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Martians and Madness
Martians and Madness
Martians and Madness
Электронная книга1 168 страниц19 часов

Martians and Madness

Автор Fredric Brown

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Martians and Madness contains the complete science fiction and fantasy novels of Fredric Brown as well as, "Gateway to Darkness," and "Gateway to Glory" which were rewritten to be parts of Rogue in Space. It is a companion volume to From These Ashes, the complete short SF of Fredric Brown.

Table of Contents
Introduction by William Tenn
What Mad Universe
Martians Go Home
Rogue in Space
The Lights in the Sky Are Stars
The Mind Thing
"Gateway to Darkness"
"Gateway to Glory"

ИздательNESFA Press
Дата выпуска23 мая 2022 г.
Martians and Madness
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