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Carpadiem Dark

Carpadiem Dark

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Carpadiem Dark

226 страниц
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10 дек. 2014 г.


The three titles, Carpadia, Toward Carpatian Divinity, and Carpadiem Dark, are drawn from a deep sense of quantum, sufi-gnostic unity displaying provenance throughout the Homeric Path of those who would contribute.
Michael considers these brief narratives as considerable descriptions of the human condition. His research and soul evaluation, literary investigation, and imaginative allegoric style and again, very important, passion, have opened a gate of soul adventure.

Carpadiem Dark is a simple situation that suggests the presence of a dark divine influence in the corner of every moment experienced by a rational organic. God is not light, which is visibleperhaps the spark so often spoken ofbut the reservoir must be an unknowable dark unity of chaos possibility from which anything and everything may be fashioned.

10 дек. 2014 г.

Об авторе

Michael returned to Canada after many years of adventure with the directive of penning a Five title series. This has been the published completion of the "Carpadia" series. The best way to say something about the author is his commitment and fulfilment. The Five book narrative has been physically sealed in an actual archive that is expected to remain secure and intact for an estimated fifty thousand years or more, no matter what! Michael offers this all important summation and conclusion to a global citizen who would embrace such far reaching suggestion.

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Carpadiem Dark - Michael Markevich

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A gate is a hinged, pivoting or revolving guardian,…. usually between. Considered at a place of access or departure it may sustain within extreme abundances. A limiting factor perhaps regulated by a pawl, it can result in an ability to monitor and recognize flow,…. in, through or out of. Perhaps as a timely device of rational imagination, it may represent a gradient opportunity of holding, … beginning to contain,… retaining…. and relinquishing.

He just glanced a quick look over his shoulder, then KiiJay became nameless. He was the one to walk and see and he transmigrated into Magik, able to pivot on and yet describe just such a hinge. A question of alienation or devotion became arbitrary as he again prostrated his vision in humble worship at the service of a fragile waif.

KiiJay had been likened to an ice cube in water. He was created from the same essence and would return to his elemental parent, but for a time in duration he was an island in the sea of his birth. Had/would he diminished or embellished the source or simply offer a temporary effect?¹

The Ten Sephiroth of the ancient Hebrew sequence of manifestation are arranged as a tree of life glyph in the knowledge of Qaballah. This descent of power as a process of manifestation, is drawn on the glyph as a lightening flash. Ain is pre-existence and is Dark. Ain Soph are intermediate veils and Ain Soph Aur is a universal Light that is primal impingement on an idea of perception. This Holy Trilogy holds no position but ushers in the first Sephirah, Kether,….. that is a suggestive point phenomenal. Regarding Ain Soph,… a position of reception and recognition must be available for spectrum. ²

Like the Sephirah Daath from Qaballah of ancient Jewish mysticism, prism gate of Magik was a variable quality of flux, focusing from either of infinities, to eventually determining value, position, acknowledgment and need. In the Genesis story it is Daath (a mystical Dark) that grows a tree of Knowledge. A broad demand variance may have been catastrophic but the subject of his catering and catharsis of her divinity, held a unique one to one ratio of benevolent Queen and shadow romance of her Magician.

An intimate interplay of this situation suggested the hand of Eve returning the apple to one of many serpent creators in order to redirect this entire process toward graced capacity and accept a gift of recognizing spectrum reversal, to illustrate diversity as a display of divine unity. Carpadia and Magik were entwined in a catoptric purpose and in Malkuth divinity would be made visible by their work. Elohim’s presence in creation.³ The Queen would top a Pythagorean pentagon with a great cosmic lens and offer a rebirth to self-appointed rulers of the world.

Crowley: There is a spiritual science and art of causing change to occur in conformity…..with will.

According to Henry Corbin’s description of Mazdean doctrine in the fourth century, everyone above the age of fifteen is supposed to know;

Who am I and where do I belong?

Whence do I come and whither am I returning?

What is my lineage and race?

What is my proper calling?

Was my beginning celestial or earthly?

Am I angelic or demonic?

Procrastination is a thief of time and absence of any coming of age ritual in adolescent moderns marginalizes a capacity to mature into spiritual fulfilment. A 20/20 rear-view mirror often reflects adolescent parents raising superficial offspring and elders who arrive at the end of a multiplicity afraid and unknowing.

Carpadia and Magik were introducing a Fifth Civilization to self-realization, answers to ancient-modern Mazdean doctrine and an ability to recognize and seize the moment, not in ignorance but from total awareness. Life on the brief swing of a gate is more thoroughly embraced by forwarding occurrence from a capacity for the will of heart’s desire and by a reluctance to conform in a manner of long overdrawn teen ideals.

There should be an aging population that is worthy of respect and knowledge of that old growth is already in seed of acorn,… sounds kind of aboriginal. Magik and Carpatian Divinity would try to bring subtlety of place, to within the grasp of accelerating mobile neophytes and to begin a generation of wise beings. With technology and network in the hands of this belonging, the Fifth may decelerate to a rare era of human authenticity.

