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Автор Noel Wellington

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Ничто не продолжается вечно. Даже когда кажется, что жизнь нашего творца продолжается намного дольше, чем прошло времени с момента сотворения нашей вселенной, всё равно, рано или поздно, может наступить конец всему. Наступит ли он, или же воля творца такова, что кто-то продолжат жить, как и жили? Зачем мы нужны? Почему мы такие, какие мы есть? Что заставляет нас поступать так, как мы поступаем? О том, как герои романа "Найди меня" оказываются единственными, кто в итоге получает ответы на эти вопросы, вы узнаете на его страницах, полных тайн и приключений. Две переплетающиеся сюжетные линии поведут Вас в путешествие между мирами, через тысячелетия трудных поисков, сражения, бегства, и тайные интриги.

ИздательNoel Wellington
Дата выпуска26 мая 2021 г.
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Noel Wellington

Hello, dear reader! Whether you love fantasy or science fiction, I have something for you to read. These two genres fascinated me since I started reading, and in a few moments, you will understand, why I started writing my own.Born in the Soviet Union, during the Cold War, and now living in Canada, I have been producing volumes of high-quality technical documentation throughout my 25-year-long software developer career by wearing two hats: developer's and technical writer's. Writing technical stuff seemed mighty boring, and I started writing fiction on the side. Now, I have completely switched over to fiction.For the past four years, I have been working on "The God's Bracelet" trilogy, as well as on a number of short stories based on it, and on a related novella. The events in the trilogy occur in our universe and a number of parallel worlds.Recently, I have published a number of novels that are not a part of the trilogy, namely:A post-apocalyptic adventure novel, "Evil 100%", in which events occur in a fictional country and world. The deployment of weapons of mass destruction had plunged the survivors into iron age, from which they struggle to recover.A fantasy novel, "Find Me". It tells about a race of dragons that is haunted by predatory shadows. One of their families is attacked by the shadows, and the Mother hides her daughter in our world, which she had just created as a toy for her. The little dragon has to hide from the shadows that had followed her, to survive and to return home. After what feels like eternity, a mysterious actor appears. His meddling stands to mess her finely woven plans up.Soon, another fantasy novel, "The Sliding", will be published. It is about a trade college student, Louis, who finds himself in the wrong place, at the wrong time. Affected by a magic from another world, he becomes involved in a coup plot. Now, he is stranded in many worlds, unable to return to our universe and Earth. Many mysteries have to be solved, for him to find his way home, but the story does not end there.

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