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CAD 101
CAD 101
CAD 101
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CAD 101

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"CAD 101: The Ultimate Beginners Guide" is a book for all those who want to develop a profound understanding of how to use CAD software. Step by step, you will learn everything you need to know in order to design your own three-dimensional objects, so that you can print them with a 3D printer.


The author of the book is a german engineer (M.Eng.), enthusiastic designer and 3D printing practitioner. You will learn the very basics up to more advanced functions of designing with CAD software under professional guidance. The clarity and simplicity of the content has been set to priority #1, so you don't have to be afraid of technical terminology.


After a brief introduction to the basics of design and the respective software being used, construction is explained step by step using simple and practical examples. The level of difficulty  slowly rises with each project, so that an uncomplicated learning process is given. The design software used in this concept is the free version of "DesignSpark Mechanical". Numerous illustrations (approx. 100 colored figures) supplement the explanations in the book and thus provide a clear and simple introduction to the subject of design. Using 7 practical examples, the entire process from the first line of a 2D sketch to the finished 3D object is described in detail.


This book is generally intended for all technically interested people and private users. No matter whether only for information purposes about CAD software and its usage or for real application and realization of your projects and ideas. All procedures are explained in a descriptive and comprehensible way. And all that within a compact format (approx. 80 pages), because who has a lot of time nowadays? Start now!

Дата выпуска16 дек. 2021 г.
CAD 101
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M.Eng. Johannes Wild

Johannes Wild is an engineer (B.Sc. & M.Eng.) and is interested in all kinds of modern technology, especially 3D printing. In addition to his daily job as a medical engineer, he writes books and learning materials on many different topics with great passion and dedication, in order to give other people access to modern technology in a compact, understandable and vivid way.

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    CAD 101 - M.Eng. Johannes Wild


    Thank you so much for choosing this book!

    You will learn how to use CAD Design software in this book. Guided step by step by the expertise of a german mechanical engineer. Learn everything you need to know about creating 3D objects and how to realize your own ideas and projects, in an easy and comprehensible way! The motivation to write this book was to teach you all important and basic processes of CAD, in a simple (explained with practical examples) and straightforward way. For this purpose, we use a semi-professional CAD software in this course, which you can download for FREE!

    Download it here:


    This course is especially for beginners and will teach you how to use CAD software and make your own designs. In addition to theoretical explanations on the use of the software and a simple approach to CAD design, you will learn by means of practical and exciting design projects! In this course you will learn everything you need to know to create three-dimensional components!

    Since it is even more fun to be able to materialize your own designs, you can also find beginner´s materials and information about how to learn 3D printing in the corresponding book: 3D printing 101: The Ultimate Beginners Guide. Search for it at amazon.com.

    Table of Contents

    Legal Information


    Table of Contents

    1 How to use this Book

    2 General Design Principles

    3 The interface and the elements of:  DesignSpark

    4 Creating the first 2D sketches

    5 Creating a three-dimensional object from a 2D sketch

    6 Design Project # I: Hook

    6.1 Designing a hook

    6.2 Design project theory : Constraints

    7 Design Project # II: Snap Hook

    7.1 Designing a snap hook

    7.2 Design project theory: „Modify"

    8 Design project # III: Mounting Component

    9 Desgin project # IV: Smartphone Stand

    10 Design Project # V: Bowl

    11 Design Project # VI: Cup

    12 Design Project # VII: Square nut (Thread)

    13 Closing Words

    1 How to use this Book

    Hello and welcome to CAD Design 101!

    Thank you very much for choosing this course!

    In this course you will find an introduction to the basics and the operation of CAD design, as well as specific and practical design examples to make the learning process as easy and efficient as possible. As you may already know, the abbreviation CAD stands for Computer Aided Design. CAD software is used to create or edit three-dimensional objects. Starting with simple individual parts, through complex parts, up to entire modules that can be virtually assembled.

    In this beginner´s course you will learn how the interface of a CAD program is structured and how to make the best use of the individual features to create three-dimensional objects. You will be able to recreate each design project step-by-step and one-by-one, thus gaining an easy introduction to the subject and becoming more familiar with all of the functions of a CAD program in the progress.

    If you are also interested in 3D printing, you can even materialize the objects afterwards by simply printing them. If you are interested, please enroll in my course: 3D Printing 101 | The ultimate beginner´s guide.

    The CAD program used in this course is DesignSpark Mechanical by RS Components. This program offers a clear and simple user interface and is available for free! The structure of the design features is very similar to the professional and very expensive CAD programs that an engineer or technician uses in his

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