Momentum generated by the fifth anniversary and acknowledging activity of the Fifth could never simply diffuse. Holoflux, on that arc-second horizon and within those gate conscious familiars would be a darwish, or sill, that was, in Sufi awareness, a Quest for Orientation,…. of human condition.

Vertical spiritual dimension completes spatialization on a hinge,….. and to see in the Northern Light is to be aware of the angelic.⁴ Approaching Dark is ignoring 5% manifestation of an Indi cat, nodding at 25% dark matter that a certain group of monks can see and embracing 70%+ dark energy matrix that forces momentum beyond just owing presence. Awareness spirals toward and returns to an original energy plenum and there begins assumption of an idea of a non-specific individual aura within a corner of each moment commonality.

A search,… would be following momentum toward a world of polarity within souls, shunning the world of horizons. Sharing of divine compassion is prayer of unity with prayer of multiplicity and when that depth of lofty orientation is available then the Secret of God shall be no more.

Holoflux would be grid-point awareness, superimposed over and sharing a yowa, defining a location not exactly where divinity would descend, but where the corporeal may ascend.

A fragment that is recognizable within an energy web helps to unveil a vast concept.

Human condition becomes what it dreams. It would be a true passion to dream well.

Human condition becomes what it dreams. Fill all humans with hearts desire, pure and lucid, superior to self and in realm of creation.

There would be balance at a node that was not on the grid. Magik and Carpatian Divinity would place origin and return, far into a vertical to describe darwish (sill) of a beyond dimensional awareness. There may be a process of ascension to qualify recognition of a guide or chart toward heavenly witness.

Soul of Ajax chose the life of a lion and soul of Atlanta the life of an athlete. Another a life of a skilled workman, but Ulysses’ soul remembered long trials and tribulations and was tired of ambition. He went about a long time seeking the life of a private man of no business,… and with difficulty,…. found it.

The approach toward an energy mountain is usually still an equilibrium plain that begins to gradually slope upward. To begin at Ulysses enlightenment would not be a humbling, but an empowering moment. A miniscule or even incremental process of spiritual ascension begins the contribution to that great authenticity of character.

Magik and Divinity were leaving a bread crumb track intending to introduce reading. That trace-suggestion with implication was in the directive of even an ancient hunter. He would read speech, motion, posture, print or scat of an intended. That was the humble beginning of a raw corporeal existence and with a mere four civilizations of human extension traversing that savanna, an opportunity to again read had arrived,…… but this time, in droppings of divine wisdom.

Print was there and yet many would pass unaware and starve. If a season changed and a migration led to the mountain then in hopes and desires of survivors, they should follow as leaders. Four civilizations may actually be a short while and lessons from first to last students had miraculously remained within an anthology of motive. That causing of motion, created the will to seek. As Crowley stated earlier……

Is it Godly to leave a track or trace in order to be followed, captured and absorbed? Perhaps that is why ancient San tribesmen of the Kalahari worship the Elan as their spiritual force. This animal gives itself to a boy coming of age. A spiritual witness is aware before the arrow is released. Is it Divine to leave a fragment subtly obvious in a spiritual energy fabric to be followed, captured and absorbed? Simple theorem seem to endure. (Dark and Light)

A Keeper of Genesis is material, at the Necropolis of Giza. It is a cipher that when fully understood, with the Nile and pyramids, offers a track or print regression intended against the progressive star drift of eons. The complete idea is not easily understood but the code sits in simple presence.

It is a gift representation buried and exhumed repeatedly in the previous Four. Multitudes gaze and take pictures. They are digitally preserving the key to a Horus-King’s Quest. The Sphinx was built thousands of years after an understanding. Construction had to wait for engineers. How does one travel back against the flow of procession to Zep Tepi? (first time)

How does one realize image of heaven and accept that responsibility?

Seeded in perpetuity, does an acorn track to old growth diminish or embellish the source? Increments are on a clicking pawl of gate and do not seem to be reversible. A sometime device of holding is a miniscule fragmented flake of H2O landscape on which Vanisila had subconsciously placed her face when escaping the boarding school as a girl.

As she had surveyed an inverted fractal image she could not count it in the vast dimensional singularity of an Arctic ice shelf. As a true fundamental unit moves into infinitely limited spatial fractals, it comes off the page and displays an aspect of spiritual disposition.

Carpadia and Magik were able to observe what rises. It sounded so simple and from the ancient Latin horoscopus, …. meaning ….time observer, they could describe cosmic relations. It is perhaps an auspicious moment when all known celestial spheres align across a galactic equator.

Track, intent, capture, leading followers, magik, code, balance,.. becoming.… and a true passion of creation would be read in a commonality of soul and illuminated in a singularity that is pure platonic soul.

