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The Broken Immortals- A Dark Fantasy Collection (Books 1-3)
The Broken Immortals- A Dark Fantasy Collection (Books 1-3)
The Broken Immortals- A Dark Fantasy Collection (Books 1-3)
Электронная книга669 страниц9 часов

The Broken Immortals- A Dark Fantasy Collection (Books 1-3)

Автор Jessica White

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Secrets. War. A world of curses, witches, shifters, vampires, and a Viking-like tribe that’ll keep you entranced until the stunning conclusion. Welcome to The Broken Immortals.
With war on the horizon, this cast of characters must unravel the mysteries that bind them all together before the world spirals out of control. Filled with dark secrets, betrayal, star-crossed lovers, and magic, this series will grip your soul and refuse to let go.

Discover family betrayal, stolen magic, twisted plots of revenge, and an enemy gaining power as those who would defeat them squabble amongst themselves.

Five kingdoms hang in the balance. Will their people bring themselves together before the ultimate evil destroys everything?

The Broken Immortals is a gripping, edge-of-your-seat series with so many secrets that you’ll find yourself guessing what happens until the end.

Contains The Darke King, Queen of Ruin, and Cursed.

ИздательJessica White
Дата выпуска1 февр. 2023 г.
The Broken Immortals- A Dark Fantasy Collection (Books 1-3)
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Jessica White

Jessica lives by the lake in the Blue Ridge Mountains that she so often writes about.Prior to writing romantic fantasy, Jessica earned a graduate degree in Business Administration after spending most of her adult life as a Registered Nurse.She is a lover of all things metaphysical, the beach, buttercream icing, and Harry Potter (I'm still very upset I haven't received my letter).If you want to know when Jessica's next book will come out, please visit her website at https://www.authorjwhite.fans where you can sign up to receive an email when she has her next release.You can find all my works here... https://linktr.ee/authorjwhiteIf you're in the Wheeling, WV area on August 6th, 2022, be sure to come visit me at the historic haunted WV penitentiary for the spooky book signing event Locked Up In WV.

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    The Broken Immortals- A Dark Fantasy Collection (Books 1-3) - Jessica White

    The Broken Immortals

    Books 1-3

    Jessica White

    The Broken Immortals: Books 1-3 Copyright © 2023 by Jessica White

    The Darke King Copyright © 2020 by Jessica White

    Cursed Copyright © 2020 by Jessica White

    Queen of Ruin Copyright © 2020 by Jessica White

    All rights reserved.

    No portion of this book may be reproduced in any form without written permission from the publisher or author, except as permitted by U.S. copyright law.



    Content Warning

    The Darke King

    1. Daniel's Downfall

    2. The Realm

    3. The Brothers

    4. The Raven

    5. The Immortal

    6. Rosemary

    7. The Race

    8. Special

    9. One of Us

    10. A King Returned

    11. The Truth

    12. Arrows

    13. Awakenings

    14. The Rescue

    15. Dinner Conversation

    16. Army So Large

    17. The Waterfall

    18. The Wedding

    19. The Honeymoon

    20. Sigrid

    21. The Darke Kingdom

    22. My Queen

    23. Worthy

    24. The Companion

    25. An Opportunity

    26. Fun

    27. A Monster

    28. The Purpose

    29. Fever

    30. White Lighters

    31. Company

    32. The Stranger

    33. Never About Him

    34. Burn

    35. Damien


    36. It’s You

    37. The Farmer

    38. Fair

    39. The Wolf

    40. The Lie Detector

    41. The Porch

    42. The Prophecy

    43. When Ben Calls

    44. Done

    45. The Cottage

    46. The Promise

    47. The Wedding

    48. The Nightmare

    49. Soul Won’t Rest

    50. Eliza Mae

    51. A Year

    52. The Curse

    53. Happy to be Back

    54. The Bodyguard

    55. Dream Girl

    56. The Roof

    57. Watch Me

    58. The Breakup

    59. The Date

    60. A Curse

    61. Mr. Rabbit

    62. Nothing

    63. A Heartbeat

    64. Next Time

    65. Man in Black

    66. The Gift

    67. The Only One

    68. The Photo Booth

    69. Fancy Tricks

    70. The Family

    71. Thirty Minutes

    72. Coming Home

    73. The Realm

    74. The Darke King

    75. City By The Sea

    76. The Drawing

    Queen of Ruin

    77. Showtime

    78. Our Song

    79. The First Taste

    80. Pink Diary

    81. The Game

    82. The Itch

    83. The Binding

    84. The Hospital

    85. The Safe House

    86. The Vision

    87. The Invitation

    88. Minister Blake

    89. Hello, Rohi

    90. The Garden

    91. Leather Book

    92. White Lighter

    93. Trixy

    94. The Restaurant

    95. Wedding Night

    96. Sorceress Reborn

    97. Husband and Wife

    98. A Depravity

    99. Greece

    100. The Whisper

    101. Queen of Ruin

    102. Beautiful Monster

    103. Queen of Denial

    104. Going Home

    105. Grounded

    106. The Alamo

    107. Scheming Witches

    108. How it Feels

    109. Haldir

    110. Second Best

    111. Savannah

    112. Memories

    113. The Imposter

    114. Have Her

    115. Stella

    116. Hexom

    117. Two More

    118. One Last Chance

    119. Wherever You Go

    This collection of stories is dedicated to all the people who never stop dreaming of a magical world. We'll all get there someday!

