ride. He had purposely worn his slacks and bought a T-shirt that would make him look like a typical tourist, something completely different from the rest of his clothes that were in his closet. Yet, his Rolex watch and Gucci suitcase spelt money. He shook his head as his phone rang, and he knew that it had to be one person, his mom.

Darling, did you land?

He sighed before avoiding the passersby’s stares and said, I haven’t even got to the villa yet. I just got my suitcase, and I just met my driver.

As long as you’re safe—that is the main thing, she said before hanging up. Thornton was just about to reply but then realized there was no one on the other line. He debated whether to call her back to tell her she shouldn’t hang up like that. It was his pet peeve. His mother knew that, but he doubted at this particular time whether correcting his mom on bad manners was a good idea. After the mud he had supposedly drug his family through over the last few weeks, his mom was worried about his recent travel arrangements, and scared that Thornton would once again fall in love with another woman who was after the family bank account.

Poplar said, This is us. As they arrived at a Range Rover, Thornton opened the passenger door and sat down. It was clear that Poplar was surprised at the seating arrangement as he looked at Thornton a couple of times, before starting the ignition.

Can I sit here? Thornton asked. It was clear his driver was lost as to what to do next.

Yes, I’m just not... normally, they sit at the back.

Thornton chuckled. Well, I’m far from normal. Is this place far? he asked. He had requested a secluded place, one where he wouldn’t be disturbed about the last few weeks while catching a few rays at the same time.

Yes, it’s about an hour or two drive. It is only forty miles, but there are a few narrow roads, so it could take longer.

Thornton nodded his head, wondering if he had made a mistake and should have sat at the back of the Jeep so he could sleep a bit.

Well, we better be on our way.

He signaled to Thornton, thinking he would take in the view and reflect on the troubles he had been through during the last few weeks. Before he gave his heart out, Thornton had never fallen in love before. His family saw it as a media circus when, in fact, he had viewed it as something completely different.

A mistake.

One he had no intention of repeating ever again.

Chapter Two

The cool air conditioning blowing in the car made Thornton feel sleepy as they drove. Once in a while, he would see people hanging out at bars and girls in the same leaving nothing to the imagination outfits waltzing around. He was glad he had booked somewhere out of town. He had visions of being in bars, constantly being asked by women if he was looking for company for the night.

Is it always like this? he asked as he saw the Porsches and Ferraris pulling up at bars.

Poplar hesitated before replying, On a Saturday night. It’s party time, sir.

He froze for a moment at the idea of the driver addressing him so formally the whole time. Poplar had been hired to drive him for the two weeks he was in Jamaica. He didn’t know how much of Yes, sir; no, sir, he could tolerate for his duration.

Please, my name is Thornton. Everyone calls me by my first name. Sir makes me feel... He wondered what word to use as they stopped at the cross light. He watched the ensemble cross the street—a couple of men who were old enough to be his father, and girls who were young enough to be his sister.

Old, he replied as he saw the men and thought about his dad. Part of him was happy his dad wasn’t alive to witness the recent debacle. The whole idea of him seeing his eldest—the one that he said

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