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Rhymes of a Rolling Stone
Rhymes of a Rolling Stone
Rhymes of a Rolling Stone
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Rhymes of a Rolling Stone

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You will love this collection of poems about the wildlife and pastoral imagery of Canada. These poems paint an accurate and stunning portrayal of the gold rush days. Excerpt: I sing no idle songs of dalliance days, No dreams Elysian inspire my rhyming; I have no Celia to enchant my lays…
Дата выпуска20 июл. 2022 г.
Rhymes of a Rolling Stone
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Robert W. Service

Robert W. Service (1874-1958) was born in Preston, Lancashire, England, and came to Canada in 1895, eventually ending up in Yukon Territory in 1904, five years after the Klondike Gold Rush. His many books include the poetry collection The Songs of a Sourdough, the novel The Trail of '98, and the autobiography Ploughman of the Moon. Service later moved to France, where he died.

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