    I'll meet you in the Realm…

    Content Warning

    The Broken Immortals series is a very, very dark story.

    This series is a work of fiction based on the lives of magical individuals that are in no way human and should not be judged by human norms. They are an entirely different species, animals, from another world with their own communities, morals, values, and traditions.

    If you have any sensitivities about cursing, partner violence, stalking, gender roles, sexual taboos, patriarchal ideals, or any other type of trigger, this story is probably not for you.

    But if you can handle all that-enjoy! I’m thrilled you are on this adventure with me.



    Daniel's Downfall

    The tingle in his sweaty palms should have been a warning to the young Commander as he passed through the throne room threshold. But when the Emperor calls for you, there is no refusing his command. Did you believe there was any secret I wouldn’t know about, Daniel?

    While he stood before his Master, Daniel’s black hair fell over his eyes as he closed them and tried to silence his mind. But there was little use. The sneer curling on the decrepit old sorcerer’s face revealed he had learned of Daniel’s treachery. I can gaze through your mind, young witch.

    With his rotting, wrinkled fingers bending to summon him, the old man motioned for his guards to bring the prisoner forward. The falling sensation in his hands and feet warned Daniel his mother had entered the room, and he lifted his eyes to find her hands bound as she kneeled before the ancient one.

    From beneath the shadow of his gray hood, the tyrant glared at his protégé. What shall I do with a traitorous witch? The old wizard raised his brow as a smile crossed his evil lips, and his finger tapped at his forehead. I know.

    A glint of the knife he took from his belt sent a shiver of icy pain through Daniel’s chest. The old monster snatched the wide-eyed woman by her hair and sliced through her neck without hesitation.

    Her delicate white dress was soon drenched in crimson as blood poured down over her body and the spark of life left her dark eyes. The entire world collapsed on Daniel’s shoulders and crushed the once cruel man into nothing.

    Her lifeless body slammed to the cold floor, and her life force splashed across the room and sprayed over the young man’s face.

    The wicked giggle wiggled its way into the cloud of Daniel’s devastation, and his eyes rose to meet the old man’s. Did you actually believe I wouldn’t find her? Stupid, arrogant fool. Well, you were wrong, and now you will suffer for your egoism. Young one, you will bow to me and declare your undying allegiance, or you will endure the same fate as this garbage at my feet.

    I’ll fucking destroy you. Shiny black boots beat against the slick marble floor until the Emperor raised his hand and froze Daniel in place with his invisible grip.

    The halted clicks and chokes of amusement gurgled in the villain’s nose. With a flick of his wrist, he flung Daniel to the other side of the room and sprung down from his throne. Pushing his cloak off his shoulders as he rushed to his apprentice, the sovereign held out his hand and stole the breath from Daniel’s lungs.

    Without even enough air to curse his murderer, Daniel clenched his teeth and stared him in the eyes until he crashed to the floor, with the laughs of his Master echoing around the sterile room.

    The ageless monster circled him and clasped his hands behind his back as he laid out his plan. Now, I will reign down an era of torture upon you like this world has never seen before. By the time I am through, nothing will remain. You will disappear, and no one will remember you ever existed. You were nothing when you came to me, and you will leave me as nothing.

    Trembling hands pushed against the cold floor as Daniel came to stand in defiance of the Emperor’s desire to listen to him grovel. You can kill me. I don’t care anymore, but I won’t die on my knees.

    The thin, wrinkly cheek under his eyes lifted as a smirk came to the old man’s lips while he imagined all the pain he would inflict on the boy. As you wish.

    While the leader supreme decided on his next move, a whiff of something beautiful swept across Daniel’s face, and his heart raced with a shot of life. A glowing form stepped from behind the monster and glided toward the doomed witch.

    Scarlet hair fell over her shoulder, and her icy blue eyes pierced through her brilliantly illuminated aura. Pausing as she came to Daniel’s side, the light drifted away, revealing her angelic face. With her fingers wove together in front of her chest, she pleaded with him to come to her. Please save us, Daniel.

    Slightly protruding ears thumped with the pulsing blood through his veins as he reached out for her, only to slip through the illusion. When the last faint notes of her sweet voice left his mind, goosebumps rose on his arms, and his eyes snapped up to the wicked one. I’m coming, my love.

    With a new purpose filling the young man’s heart, Daniel felt a spark of ancient magic rising within him.

    As the side of his mouth curled and his hair lifted from his shoulders, he looked over at the old witch before him. Out of the palms of his hands, a blue glow rushed over his body, inch by inch.

    The hundred wicked whispers in his ears took control, and his arm flinched from his side and drifted upwards. The Emperor tried to break through the inferno encompassing Daniel’s body. Still, not even the old warlock could stop the unworldly ancient creatures favoring the younger man at that moment.

    When his finger came to his lips, a blackness crossed Daniel’s eyes as he wagged his head, and the evil command fell from his tongue. Shh.

    The fiery spirits flowed from Daniel’s mouth and engulfed the old wizard in their scalding embrace. He stood over the burning flesh and bone pile until it smoldered down to ashes and spat on the sad remains as his pointy teeth peeked through his smile. I’m the Master of the Flames, and I don’t bow to any fucking body.

    When he shook off the beast inside him, he turned to look at his mother and blinked around at his destruction. The dream-like recollection of the past few moments passed before his eyes, and he raised his palms to his face as the long-forgotten feeling of amusement huffed from his belly. What the fuck is happening to me?

