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Passion of the Fifth

Passion of the Fifth

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Passion of the Fifth

216 страниц
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18 апр. 2018 г.


The book is about the passion of being involved with the fifth civilization of humankind at a very auspicious fractal tier. Since a recent rounding of a tiny solar system around the equatorial belt of a familiar galaxy, one might say in perspective, the method of rational soul has begun a journey back to a first time. It had actually been documented by ancients of Egypt, Maya, and Khmer. An experiential situation of contribution to dark chaos of possibility by each citizen is again reinforced.
18 апр. 2018 г.

Об авторе

Michael returned to Canada after many years of adventure with the directive of penning a Five title series. This has been the published completion of the "Carpadia" series. The best way to say something about the author is his commitment and fulfilment. The Five book narrative has been physically sealed in an actual archive that is expected to remain secure and intact for an estimated fifty thousand years or more, no matter what! Michael offers this all important summation and conclusion to a global citizen who would embrace such far reaching suggestion.

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t just seemed appropriate that the Poet introduce opening text for Passion. He is behind a shaky scaffold over which is draped an animal hide drawing, depicting the nature of humankind. He and Bonesy have moved over the edge of the world just West of Haida Gwaii. They are both indigenous and have returned to the true star-dust location from which they departed long ago.

As in a play disciple-actors of the Fifth still wear their masks,…those of the rational organic. Beneath this display is Soul energy filament supplying raw chaos of creation and behind that is another one of ones,……Dark God.

The sages know their own soul names and those of fellow illuminati but they want to know all soul names of all citizens of the Fifth. In that passion theirs will also be known by all others as they all reflect upon a House of Best purpose. It will be then that the yowa of humankind can be displayed without shame.

Their journey across the thin membrane of an infinite energy sea is still by prenda and direction is suggestion of mysterious navigators, always sleepless and ever vigilant, enveloped in an emerald green aura.

Illuminati have, by their prompt, seen and heard strangeness that can only be told as myth. Stories are a way in which one may explore what it is to be human. Sometime perhaps not entirely rational they may be ritual of the journey.

Whether next to a warm hearth at a common tap-house or on the cold marble of a Holy Shrine, those imaginative tall-tales may be shared, perhaps possibly planting a small seed of imagination in the hearts of those who would be susceptible. Several saviors through the ages have had such humble beginnings.

Creative imagination presents in a multitude of variations,… from storyteller to author, artist to musician, or sculptor to architect, from trail-blazer to boat-builder or farmer to aircraft designer, or even wood-worker, steel-worker, or in the work of forwarding passion.

The Fifth was slowly gathering a small momentum in effort of future perfect confidence, in offering true name and in remembering names that were offered.

A great Light of opportunity rolled over each horizon and then over each citizen and there was constant awareness of Dark encouragement.

Some navigators will/did get involved, not interested in any cargo that makes a journey for profit, but simply in a fantastic unveiling that reveals myth as truth and shallow truisms as deceit. These were victories that navigators savored as prizes, or trophies, as they were so isolated within their extreme contribution. In many situations they might only recommend, suggest or nudge the course of a prenda making its way so proximal a raging chaos storm. This may be a simple hint, an idea, or a wispy dream that brushed past in that great night. Navigators were unable to take a pilgrim by the collar and shove his/her nose into an auspicious directive.

Living with an idea image for too long began to make some manifest as only ideas. Those of vision prayer were to get involved and to maintain that the all creative hadra must be pursued into a more contributory experience of phenomenal embellishment and accepted at gate of beautitude as aesthetic purpose. According to capacity an adept within prayer of audition or vision would necessarily move forward in order to council, lift or even pull those only in presence into the Fifth.

Citizens may get involved from spirit or intellect, or act from impulse or instinct, there was still emotion, caution, fear and joy. A mask would display any or all and may be glorious, humble or disgusting. It was participation, contribution and creative involvement, and as such was in support of purpose of Dark chaos singularity.

It was an ever expanding idea, mouth to mouth or in subtle circles under radar of media monoliths. It was pursuit of heart’s desire in each and every name of citizen and was not necessarily expected to grow into a recognizable movement in only one generation. It had taken four hundred generations of conviction to finally get to the end of the Fourth.