The Fifth was beginning with a handful of disciples, a savior (and therefore divine compassion), a catalytic magikal influence,…. human stagnation and a somewhat clouded desire of the heart in an awakening of enthusiasm.

These relations were intended to activate awareness of vital force, illustrate Sufi-gnostic eye-organ of choice and fulfil primary aspect of function,…..that is to follow the passion of dreaming well.

Fill all humans with heart’s desire, pure and lucid, superior to self and in a realm of creation.

* Begin with a Kaballistic Yesod, material engine room and Pythagorean vehicle. Positive and negative, yin and yang and all other dualities come from and return to unity. Know the sense and spiritual foundation (soul of form) in creative process that awaited/awaits only place."

A suggestion may be to consider place,…Malkuth,… Kingdom,… and recognize only increased limitation. A sequence of emmanation down this path does not represent a direction in deterioration of spiritual quality but is a process of increasing specialization and concretion of divine expression. God is made visible in His works.

Kaballah: ….Kether is in Malkuth after a fashion.

Hermetic: ….As above, so below.

Sufism:……..Form appears in a mirror but is not.

The motif of a gate is recurrent in Malkuth. One enters at an apical or top of swing and exits at culmination. Womb-gate is under condition of death."

Although seamless, pendulum energy has been rationally assigned a pawl. The Fifth is all about an additional elemental presence,… pentagon tip,… and that is not subject to the click of a ratchet. Spirit, in unisphere of visionary events does not construct, as in a Lego fascination, … but reveals,….. as in a dream of heart’s desire.

Although there can be any manner in the act of revealing, a suggestion may put forward a presence of singular or many veils. Carpadia and Magik were well aware of declared principles of these categories. From a Christian-Roman era through dark ages, medieval and renaissance Europe, paganism and classic platonic philosophy were filtered through these veils and into the realm of magic.

Remnants brought legends of Merlin and the chalice of a Holy Grail, as well as many others described as surviving gnostic text with The Alchemical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz and the Hebrew Gematria. Everyone knows the magic of 666 and the most well-known magical word is abracadabra. A maestro conducts the orchestra with a magic wand. They are all common and have sustained through brief centuries from a realm all but forgotten,…..a realm of revealing and reflection.

Is concern with,….. points, lines, angles, curves, surfaces and solids,…. or motive-incentive enthusiasm with motion into and through veils. Shall we reflect upon a quintessence, perhaps a fifth that is the quoin of heaven? Is it imaginable that a cornerstone of flowing, ambiguous, bifurcating energy allows positioning.

Magik was the one who could walk and speak and Carpadia was a divine suggestion. Together they might be able to fold and create an energy origami, an eternally proximal keystone step-pad,…..a stair that even in the finding would one dare to lift beyond kingdom, away from labyrinth and into truth. A parable:

Owl and Swallow

A Grey Owl dancing in the night could not have known a Swallow’s plight, for he by day and she by night, with vision beyond a winged flight, would soar and dream and try to find a world that’s of the other’s mind.

So one by sun and another by star, searched the near and beyond afar.

Awareness of just one other soul would help to understand the goal of being of a giant flock and listening to a ratchet-clock.

Now Owl’s eyes are big and round yet as he turned his head he found no vision of his searching friend, no one to start his journey’s end.

Swallow tried her speed of light yet still ahead and out of sight Owlstanding,…searched a sky and looked where she had just gone by.

Dasein: is a German word used by Martin Heidegger and translates as being.

Dasein, as entity, is in each instant,….. Owl. It is the act of an incomplete quest. It is a vision of side to side horizon and journey toward that which is still outstanding.¹⁰ The Swallow in a moment was perpetual existentiation of possibility in a material discontinuity.

(Ibn' Arabi).

There is difficulty of finding within the experience of searching. It is based on primary character yet how could there be appearance without that which appears. Kantian philosophy used the word noumenon.

Magik and Divinity were able to will a great revelation into awareness via a heart organ, pulsing with vitality of creation and fulfilling desire as a primary function, not contrary to, but in absolute harmony with the discontinuity of moment. A tip of the Pythagorean pentagram is a point of unisphere. To search in moment for noumenon can be a divine suggestion of walking and hearing.

YES it is,…. imaginable that a cornerstone of flowing, ambiguous, bifurcating energy allows positioning.

Listening, in a hunter realm is suggestion of that which has left noise and as such seeking in a searching realm is a hint of that which has left track. As ageless as it is a basic in multiplicity, appearance is not a secret.

YES, it is Godly to leave trace in order to be captured and absorbed and that intent is planned purpose as an epiphany.

* "By virtue of sharing Divine compassion, is a Prayer of God aspiring to issue forth,………to be known.

Via a Prayer of Man, path of Divinity becomes visible to a heart actively projecting image, whose receptacle is worshiper’s being."¹¹

This recondite learning requires only work moment

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