    Though she was the only person who ever gave him a second thought, he couldn’t shed a tear for the woman who gave birth to him. The rarely used emotion of guilt gnawed at his throat and made him swallow down the regret of every wrong he’d ever done.

    He crouched down, slid his hands beneath her body, and tugged her into his chest with a grit of his teeth. Not a soul dared question the man as the awestruck soldiers parted, and he carried his mother out the fortress gates.

    He entered the dead forest and dodged the brittle thorny branches slapping and ripping at him. When the old remnants of life thinned into a clearing, he laid his mother on the rocky ground and kneeled beside her.

    His fingers grazed her icy hand, and he swallowed down all his regret. You were a wonderful mother. I wish I had been a better son. His hand closed around hers, and he pressed his lips to her palm before placing it across her chest. Goodbye, Mother.

    When the prickly tickle rose from his skin and the tiny bumps spread through his body, Daniel brought his palms before his eyes. The blue flame ignited as the soft crunches of feet against the lifeless forest floor came to his ears.

    With a shudder through his whole body, he glanced to his right to see the vision’s fingers drag through the charred bushes on her way to him.

    The once black stems sprouted new buds, and the ugly darkness that once covered them was lush with green life again.

    Like lightning flashing in the midnight sky, her light rushed his nerves when her fingertips grazed his arm, and the blackness retook his eyes. The hushed voices in his mind gave their directives, and as Daniel looked over his mother, he put his finger to his mouth. Shh.

    A brilliant flash of light swept across the woods. When it cleared, the only thing remaining was the man dressed in black and the reignited army of demons dwelling inside him.


    The Realm

    On his hands and knees, high-pitched wheezes squeezed from Daniel’s body, and the tiny muscles between his ribs clenched his chest while his dirty lungs worked to catch his breath again.

    When the whispers receded into his throat, the crunchy snaps of the dried grass breaking caught his attention, and he found tiny, bare feet in the corner of his eye. Every step she took left a trail of fresh green grass and cooled the Firestarter’s spirit.

    His eyes rose to meet the red-haired woman, and she bent her fingers as her head tilted away. Come home. We’re waiting for you. The sweet, soft fragrance she left behind in her wake made him close his eyes and rub the space over his heart where it lived now.

    The little smoldering pebbles were all that remained on the forest floor, and they dug into his palms as he lifted himself from the ground. Like a puppet on a string, his wobbly legs stumbled after her. Wait. I know you. Don’t I?

    Everything she touched as she passed through the sad woods sprung back to life until it gradually faded into a lush and vibrant forest.

    The only world Daniel ever knew was extinct, and when the colors of the wild things came to his eyes, they burned them with their intensity. Wiping his watery eyes with his sleeve, he almost lost track of the specter as she gave birth to everything beautiful with her healing hands.

    Little chirps and buzzes of the long-ago birds and insects crawling around in the trees vibrated his ears, and the soft grass bent beneath his feet. Is this real?

    The clean air that now fed his body sent a sharp bolt of electricity through his chest that followed the blood pumping into his veins until every cell pulsed with energy. You’re doing this, aren’t you?

    The smog-filled sky hadn’t allowed the sun to grace the Earth for at least a century, and the golden light now touched his pale face for the first time in his life, making his entire body shiver. A tickle started in his nostrils, and a sneeze shot from his nose, so powerful it took his vision for a moment.

    Dark brown eyes closed to the warmth of the bright orb above, and goosebumps sprung up all over. His messy hair blew in the fresh breeze swirling around him and tickled his ears.

    What’s your name? When he opened his eyes, the scorched remains of the woods surrounded him again, and he shook his head while he turned and searched for her. No. No, don’t leave me behind. Please.

    As he brought his hands to his face, his heart raced that he could still smell the relics of the clean world on his skin. The vibration in his ears gradually gave way to the whispers again, and when the blackness overcame him, he called out the words they murmured to him. Gabh liom ó thuaidh.

    The language not spoken in centuries spilled off his tongue, and a glowing portal appeared before Daniel. Like water in a pool dancing in the air as it bent the light, it warped the space around it and moved. The gateway rippled, and Daniel’s whole body hummed as it stretched out to him.

    A tingle in his fingertips drew his hand closer to the glowing threshold while it wiggled its way toward him. When the forces collided, it swallowed Daniel whole, and the opening instantly sealed shut behind him.

    The hateful voices that circled him in their hot arms were a whirlwind of whooshes and screams that crushed him and sucked his breath from his lungs until his own heartbeat and darkness were the only thing left.

    On the other side of space and time, the ancient gate guardians built up around him piece by piece as the entire world came back into order. His trembling knees gave way, and he reached out to the statue to ground him. The cold stone underneath his palm sent a shock through his nerves and a vision through his mind. I know this place.

    Black boots scuffed across the cobblestone path, and the mists of the waterfalls splashed across his face. He lifted his eyes to find the little homes built into the cliffs, and just over the hillside sat the blue sea. The warm setting sun peeked over the water, casting long shadows against the ground until it eventually disappeared over the horizon in a pink and orange spectacle.

    It was a dream he couldn’t place, and Daniel wiggled his fingers until one shot out to his right. This way. You’re this way. Every step he took felt right and more familiar until he came to the great hall.

    From the long stone staircase came a man in green and gold long robes with long black hair and a braided headpiece encircling his forehead. Welcome, my son. I am Nicholas, Lord of the North Woods. I’m glad you chose us.

