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On His Table: An Erotic Age Gap Short Story
On His Table: An Erotic Age Gap Short Story
On His Table: An Erotic Age Gap Short Story
Электронная книга17 страниц12 минут

On His Table: An Erotic Age Gap Short Story

Автор Daisy Jane

Рейтинг: 4 из 5 звезд



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When Hannah Alders hurts her back at a volleyball game, the Doctor tells her she needs to see a chiropractor.

Enter Mr. Andrew Newman. Tall, strong, capable hands, he's handsome and sexy. Hannah admires him for a year before she sees something in his eyes one day. And then she starts to wonder if, maybe, he wants her too?

Spanking, choking, but never talking about it after. Mr. Newman is complicated but oh so unbelievably sexy.

Lots of things happen to Hannah... On His Table.

This is a short story (3,500 words) featuring dominant/submissive type roles, and leaves you Happy For Now. For Adults Only!

ИздательDaisy Jane
Дата выпуска3 сент. 2021 г.
On His Table: An Erotic Age Gap Short Story
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Daisy Jane

Daisy Jane is a romance author writing about quick flings, hot romances and forbidden lusts. When she's not penning a hot erotic novel or dreaming up steamy stories, she's enjoying the sunshine and warmth at her home in California. She enjoys reading, true crime, exercise and, of course, romance.On Amazon, her Forbidden Love stories include age gap, work relationships, positions of power, socially unaccepted duos and much more. Here on Smashwords, she writes about anything and everything. No idea too dirty :)Have feedback, a story idea or just something to say? Drop her a line. She responds to every email. http://www.daisyjane.com

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Рейтинг: 4 из 5 звезд

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    On His Table - Daisy Jane

    On His Table

    He’s been adjusting me for years—four years to be exact.

    After landing funny during an especially powerful jump serve at a varsity volleyball game, I was injured. As soon as my feet hit the ground, I knew there was something wrong. A shock moved up my tailbone, engulfing my nerves in sharp pain. I grimaced and hobbled off the court, sitting uncomfortably in a plastic folding chair, willing the game to end so I could leave.

    My mom drove me to Urgent Care and after a battery of tests, I found out nothing.

    Could be muscular, probably landed funny, but nothing’s broken, said the small, lazy Doctor.

    "So, ice and heat, or…?" my mom wanted me to feel better and I could see this Doctor’s assessment did not please her, either.

    See a chiropractor, he suggested, shrugging his shoulders in a way that told us he didn’t give a single shit. Not even a one.

    So, the next day after school I had an appointment with the

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