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QTin September 2021: Believing, Living, and Enjoying by the Word
QTin September 2021: Believing, Living, and Enjoying by the Word
QTin September 2021: Believing, Living, and Enjoying by the Word
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QTin September 2021: Believing, Living, and Enjoying by the Word

Автор Yangjae Kim

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QTin is monthly devotional (so-called QT, which stands for Quiet Time) magazine for adults and young adults.

It is a QT magazine for adults and young adults wanting to read the Bible from the context of redemption history and to change to a biblical value system. It was originally published only in Korean, 30 writers and editorial staff ar

ИздательRH Korea
Дата выпуска6 авг. 2021 г.
QTin September 2021: Believing, Living, and Enjoying by the Word
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    QTin September 2021 - Yangjae Kim

    Publisher's Notes


    Living as a Sign

    Ezekiel will be a sign to you; you will do just as he has done. When this happens, you will know that I am the Sovereign Lord (Ezekiel 24:24)

    Ezekiel 1-33 warns of judgment, and Chapters 34-48 are about hope and recovery. The storyline shifts in Chapter 24 when God’s warning in Chapters 1-23 becomes a reality. The purpose of God’s judgment towards Israel was not the destruction; it was to make them know who He is. Ezekiel’s life was not just a sign of judgment; it was also a sign of hope. The Hebrew word for sign mopheth means a signal that is clear to the human eye. When we do things people in the world could never do, our lives become signs that show people who God is. Then how can we live as signs like Ezekiel did?

    God told Ezekiel that he would take away his wife, the delight of his eyes, and told him not to mourn for the dead (24:16-17). God told Ezekiel to let go of his will and restrain his feelings. After hearing these orders in the morning, Ezekiel’s wife died that evening, and Ezekiel did just as he was told to do (24:18). Ezekiel had to live according to God’s Word to become a sign for the people of Judah. This seems harsh, but it actually is not.

    The name Ezekiel means strengthened by God. This is the only part in the Bible where God mentions his name (24:22, 24). The reason why God personally mentioned Ezekiel’s name might be because even God knows Ezekiel’s task is hard and he feels sorry. Ezekiel had to make a huge sacrifice, but he could live as a sign even through pain and sorrow because he knew God gave him this role out of love, maybe even favoritism.

    Like Ezekiel, I lost my husband and became a widow, but I did not fall into sorrow or despair as people in the world do. I praised Hallelujah! because I witnessed salvation. God helped me obey His Word and live a life that nonbelievers could not even imagine living. I led a QT meeting the day before my husband passed away. I checked what I wrote in that day’s QT note.

    I feel great joy to be able to pray for salvation. Thank You, God, for letting me pray when it is hard to protect our faith because our flesh is weak against temptation. Ezekiel lost his voice, could not go outside, and was tied with ropes. I am thankful that I experienced the same suffering. Thank You for letting me cry with victory, cry during my testimony, cry with joy, and live a life of grief. You know where my life is heading, so I leave everything up to You.

    I was a housewife before my husband died. After my husband’s death, God changed my life and made me go many places to give my testimony. My QT gatherings became regular meetings, and I started to lead other meetings, including one for college exam repeaters. After leading these meetings for ten years and training many spiritual heirs, the size of these meetings was getting too big. I had to think of what the reasonable next step should be for my ministry.

    I was a woman with no title in the church and a widow. I was like a colt, but I knew that I had to take the next step if God says, the Lord needs it. (Luke 19:31). My ministry started when my husband died 13 years into our marriage, and another 13 years passed since I started my ministry. God didn’t give me a huge calling. He led me through QT day by day, and these days led to the launch of QT Mission on July 17, 2000, which has now become QTM (Quiet Time Movement).

    After my husband’s death, I could live by God’s Word because Ezekiel lived as a sign for people like me. My ministry grew in a way I could never have imagined. Living as a sign means applying the Word into our lives and using our sufferings to help others by giving testimonies that turn our scars into stars. This fall, I pray that we all live according to our calling and be a sign for the salvation of others.