    Daniel tipped his head to the ancient sorcerer. Thank you, sir, but where exactly am I? I, I believe I’ve been here before, but I can’t seem to remember.

    Blue eyes Daniel recognized from his visions darted around the lands as a warm smile came to the old man’s face. This is the Realm, child. You are home.

    The fresh scent of crisp Autumn air blew through the open windows while Daniel walked beside Nicholas, and his eyes examined the murals and statues lining the main building’s halls. Why did you bring me here? How did you know where to find me?

    While he motioned to the distant hall past the library with his hand, an amused smirk curled up on the old warlock’s mouth. I didn’t bring you here. Even the wisest among us cannot travel through time as you have. That you did all by yourself.

    A sinking sensation rose from his gut as he scanned each room and hall they came to. Where’s the woman? The one with red hair. The one who showed me the way here. I think she’s in trouble.

    Before a rounded wooden door, Nicholas stopped and sighed through his nose. She will be along in time. A skinny finger rose between them, and his pointy black brow arched. Now, while you’re here, you will train in the old ways. You will learn how to fight as we do. To live as we do. We are a community, Daniel. Everyone does their part, and you will serve in the city’s defenses to earn your keep, for now.

    In respect to the ancient man, Daniel lowered his head and dropped his eyes to the floor. I understand, and it would be my honor to learn from you.

    When Nicholas opened the door to his new home, Daniel ducked his head and stepped inside. An uncomfortable huff of a laugh sprang from his chest when he saw the bed with fluffy pillows in the corner near the balcony. Not that I’m not grateful, but what did I do to deserve this?

    The old wizard’s arms wove together across him, and he shrugged a shoulder. This is your fate, Daniel. Some things are meant to be. With a pat of his hand against Daniel’s back, Nicholas nodded to the door. Dinner is at sundown, which, by the way, is now. Clean yourself up, and come back to the hall where you entered. You will hear us.

    Nicholas pulled the door shut behind him, leaving his young ward rolling his eyes as he looked over the faded old murals lining his room. My fate. Right.

    The soft blanket pleased his fingertips when they slid across it, and he thought of the smooth curve of her cheek. An ache rushed through his skin that made him ball his fist. Where are you?


    The Brothers

    Red, brown, and orange leaves blew across the hall’s open windows, and Daniel’s rigid boots scraped the stone floor. All time was a blur to him now, but it was mid-Autumn from the looks of the trees and what he remembered from the books he read as a child.

    The world he was born into was void of most wildlife, and he’d only ever had manufactured food since the day his mother weaned him. When the aroma of roasted venison entered Daniel’s nose for the first time, his growling stomach called out to it, and he had to wipe the drool from the corner of his mouth.

    In the entryway, he reached up on his toes to peek through the crowd and found a hand waving him over. Next to Nicholas, Daniel slid onto a bench and tipped his head to the other men sitting with him. Allow me to introduce you to a few of my children. This is Agamori, Mage, and Uzzi.

    Nearly identical in their appearance, Uzzi and Agamori had thin, fair skin and long white hair. With dark hair that had a red glow to it in the torchlight, Mage favored his father. Yet they all had the icy blue eyes Daniel came through time to meet.

    The plate of food the servers set before him made Daniel’s eyes close. Never had he smelled anything so lovely, and his throat ached in anticipation. Against the lip of his plate, his fingers wiggled as he ducked his chin around the server’s arms to face the brothers. My name is Daniel Darke.

    At just a shade over a thousand years old, the eternally handsome Agamori raised his arrogant white eyebrow at Daniel. You must be a witch of considerable skill to travel on your own as you have.

    Daniel licked the taste of the strange, sweet liquid off his lip and shook his head as he set down the cup. I haven’t a clue how that happened. I was just doing as the woman told me. While his eyes slid to Nicholas, he fumbled with the stem of his glass. You see, she asked me to come here.

    A tight-lipped grin spread across Agamori’s typically smug face, and the evening breeze caught his white hair. As it lifted from his back, it blew the subtle scent of the red-haired woman across Daniel’s face. The burn of envy sat in the middle of his chest, and he rubbed it away as his eyes snapped up to the pale wizard. You understand who I’m talking about. Don’t you?

    Before his eyes fell to the table in front of him, Agamori glanced at his father and nodded. Indeed. I know her very well. The intricately carved glass stem disappeared in his fist, and he lifted it to his mouth. Traveling is a rare gift, especially when you’ve no one to teach you how. I am quite eager to see what other skills you have yet unknown, Daniel.

    While the night carried on and the men’s tongues grew looser, the wine worked its spell on Daniel, and he managed to smile when Nicholas told stories of the old times.

    Now and then, when he caught her on the wind again, the newcomer glanced over his shoulder, searching for her.

    Watching Daniel frantically seek his daughter, Nicholas laid his hand on his arm and shook his head. Not yet. But soon.

    Though Daniel’s heart sank, he dipped his chin in understanding and returned to his food.

    While walking back to his room that night, he slid his fingers along the murals, and flashes of ancient disjointed memories came into his mind. Every second he spent in this upside-down world he found, Daniel’s powers and recollections grew.

    The night wind across the library brought the voices in his head again, leading him to a mural. With his arms crossed over him, he took in every curve of the artist’s brush strokes and cracked ancient paint scraps.

    In the scene, a dark-haired man with eyes as dark as the depths of space struck down an enormous giant of a winged beast. In his drunken state, Daniel sneered at the monster, and an icy chill went down his back. Fuck you, you ugly bastard. With his finger pointing at the nightmare, Daniel’s swaying head turned slightly, and he narrowed his eyes. We’ve met before. Haven’t we?

