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Mice Bites
Mice Bites
Mice Bites
Электронная книга14 страниц14 минут

Mice Bites

Автор KD Rouse

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The housekeeper of a spooky Victorian B & B watches her coworkers come and go without explanation. Is it because the owner is so difficult or is something darker happening at Colonel Cedrow's Bed and Breakfast? Many people dream of owning a bed and breakfast, but it can be murderous!

ИздательKD Rouse
Дата выпуска22 янв. 2023 г.
Mice Bites
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KD Rouse

I was born in Washington DC, and raised in Burke, Virginia, in a 200 year old house. It had a secret staircase, old gravestones leading to the front door, and 1000’s of books inside. There was always something wonderful to read.It was my love of reading that led me to attend St. John’s College, in Annapolis, MD where I studied the Great Books. I subsequently graduated from UNC-Greensboro with a B.S in Elementary Education, and later an M.S.in Library and Information Studies.I am a writer of songs and stories, and more recently plays, and musicals. I have over 200 songs copyrighted with the US Library of Congress so far.I have been taking a break as a performing singer/songwriter. I was lucky enough to have played in a band, The Sams, with the late Sam Moss, and the still living Doug Williams (Electromagnetic Radiation Recorders) and Dave Seward. We opened for Southern Culture on the Skids, G-Love, Eric Johnson, and Sister Hazel, to name a few. We still have an album that will be released eventually. To hear songs I wrote, played solo, with the Sams or with KD Rouse and the Dirty Boys, a trio with myself, Troy Pierce and Randall Johnson, go to Reverb Nation.I also love to paint.

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    Mice Bites - KD Rouse

    Mice Bites

    by KD Rouse

    Copyright 2023 KD Rouse

    Smashwords Edition

    The ad was there every time I looked in the classifieds. Wanted: Housekeeper for nine room B&B. I always considered it, but fine dining gives the most bang for the buck, unless you want to be a stripper. But this time, I stood on the creaky front steps of Colonel Cedrow's Bed & Breakfast, ringing the bell. I had to take a break from restaurant work. They used to call me unflappable at Leonard's Cafe. 1 can wait on a room of people, and we'll still all be smiling at meal's end.

    But apparently, I 'm not as unflappable as they think. Murder upsets me. It

    upsets me a lot. Until the image of Layla Benton swinging from a meat hook leaves my mind, I think I’ll try a safer line of work. Sure, she was a terrible waitress, but she didn't deserve that. But that’s a different story altogether.

    Of course, just because Layla Benton got it, doesn’t mean I would. I get along with

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