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QTin August 2021: Believing, Living, and Enjoying by the Word
QTin August 2021: Believing, Living, and Enjoying by the Word
QTin August 2021: Believing, Living, and Enjoying by the Word
Электронная книга259 страниц3 часа

QTin August 2021: Believing, Living, and Enjoying by the Word

Автор Yangjae Kim

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QTin is monthly devotional (so-called QT, which stands for Quiet Time) magazine for adults and young adults.

It is a QT magazine for adults and young adults wanting to read the Bible from the context of redemption history and to change to a biblical value system. It was originally published only in Korean, 30 writers and editorial staff ar

ИздательRH Korea
Дата выпуска9 июл. 2021 г.
QTin August 2021: Believing, Living, and Enjoying by the Word
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    QTin August 2021 - Yangjae Kim

    Publisher's Notes


    The Greatest Question

    and Answer of Our Lives

    In the New Testament, the Acts of the Apostles provides a link between the Gospels and the Epistles. Without this book, we could not have known how the Holy Spirit came after Jesus, how the Gentiles came to faith, how Paul became an apostle, how the churches mentioned in the Epistles started, and how the Gospel spread from Jerusalem to Rome. Some say that the Acts of the Apostles should be called the Acts of the Holy Spirit because it frequently mentions the Spirit. However, the current title seems rather appropriate because the book is more about people who have been changed through the Holy Spirit, despite the fact that they are sinners. Among them is Paul, the persecutor who became a faithful servant of Christ. When the Holy Spirit comes to us, we start to care for other people. That is why Paul dedicated the rest of his life to saving other souls despite the persecution he had to bear.

    During Paul’s second missionary journey to Macedonia and Philippi, Paul and Silas were beaten and sent to prison for healing a demon-possessed slave girl. Even though they were in prison, Paul and Silas repented, prayed, and sang hymns during the night. Suddenly, a violent earthquake hit, and the prison doors flew open (Acts 16:12-26). This is what God did for Paul and Silas for saving the soul of the slave girl. We need to know that the earthquakes we experience in our lives are not moments of destruction but moments of salvation. God is shaking up our lives to awaken us and tell us to repent. When we repent from the bottom of our hearts, all the doors that are tightly shut in our lives will open up towards salvation.

    Then, what lies deep beneath all the problems in our lives? It is sin. Whenever we encounter a problem that is like a tightly closed prison door, we need to see our sins. We can repent only when an earthquake shakes the sins that lie deep within us. When an earthquake comes and our prison doors fly open, we are freed from our shackles. We, however, cannot be freed on our own.