    That is the Great Evil. Startled, Daniel gasped back a breath as Nicholas appeared beside him and laid his hand over the most unclean spirit to shield the world from such wickedness. The destroyer of all good things that grow wild here. Nearly a thousand years ago, that creature tore our entire world apart and killed over half the population. It took all the power we could muster to contain it.

    When he glanced over his shoulder at Nicholas, Daniel examined the old warlock’s face. Contain? Why didn’t you kill it?

    With his hands now clasped behind his back, Nicholas bent his neck to shrug. Nothing ever really dies, Daniel. Even when your body ceases to breathe, you will go on, as does The Evil. Little by little, a light grew brighter in Nicholas’ head, and his eyes flickered to the young man. His soul lingers on the wind and in the hearts of wicked men. The time will come when he can poke a hole into this world and begin his reign of terror again. So familiar this earthborn seemed to the old wizard, and he squinted his eyes that he might find one clue why. We must be ready when the time comes.

    As he took in every wretched detail of the creature, a nod started on Daniel’s chin. We will be this time.

    A long ago spirit who had always teetered on the line between good and bad reborn into this new vessel perhaps, Nicholas dared to hope with a curl of the side of his mouth. I have no doubt. I’ve seen the things you’ve done, Daniel.

    Though he had no shame in what he did to go on existing, Daniel sighed and rolled his eyes to Nicholas, expecting the worst. Yet only an understanding smile awaited him. We need men like you who aren’t afraid of doing what needs to be done to win. No matter the cost. The fate of everyone depends on your ability to be ruthless. This is your gift to us. Don’t be troubled because I am not.

    When he smirked at himself as he tried to maintain his balance, Daniel wagged his finger back at Nicholas. Another master told me the same thing once.

    The kind old man’s lips twisted, and he shook his head. But this time, no one’s demanding you do so for glory or power. Only to protect the people of this world. For the survival of our kind.

    His arms unfolded, and he upturned his palms while his eyes surveyed the room. And here, Daniel, you are your own master. You are free to come and go as it pleases you. Your conscience is the only thing binding you to me or anyone else. There are no chains to tie you down.

    The young witch’s face jutted forward and tilted as he challenged his new benefactor’s words. You know why I’m here, my lord. She is what binds me. My soul will not rest until I see her in the flesh.

    Smiling at Daniel, Nicholas nodded and turned away. Yes, but there’s much to do before she returns. Get some rest, my son. Your training starts in the morning.

    Daniel wandered back to his room and touched the doors with his fingertips as he passed by until he reached one that made his spine buzz, and he knew who belonged there. The door opened under his palm, and the gentle smell of wildflowers from his memory bathed him as he crossed the threshold.

    When he finally stumbled to the bed, he collapsed onto his belly and rubbed his fingers over the blanket with her scent woven through it. Where are you? Please come home.

    He buried his face into the pillow she once rested her head upon, and his chest filled with an ache he’d not felt since he was a lonely child begging for his family’s attention. A broken heart called out for her, and he’d never be whole until she was by his side.

    Whatever their connection was lit a fire inside Daniel, and his entire body was consumed by the burning desire to be in her presence.

    The soft bed invited him to stay as his heavy eyelids bobbed up and down. But his hands pushed against the mattress and his throat burned with a hint of sadness as he left the only comfort he’d ever known.

    Before closing the door behind him, Daniel peeked back at her bed and laid his hand over his heart. Everything I do is for you. Whoever you are, you are my queen.


    The Raven

    In Agamori’s hand, he grasped the leather and wood sheath housing the gift his father had made for his newest guardsman. This is a bastard sword. It’s long enough to keep your enemy at a distance and short enough to be worked easily in battle. This blade is to be your shadow now. Part of you, like your arm or your leg.

    Presenting the newly forged steel to Daniel, Agamori unsheathed the sword and showed him the enchantment inscribed on the broadside. This is Elven steel, and you’ll find no stronger metal, I assure you. It is blessed with the spell of glory, and you will conquer all that stands against you through that. Father does not give a gift like this haphazardly, Daniel. This is a rare offering, and I hope you appreciate what that means.

    Mesmerized by its beauty, Daniel only nodded until he blinked out of its hold on him. I do.

    Over the last few months, Nicholas took Daniel under his wing and treated him as one of his own. For the first time in his life, Daniel sensed he was part of something special and that he was loved.

    As he wrapped his fingers around the hilt, a surge rushed through his veins, and Daniel shuddered as his hand found a new purpose.

    Never had he used a sword before, but this one felt right in his hand as he swung it around in a figure-eight motion before him and around his head. When he balanced the weapon in the palm of his hand, Daniel nodded while he studied every curve and line of the only gift he had ever received from anyone. I like the way it feels.

    The usually unshakeable Agamori smiled at him, impressed with how he already handled his blade. Though the young man didn’t yet know much about sword fighting, he was about to have a crash course in sparring from the battle seasoned warlock.

    Circling each other in the clearing in the woods outside the city, Agamori grinned his tight-lipped, superior smile before lunging forward with an overhand strike. With the grace of a world-class ballet dancer performing their most perfect move, Daniel instinctively blocked and spun away.

    Preparing to deliver his next strike, Agamori pushed out his lips and nodded. Well done. That’s a good start, but let’s find out what else you have in you. After a step backward, Agamori spun around and lunged his sword toward Daniel’s chest.

