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Forgotten Quest (Bonus Stories): LitRPG Fantasy
Forgotten Quest (Bonus Stories): LitRPG Fantasy
Forgotten Quest (Bonus Stories): LitRPG Fantasy
Электронная книга90 страниц1 час

Forgotten Quest (Bonus Stories): LitRPG Fantasy

Автор Max Rik

Рейтинг: 5 из 5 звезд



Об этой электронной книге

Immersion virtual reality doesn’t just exist, it thrives! Enter the world, filled with dragons, wizards and secrets. Game will exceed all expectations of fans.
You play your favorite online game, beware.
Playing in the forgotten chains of quest, our Hero opens access to characters and weapons that are no longer in the modern game. But is he ready for what awaits him?
Are you strong enough to step in the virtual world?
ИздательMagic Dome Books
Дата выпуска9 июн. 2022 г.
Forgotten Quest (Bonus Stories): LitRPG Fantasy
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Рейтинг: 5 из 5 звезд

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    Forgotten Quest (Bonus Stories) - Max Rik

    The Best Quest

    A tale from the new Forgotten Quest: LitRPG Fantasy

    DUST HAS ONE indisputable advantage — it's impossible to get dirty. That was the thought that came to Jack's mind as he was walking across the Blighted Wasteland. The same idea applied to what was left of civilization after the Gendemic and the subsequent series of disasters. This little stub of a world was already impossible to stain. It was unlikely that someone could come up with something, which could make the world even smaller and even worse. Well, maybe there was. They could still disconnect Alterra. But that would just be beyond evil.

    Alterra is the online game launched by the alpha-citizens of New Atrium and the last little island of civilization known to Jack. The alphas were so kind, in fact, that they even allowed the ghetto inhabitants to play — the ones who huddled around the protective Barrier of New Atrium. So that omegas, like Jack, got the idea that the world just might be bigger and cleaner than the piss-poor reality. Actually, as far as Jack was concerned, his own world was a bit bigger than that of most omegas.

    Jack was a Walker. He wandered the Wasteland and searched the debris for something useful, anything that could be sold or used. He found mostly dust. But then, there was a lot of it. Wherever he looked — only dust. That, and the rubble of a red-brick house. It was a two-hour walk from here to the ghetto borders. Pretty close, and these ruins had been searched probably a thousand times. They called this place Simon's House. Why? Jack didn’t know. When he was still just starting to get out into the Wasteland, the ruins already went by this name.

    Jack made for Simon’s House and with every step, little clouds the ever-present dust puffed up from under his boots. Nothing here but dust... Though, what was that? Between the piles of bricks, sprinkled thickly with the same dust as everything else, something white peeked out. Jack involuntarily clenched the stick that he always kept with him while wandering the Wasteland – on the doorstep of Simon’s House, white human bones were stacked in a neat pyramid. A skull topped the pile. In many Alterran dungeons, these types of little bone pyramids come back to life and turn into walking skeletons, guardians of the caves. Ugh! But this wasn't the game; it was reality... Here, bones don't come alive. They just placidly lay where the wild dogs had dragged them. This was just one of the Walkers, who decided to play a prank.

    Well, the prank worked because everyone was familiar with Alterra. For some it was just for fun, but for many, Alterra was their only source of income. In-game gold could easily be converted into real money. Jack belonged to the minority and earned his money in real life. Alterra should remain a wonderland. He shook his head and walked past Simon’s House. Today's haul was smallish, but it would be enough for a few days so he would not have to worry about food and could play at his leisure. Even a beer in the Rusty Rose would do. This seemed like a reasonable idea to Jack, so he adjusted the straps of his backpack and strode off to New Atrium. Go home, wash off the dirt, and then off to Alterra to drink a beer. That was the life.

    It was a two-hour walk along the grey plains, then another hour and a half through the ghetto, where there was considerably less dust due to the wet winds from the sea. From here, the high wall of the Barrier was easily visible, New Atrium hidden behind it. They said that, once, the island had been called Manhattan... Once, very long ago, before the Gendemic, before the old world fell into the belly of hell. It was unclear what life is like in New Atrium. But most importantly, somewhere there, the alphas, residents of New Atrium, maintained Alterra. They kept the game on the servers, eliminated bugs, and once a year announced the Battle — the big quest, the prize for which was alpha-citizenship. And what omega, inhabiting the slums surrounding the Barrier, didn't dream about this? To leave behind the dirty trailers, the piles of rusty junk, the ruins of the old city — and enjoy all the amenities of civilization. A real beer, for example, and not the swill that they made in some places in the ghetto. The kind of beer that tasted like the beer they poured in Alterra.

    Virtual beer tasted good and gave a small buff, but a temporary improvement in performance or taste weren’t important. Jack went to the Rusty Rose to relax, distract himself, and overhear the news. At the next table, a group of players was loudly discussing their finished quests, recent in-game events, and occasionally, the goings-on in the real world. Jack went to the bar, where a burly barkeeper-NPC was pouring beer, took a mug, and settled into his favorite spot under the shadow of the wall. Where his back was covered and he could see who entered. Svetlograd – that's what they called the city – was a PvE zone, but habits are hard to break. Jack preferred these kinds of spots in reality, too.

    He had arrived at the tavern a bit early — the crowd usually started to gather in late afternoon. At the moment, there were no more than ten people in the tavern and the musicians had only just started playing. Nighttime here would be lively, with songs and the drunken hubbub, but for now, everything was quiet. Just the thing after a difficult day. He sipped his beer, listening the outcome of the latest skirmish between the Kingdom of Maxitor and the necromancers of Nightmare, and simply enjoyed the peace and quiet.

    A new group entered the tavern hall — three players, a Cleric and two Merchants. They were all regulars of the Rusty Rose and Jack knew them by sight, had even crossed paths with one of them in real life. The trio looked around the empty hall. The

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