    Thanking God for making our lives fruitful,

    Chief Director, QTM

    김양재목사님 싸인.PSDimage-4-27486.jpgimage-5-27485.jpgimage-6-23209.jpgimage-7-23208.jpg

    I Love QTin

    "The best way to overcome hardships?

    To do QT and live each day faithfully."

    - Kyeonggi Jeon, Geunsook Yoo, and Yirum Jeon


    What do you do when hardships come your way, even when you follow God’s Word? Do you complain and push God away, or do you rely on God and listen closer to what He says? A family did QT and meditated on the Word even after they found out their son had a brain tumor. They showed us that the best way to overcome hardships is to read the Word. We spoke to Kyeonggi Jeon, Geunsook Yoo, and their son, Yirum Jeon.

    Q. Please introduce yourselves to our readers.

    Kyeonggi Jeon I am Kyeonggi Jeon, Yirum’s father. I went to church since I was a little boy, but my faith was focused on success. My parents used to tell me, If the oldest son succeeds, the whole family succeeds. They supported me to become a baseball player since I was young, but I had to give up baseball when I was in college after I got injured. I instead tried to become successful at work and lived a sinful and adulterous life. I borrowed money to seek pleasure and commit adultery after getting married and was kicked out of the house when my wife found out about what I had done. I came back home when I got a text message from my wife saying, Thanks for not divorcing me. After that, I followed my wife to church and started QT. I met God personally for the first time, and I am now serving as a small group leader.

    Geunsook Yoo I am Yirum’s mother, Geunsook Yoo. When I was a little girl, my father passed away, and my mother remarried when I was six years old. After my mother got married, I lived with my grandmother. I was a troubled teenager because I thought my mother abandoned me. My grandmother tried to take me to church since I was in fifth grade, but I refused. I started to go to church when I was in my early twenties. I met my husband when I was in my mid-thirties. I thought marriage would give me the love I never received, but my trust towards my husband was shattered after I found out about his debt and affairs. We fought and separated five years into our marriage. Then I remembered something I heard on Christian television: the purpose of marriage is not happiness but holiness. Seeking answers, I went to the church that was preaching this message in 2012. Since then, I have been in this spiritual community and now confess that our family can’t live without God’s grace and that I am a sinner.

    Yirum Jeon I am Yirum Jeon in eighth grade. I was afraid when my parents fought, but happy that they do not fight anymore because they go to church. I didn’t experience much hardship before I found out I had a brain tumor last April. Studying is not easy for me because I have ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). I am recovering from two surgeries removing my tumor and pituitary gland.

    Q. When did you start to meditate on the Word through the QTin series? What is the most significant change you see in your family?

    Kyeonggi Jeon Before reading QTin, I didn’t even know what QT was. I received surgery for stomach cancer a year after I became a member of the church. I started to do QT since then and realized that Jesus died for my sins. Afterward, I got busy again and started to skip QT. People at church suggested that I lead family worship using the QTin series. Through this worship, our family started to do QT together and speak to each other honestly. I used to be an angry person after failing as an athlete. My children didn’t come close to me because they were afraid of me. After I did QT, I started to see my sins and understand how my children felt about me. I apologized to them many times. Now my kids point out what I do wrong during family worship. (laugh)


    Geunsook Yoo I subscribed to QT magazines before I got married, but I remember QT being too difficult to understand. I started to enjoy QT reading QTin after I came to the spiritual community I am in now. It took time to make QT a habit, but the people in my church encouraged me to continue. I thought I was a good listener but realized I wasn’t, during the family service. QT helps our family share our thoughts and sins and open up about the difficulties we experience in our family relationship. We do family service every Saturday evening, and our conversations continue in the car on our way to church on Sunday. Our family would not have survived Yirum’s brain tumor if it weren’t for QT. Our family spends more time doing QT together after Yirum’s surgery, and I am thankful that we continue to confess our sins during these family services.

    Yirum Jeon I started doing QT with my mom when I was seven. Sometimes, I did QT just because I wanted to get a reward at Sunday school or get permission to play video games. I started to do QT every day after I found out I had a brain tumor. I realized that God wanted me to turn back from my sin. I complained that our family worship services were too long, but now I enjoy doing QT with my family.