    Daniel deflected the blade with the new extension of his arm as the sword tangled with Agamori’s, and they stood face to face. A devious grin curled on Daniel’s face, and he quickly landed a sidekick to the ancient wizard’s gut.

    The old man stumbled backward and tried to regain footing as he wagged his finger at the young man. You tricky, tricky witch. If that’s how you want to play, I won’t go easy on you anymore.

    Moving and spinning and striking their way through the meadow surrounded by the grass and trees of the world beyond the gates’ safety, Daniel and Agamori sparred under the warm Autumn sun. As the fading light flashed against their blades, beams of blinding colors pinged across the surrounding land.

    When they finally had their fill of the thrill of fighting, the men slumped down breathless by the creekside and recovered. As he glanced at Agamori whittling a stick with his knife, Daniel licked his lips and tried once more. The woman from my vision. Who is she?

    Smiling to himself because he didn’t figure it would be long before Daniel asked again, Agamori supposed he’d suffered enough. She’s my sister. The youngest of all father’s children.

    Finally having the answer he sought, Daniel wiped the anxiety from his mouth with his hand. From how everyone avoided answering questions about her all this time, he feared he had already missed his chance to help her. What’s her name?

    A tuft of white hair sprang up from his face, and Agamori blew it away as he dropped his bit of wood to the ground and faced Daniel.

    Even though she may be a grown woman now with her own ideas about life, she was still his little sister, and he didn’t like a man being interested in her at all. Rosemary. A bony, pale finger pointed at Daniel’s chest as Agamori narrowed his eyes. Lady Rosemary to you.

    The wind blew through his hair, and the flowers in the meadow brought back the memory of her bedding that night he found her room. Whispering the loveliest word he had ever heard, Daniel rubbed at the ache in his heart. Rosemary. Blinking back at his new brother, Daniel pulled a piece of tall grass from its root. Where is she?

    Sensing the icy shell surrounding Daniel beginning to melt, Agamori smirked a sympathetic grin. She’s studying healing on Earth. Time moves differently in the world you came from, but she’s been gone about a year now. Too long for my liking.

    Breathing deeply for the first time since he saw her sweet face, a shiver traveled down his nerves, making him rub his hands up and down his arms. What’s she like?

    While he tried to compress someone as wonderful as Rosemary into a few words, Agamori blinked away and shrugged his shoulders. Well, she’s beautiful in every way. She’s got the most charming way about her, and she’s always kind. Always smiling. The purest kind of soul.

    The breeze shifted the grass across the meadow in waves like the water Daniel stood by every night before going to sleep, and he smiled at its beauty. I knew she would be. He moved his hand to his chest to feel his heart racing, knowing he would no longer exist if it were not for her. She saved me. I wouldn’t be here if she hadn’t revealed herself to me.

    Huffing out through his nose at the young man’s admission, Agamori poked at the dirt with his dagger as Daniel stared at him. When I was ready to die. When I gave up and was going to let my master take me, she came to me. She asked me to save her. She’s why I stepped into that portal and came here.

    Pushing his white hair off his shoulder, the pale wizard nodded as a soft sigh left him. Did you tell father?

    Although he did his best not to question an elder like Nicholas or their gods’ plans for him, the nagging sensation that she was in trouble ate at Daniel. She was constantly on his mind. Yes, but he didn’t seem concerned. I mean, he can look into the future, right? If she were in danger, he would know.

    A smirk crossed Agamori’s face as he slid his knife through the soft wood. Just because he can see what will be from time to time doesn’t mean the power exists to change things or that he’s even supposed to. The Fates allow him this gift to be aware of the disturbances in our world, good or bad. They don’t want their choices altered because a balance of power must be maintained. If he were to go running to his children every time he sensed a shift, I’m sure he’d be exhausted in no time, and nothing would change. Some things are out of our hands, and we must trust that it is for the best.

    The sinking feeling started in Daniel’s chest as his fears about Rosemary overtook him. So, he will do nothing at all? Just let whatever is about to happen to her happen?

    Clicking his tongue at the implication his father didn’t care about his children’s welfare, Agamori rolled his eyes away. And do you know when and where this event will occur? Or even what the danger is?

    Kinder to this stranger than anyone, Nicholas was owed Daniel’s confidence. His head shook, and he sighed in frustration when he tossed the blade of grass he was fidgeting with into the breeze. No, of course not. I don’t mean to appear ungrateful. But I know I was meant to help her, and I don’t want to fail her or your family.

    After pushing himself up from the ground, Agamori held out his hand to Daniel. Rosemary is on her own path. Tomorrow or a hundred years from now, we can’t change what’s going to happen or not happen. All we can do is to be here for her when it does.

    His arms wove across his chest, and his nose wrinkled as Daniel shook his head defiantly. I don’t accept that, Agi.

    A narrow grin smiled back at him, and a cackle vibrated through Agamori’s nostrils when he pushed his hand into Daniel’s shoulder. I’m glad you found us, brother. An already angular chin came to a sharp point as his lips pulled together and whistled to summon the horses.

    When his brown stallion came to his side, Daniel grabbed the saddle horn and kicked his leg over the horse like he’d done so all his life. The more time he spent training the young warrior, Agamori realized Daniel was indeed something extraordinary, and Fate must indeed have something great in store for him.