This was movement into a precious Fifth civilization of humankind. Description of energy systems and involvement of rational organic had been accomplished with the Carpadia series and a citizenry of awareness, purpose, truth and grace gradually accepted various masks, now knowing that they were only worn over an open heart and soul, while living freely within Light and sharing those all important soul names while within Dark embrace.

It was from that simple acknowledgement that trivialities, games, toys media saturation, venereal infected tinsel goddesses of silver screen and Batman were finally being sloughed off, like the dead outer coverings that they were. (adapted from Hero with a Thousand faces Joseph Campbell)

No ghosts in the closet,…. that was the edict of a new citizen and one who was not unwilling to dig deep into that dark soul-well of possibility to procure from chaos source the name of their passion. (true heart’s desire)

Many offered that a big obstacle between simple conscious bliss and Divinity was an ego self of rationality. One’s name must be encountered in a divine star-dust authorization, not within an animal segue of agreement. A humble pilgrim, though starting on a mere savannah presence must stay focused upon an energy mountain destination. They must process living dream in order to become dream and that will be done in a future perfect endeavor of finding true name.

In a very ancient time a young man was on a journey around a mystical Northern shore. He was held up at some aboriginal paintings on a rock wall at Agawa by primal energy in the form of a wolf.

She beckoned him interpret the drawings and question her sudden appearance within his waking dream. He sank into meditation and glimpsed another/the same wolf deep in his youth.

As he absorbed the iconography of an original artist he was startled by a voice. He turned to find a common, modern looking man who would turn out to be much more than even a very exceptional man.

This person spoke his name and said that he had written a poem about the rock art.

He had honestly shared his indigenous soul name.

The poem was called Touching the Serpents Tail. The young man was called Misha and he was aware that he had heard this man’s name yet he was never able to consciously recollect it. Too bad, for Misha was not yet a citizen of the Fifth. Misha later contemplated that perhaps knowing a true name gave someone special power, (sharing it was very powerful) but he simply remembered him from that day on as the Poet.

Misha was later, after many spiritual adventures able to encounter his own true name and he became strong with the force. He never again had the opportunity of sharing with this Poet, but while balancing on the edge of an un-dimensional Misha’s final act was to project his true passion into an arctic shaman with whom he shared a quoin of heaven. This shaman of course was Kiijay who became Voicehandler and finally Magik. Misha’s source name is known by the Fifth in the special power of Magik.

It was said that an aspiring citizen must try to look through a mirror- lens at the edge of their familiar universe and thereby cease from being captured by a multitude of reflected selves. Problem being that there is a magnetic strength in all those replicated selves. Seeing oneself so many times supports an ego based shallowness and if many neighbors are equally inclined, and social media is equally rampant a great deal of debris may be quickly caught up by a personal energy vortex that is supposed to be free of calamity.

Busyness and frivolity cannot be cradled by a student citizen and there were even situations when illuminati were moved to great lengths in order to push that spinning debris away from heart’s desire. That yearning is at an immovable center, a navel of focus and is location of the soul name that one is seeking.

Citizens of the Fifth would find that in a confident calmness of soul that displays when images and imaginings are not racing around in pubescent anxiety.

Unfortunately, quickness, speed and overtaking has become a cultural emblem. Consumerism is a predator seeking to assimilate a fragile sanity of masses. Methods of acquisition occur in supermarkets and hypermarkets as fast cars, trains, planes and shuttles whisk about those who can afford, ….not to be kept waiting. Benefits of speed are wasted on distance.

(Whitelegg) Fast processing promotes fast thinking and that is not in House of Best purpose,….. but only first. (ideas adapted from Pip Pip, Jay Griffiths, Harper Collins)

Care is a key of memory. Perhaps Misha would have remembered the Poet’s freely offered name had he illustrated care with his new acquaintance. Subtlety of a situation is lost in a rush and yet it will be in care of subtlety that a citizen may be moved toward a cool, Dark, wellspring of serene chaos potential. Order will always arrive from Dark maelstrom.

Names are found in a relaxed Dark soul filament and description of that passion may be found in hadras or determinations of Ibn’Arabi,… Sufi mystic. At the deepest level a name is Divine and by searching past reflection and immaterial idea-image and just beyond the angelic, one may encounter a realm of absolute mystery. In that stillness, before complexity or even spectrum, passion of heart’s desire waits patiently in soul. (it is at source)

When all names of citizens of the Fifth are known to each other the civilization of those who would display such grace and true vitality may be honored with recognition.