    Q. What are your sufferings and sins? What sins did you repent of while meditating on the Word?

    Kyeonggi Jeon My sins are adultery and anger. My suffering is that I’m sick, even though I look healthy on the outside. I got my second lumbar disc surgery four years ago. At that time, I complained to God, saying, I lived faithfully before You. Why are You making me go through another surgery? I looked into that day’s QT and read about when Peter cut off the ear of the high priest’s servant (John 18:10-11). I repented for worshipping and serving with my own will and pointing the sword of judgment at people who do not change.


    Geunsook Yoo I had a family myth because I didn’t grow up in a happy family. That’s why my husband and son’s illnesses were great sufferings to me. Taking care of my family members, who all have ADHD except me, is also hard because they keep calling me whenever they can’t find something. One day I read a verse in Jeremiah that says, take the belt you bought and are wearing around your waist, and go now to Perath and hide it (Jeremiah 13:1-7). I realized this belt was my arrogance. I saw how disobedient I was towards God and repented. After that day, I try to listen to my family and spiritual community rather than speak.


    Yirum Jeon Last April, I went to the hospital after discovering something was wrong with my sight at our school’s health examination. I suffered from headaches and double vision after I got my tumor and pituitary gland removed. I still thought I had to do QT, so I asked my mom to read that day’s verses. That day’s passage was about Rehoboam turning back to God after Shishak, king of Egypt, attacked Israel (2 Chronicles 12:1-8). I told my mom that I think God allowed me to go through surgery because He wanted me to be humble and not be arrogant thinking I went through this suffering on my own. I also repented for judging my friends who didn’t worship properly.

    Q. Could you explain to us about craniopharyngioma (a type of brain tumor), the illness Yirum went through? What Bible verse helped you through those hard times? Did you see God’s work for salvation through Yirum?

    Kyeonggi Jeon Craniopharyngioma is a tumor that grows from the pituitary gland, where the optic nerve and motor nerve are. So late diagnosis and treatment can lead to vision loss or quadriplegia. After surgery, Yirum’s vision and visual field defect is getting better. He is currently going through hormonal therapy, and we are checking on his recovery. If I were Yirum, I would have complained to God, but Yirum repented saying, I’m sorry for not realizing everything that happened is coming from God and complaining to you. I also apologize for not bearing my cross as a student and playing games instead of studying. Hearing him repent humbled me. He taught me that doing QT and living every day faithfully is the best way to overcome hardships. I am in debt to the prayers of our community and feel the need to serve them more.

    Geunsook Yoo The day I found out there was something wrong with my son’s eye, the QT verse was about the start of building Solomon’s temple (2 Chronicles 3:1-7). On our way to the emergency room at midnight, Yirum repented of his arrogance and prayed for the salvation of his grandmother. I repented for my laziness and not building the spiritual temple of God. Hearing Yirum’s confession of faith through his two surgeries and the things he repented through QT, I realized that Yirum became sick because of me to remind me to build my spiritual temple. Realizing this, I burst into repentance and thanksgiving. There’s nothing I can do for my son, but I prayed that he bears his cross well and that our family spreads the message that the Gospel is telling in advance that there will be affliction. My mother cried when she heard her grandson was praying for her salvation. She said she would go to church when Yirum returned from the hospital, and she did just as she said. I am thankful that God answered my 20-year prayer of my mother’s salvation through my son.

    Yirum Jeon On the ceiling of the hospital where I got surgery, it said, Do not fear, for I am with you (Isaiah 41:10). That verse gave me strength. I am thankful that my grandmother, who refused to go to church, went to the church through my illness.

    Q. I will search for the lost and bring back the strays. I will bind up the injured and strengthen the weak … (Ezekiel 34:16). Is there a part of you that needs healing, as this verse says?

    Kyeonggi Jeon Even though I listen to God’s Word every day, I still seek success and approval from others. I pray that I am freed from these desires.


    Geunsook Yoo Out of laziness, I used to say, No more! Now I am building my spiritual temple. I don’t know when I will turn to the world again. I want to ask God to cure my greed in the middle of God and the world.

    Yirum Jeon It takes months for my body to adapt to medication and control my hormones. Because my body is weak, I easily get irritated and can’t focus on my studies. I pray that

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