    With only Rosemary on his mind, Daniel stayed sober no matter how much he drank at the evening gathering. The night was warm, but an icy hand kept itself on Daniel’s shoulders, and he understood deep in his soul that Rosemary was in danger wherever she was.

    A faint wailing swept through the hall, and a sickness rose in Daniel’s stomach as his whole body shivered. When the gentle flaps of raven’s wings beat against the air, still thick with tonight’s meal, it made one final caw before landing on Nicholas’ shoulder.

    Everyone noticed the tremor in his hand when Nicholas raised it, and the bird placed the scroll in his fingers. Slowly the paper roll uncurled, and the creature of highest reverence pulled a piece of meat from his plate and flew away again.

    Though only a tiny scrap of a note that Nicholas read, it seemed to take an eternity to process the words. Every second that went by made the pounding of Daniel’s heartbeat a little louder in his ears.

    A horrible expression of pain that only a man who truly loved a woman can make took over Nicholas’ face. When he closed his eyes, tears spilled down his cheeks until he sniffed them back and rose to his feet. Get some sleep, my sons. We make for the kingdom of Eliphas at first light.


    The Immortal

    The young red-haired woman brushed against Haldir in the pub that evening as she tried to make a path through the drunk and noisy crowd without being too much of a bother. I’m so very sorry. Please forgive my rudeness, sir.

    A handsome blonde man with a Norwegian accent and an impressively bushy beard peeked up from his conversation and glanced over his shoulder at the beautiful girl with an aura of purity and kindness. Definitely not an Earthborn witch, and she certainly didn’t belong in a place like this. Not a problem, child. Be careful walking home. There’s a bad moon tonight.

    Noticing the healer’s bag she carried, Haldir realized she must be there on business. Out of place, she seemed as her eyes darted around the room, and she rubbed her neck. I will. Thank you for your concern, sir. She dipped down with her knees in respect and offered him a nervous smile. Have a good evening.

    A smirk at the genuine properness only a Realmborn creature dished out smiled kindly at the foreigner. And you as well, young one. Hurry off now, before one of these ugly blokes tries to claim you for their own.

    The young, old man thought her familiar, maybe, and he kept his eyes on her just a few moments more until she passed through the doorway. The loud conversation around him interrupted his thoughts, and when he turned back toward the bar, he missed seeing the white-haired young man slink through the door after her.

    Tonight was a misty mess when the Immortal stepped out into the street and pulled his cloak tighter. The girl’s sweet face smiled at him in his memory, and a twinge of guilt gnawed at his heart. Shit. I hope you got home alright.

    Time stood still as the muffled screams and cries met the ugly vision playing out over and over before his eyes as soon as his fingers wrapped around the handle of the brothel door. Don’t go that way. Turn around.

    Running through London’s streets, Haldir peeked down every alleyway he passed, looking for any sign of her. The landmarks still clearly showed in his head, but he wasn’t native to England and wasn’t even sure if he was going in the right direction.

    Cries for help came from everywhere as they bounced around his mind, and he spun around in the road until he saw the broken gate and the horse tied to the post. I’m coming.

    The beating of his feet on the brick matched every beat of his heart until the only sound left was the gurgles and chokes coming from the alley’s darkness.

    The hilt of his knife disappeared in his fist as he made ready to face the white-haired man, and his brown boots slid silently over the dirty ground.

    A hiss blew through his teeth when he glimpsed red hair behind a pile of crates. The chain that held his cloak together popped, and he pulled it from his back as he stepped around the corner.

    Over his near-thousand years, he’d seen many women bare as the day they were born, but he felt dirty and sick as he blinked away and tried to cover her first.

    He tucked her into his covering and slid his hands beneath her to tug her close to his chest. Hold on, child. We’re going home.

    When the black fog spread out into the clean, bright air surrounding them, Haldir stepped through the mist and took a deep breath.

    As he rearranged her in his grasp, his jaw clenched just a little while he rushed through the manicured lawn before the castle. Though it had been a while since he stood between the snow-capped mountains of the Kingdom of Eliphas, he hoped his old friend’s healing skills were still sharp.

    Although his arms and legs were burning as he climbed the staircase, swollen eyes flickered open to him, and he gave her a quick smile. We’re back in the Realm, sweet girl. You’re going to be alright.

    The tall glass doors inched apart, and Haldir hurried through to carry her down the marble-floored hall. Eliphas? Where are you?

    Yelling out into the seemingly unending hallway, Haldir finally saw him poke out from behind a door and wave him over. Bring her now. Eliphas stepped aside as Haldir rushed into the room and gently laid her on the bed.

    Brushing the blood-soaked hair off her face, Haldir sniffed away the tears that fell from his nose onto the girl’s chest. Forgive me for not finding you sooner. I swear, I tried.

    Tiny glass bottles clanked against the bedside table as Eliphas pulled them from his bag. As his nun came to the room with a stack of bandages and clothing, he shook his head. Oh, Rosemary. How could someone do this to you?

    Bloody hands twisted clean on a towel before Haldir dabbed at the sweat on his neck. You know her?

    Eliphas pushed his long white beard over his shoulder and poured a vial of fluid into a bandage. She is Lady Rosemary of the North Woods. I’ll send a raven to her father when I’m finished.

    The Earthborn man backed away slowly to allow them room to work and crossed his arms over his chest. She’s going to be alright then?

    The old wizard’s shoulders dropped, and a sad sigh left his mouth as he peeled back the cloak. The man who did this?

    He was gone by the time I found her. Haldir’s teary eyes shot back to the bloody girl. I’m so sorry.