It may be like an award that is draped like a garland or festoon of Dark matter around the business part of Dark energy. That will be significant if approached by any one even remotely aware of a process of coming into being. (described in Carpadia series) Even if not in awareness of that type of process a civilization displaying this type of respect may be offered acknowledgement as one of ones. A true honor bestowed by a sr. civilization upon a jr. civilization of blue marble.

That would be a game changer of rational organic fundamentals for ever and ever. Citizens of the Fifth have contributed for hundreds of generations and just for a moment considering even thousands of generations, how/where will a novelty or true originality lead toward a great energy mountain of potentiality. It is not owed as many would have one believe but must be earned.

Recognition of presence must have purpose.

To change the game, dream or path and move through variable situations of dreary space/time equations, there may be an opportunity to slide a sideways introduction of possibility of,… by presence of catalysts like Indigo,….or navigators,….. spiritual accelerants. (Indigo’s position at a suspended Fifth was to accelerate process of the intended) Hold that acceleration may be so fundamental that it may simply be a continuum of change.

What would be a length of space between events, or items, or ideas, or energy fabric nodes? Start with possibility.

There would be a length of space between items. Is there a length of space between events? Maybe between ideas,….probably not,….mysterious energy fabric nodes? Can it be presence of continuum of change as instigator of focused contribution?

When in focus purpose gets involved,…so do navigators, and citizens of audition and visionary prayer,…… and finally and most importantly in the Fifth civilization of humankind, those of presence prayer may become involved. They may occupy space, as fodder in necessary and indispensable/dispensable ingredient that make a system work. (work moment?)

In Haida mythology loons are whining about not having a place to be. A personified God declares that he/she will make some. (place to be) Raven, a trickster archangel of creation flies through mirror clouds in the sky (very distant mirror-clouds) and arrives with names for each loon.

When name is attached to fodder, space-occupying organic, focus is acquired,…… rationality, navigators and citizens become part of continually changing experience and that reward is garland embellishing aesthetic of beautitude to contribute as principle emphasis or fundamental directive, to…… purpose.

Names are found in relaxed Dark soul filament, not in chaos maelstrom from which they were born. Those that will obtain possibility of navigation, whether designated or not will know the extreme proximity of identity annihilation into a very proximal energy utopia. Filaments of soul channels are a navigator’s preference and with good example should be considered by any citizen venturing into a search for name.

Carpadia was beginning to understand her type of existence as that of a navigator. She could follow Dark God encouragement deep within soul, anticipate direction of and contribute to Dark energy weft and was beginning to learn how to take part in manifestation. Sounds like a bold prayer but most of the hard part was simply finding, devotion to, and truly loving heart’s desire. In total commitment to those passions was the acquisition of her soul name.

Finding one’s name is not a shallow task and though illuminati, prophet, mystic, shaman, or navigator might be what people on the journey are most likely called they may also be distinguished from others in more humble descriptions such as recluse, hermit, nun, pilgrim, or disciple. In any positions herein described there is no mention of wealth, fame, notoriety, royalty or ego. (what famous king renounced all to seek truth?)

Committing to a task of searching soul in order to find heart’s desire will not automatically place one in the position of a yogi and those famous or rich are not immediately excluded, but they may be involved in considerably more complex, public lives, and that may result in a great deal of debris, triviality and social frivolity.

There have been illuminati that have gone to great lengths to spin those random fragments away from vortex of passion. Those of an audition prayer are beginning to know their way around energy reservoir, experience contribution, methods of creative imagination and devotion to a great task. They may be most balanced in proceeding with education of others and pursuit of personal desire.

It sounds like a basic code of Castilians, to attain utmost command of one’s passion and to keep self and passion vital and flexible by recognizing bonds with all other passions. (adapted from The Glass Bead Game, Hermann Hesse) It also sounds like a basic code of the Fifth, to find and know one’s true name, share it in creative energy with fellow citizens and remember and protect with care, true names of others that one is offered.

Those in audition prayer may shoulder a significant wealth of common work moment that is involved in building momentum of the Fifth. They will be active beneath the radar

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