    The King of the South glanced behind him and gave the traveler a sympathetic smile. She’s alive because of you, young man. Do not burden yourself with guilt.


    The morning sun broke through the red, green, and blue glass beside Haldir, and he rubbed away the heat of it off his skin. When his eyes hesitantly opened, he found Rosemary watching him through her swollen black and purple eyes.

    Sliding his hand between his legs to grasp the chair and drag it with him as he crept closer to the bedside, Haldir gave her a quick smile. They call me Haldir. Do you remember me?

    Red, pouty lips pressed together as her eyes pinched shut again, and her shoulders jerked under her blanket. Little soft whimpers came from her nose, and Haldir covered her hand with his palm. Shh. You’re home now. All that’s behind you.

    He pressed his lips against her fingers and rested his cheek on her hand. I’m sorry it took me so long to find you, Rosemary. Please, forgive me.

    Little whispers left her throat, still tender and puffy from the finger marks around it. Thank you for coming for me. I was so scared.

    To face her, he lifted his head and rubbed her wet cheeks with his fingertips. We’ve sent for your father. He’s on his way.

    Clicks and wheezes came from her mouth as she tried to wet her lips, and her eyes fell to the water pitcher by her bed. Following her eyes, Haldir sat up and turned to the table beside them. Here, child, let me help you.

    Her elbow pressed into the bed, but she fell back to it, and her whole body shivered in pain. It’s alright. I have you. He slid his hand behind her back and lifted her as he sat at her bedside.

    Once she’d sucked back all the water, she collapsed into his chest. Clearer this time. Still, her voice was just as sweet and innocent as she sniffled and whimpered. Thank you. I won’t ever forget what you’ve done for me.

    After he fluffed the pillows under her head and straightened her blankets over her, Haldir sank back into his chair. I’ll be heading off to the Westlands to visit some friends in the morning. I hope you don’t mind if I hang around with you until then.

    A nod answered him as her heavy eyes knitted shut, and her hand found his. I’d like that.

    Waiting on the young noblewoman the entire day and night, Haldir tried to snuff out the blight on his conscience before he finally dozed off in the uncomfortable chair.

    Wandering through the dense dark forest in his dream, he came upon a mountain with a castle built into the side. Massive gargoyles glowered down at him as he went to the wooden doors and walked inside.

    Cute, snorty giggles called him across the foyer, and he found Rosemary seated on a wooden throne with a legion of men kneeling at her feet. From all around him, an unworldly male voice spoke to Haldir. If it weren’t for you, I would have nothing at all.

    When the next morning’s sun woke him again, Haldir looked over the frail, trampled girl before him. Well, Your Majesty, it seems I got something right for once.



    The horses’ hooves against the forest floor beat out a rhythm like a drummer going to battle as Nicholas and his sons closed in on the gentle king’s lands. The old warlock’s pointy finger reached into the air before him as he called out to the riders that followed. Just ahead through the clearing.

    Slapping against his chest, Daniel’s heart sped out of control, knowing he would finally lay his eyes on the woman he’d been dreaming of all this time.

    Every soft curve of her face haunted him, and he’d fallen more and more down into the abyss caused by her absence in the world. He came to think of them all like family, the only one he’d ever wanted to be part of, and it would never be complete until she was safe in their fold.

    As his hands buzzed, he clutched the reins of his horse, and his heart became one prolonged flutter the closer he came to the castle. He could feel Rosemary everywhere. All his body reached out for her. Seeing the tall stone fortress before them, Daniel heeled the horse and took the lead when his need to be near her overcame him.

    Finally making it to the castle’s steps, the men climbed down from their horses. Nicholas glanced back at his sons as he got to the top stair, and the doors opened before him. Go water the horses. I’ll not be long.

    Although they rode at full speed, it took weeks to reach Eliphas’ lands, and Daniel barely spoke to Nicholas the entire journey. The tips of his ears burned with the anger he buried deep inside him, and he shook his head as he turned back to his steed. With a slap on the back, Agamori nodded toward the stream. This way.

    While they walked side by side behind Mage and Uzzi, Agamori took a deep breath of the clean air and glanced at Daniel. There is nothing anyone could do to stop this. Least of all you.

    A scowl drew his face down, and his nose wrinkled in disgust as he ripped his gloves from his hands. I knew she was in trouble, Agi. I should have done something.

    Crouched down by the stream’s edge, Agamori cupped the water in his palms and splashed it over his face. She is home now, and nothing else matters anymore. Blaming yourself for something you couldn’t control does her no good. Leave it in the past where it belongs.

    While Nicholas walked down the long hall to the guest rooms with Eliphas, the wise old king explained her condition. She’s more or less healed but still having a great deal of pain. Nothing that her family and the comfort of her own bed can’t take care of. Stopping before her room, Eliphas sighed as his long white hair fell around his shoulders. Her mind, she’s quite fragile right now. She blames herself, and she’s racked with guilt for disappointing you.

    The back of Nicholas’ hand scraped his mouth, and he nodded his head before patting the gentle king on his shoulder. Thank you, old friend.

    When he walked across the threshold of her room, Nicholas found Rosemary staring out the window. The reflection of her father disappeared under her fingers to shield him from the truth of what happened to her, and he heard her sniffle as her entire body shivered. I’m sorry.

    His hands slid to her arms to turn her to face him, and he pulled her to his chest. Shh.

    With a gentle rock back and forth, Nicholas

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