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Lille, France 2000-2002

The lot C ofce building has been designed as part of the urban design for the aluminium cladding reveal the structure of the building.
Ilot St.Maurice. The scheme imposed two parameters on the design of the archi- The south-west facade, facing the Euralille, is continuous and monumental.
tecture. First the public space has to be maintained as a continuous network of Only the facade connecting the two volumes of lotC, is making an exception to
outdoor spaces of different sizes,materials and qualities. the use of glas. It is completed in anthracite basalt, creating a continuity between
Second the buildings along the street, facing the TGV station ,should have a the exterior space and the entrance hall, which is underlined by the continuity of
strong common identity, as a reaction to Euralille. the travertine.
The combination of these two conditions reduces the design of the facade to the
use of a single material: glas.
Each facade of the building, is a specic answer, in scale and composition, to
the surroundings, enabling a precise formulation of the in-between space of the
public network spaces.
The different construction principles of the glas facade of lotC, result in a vari-
ety of esthetics. The facades facing the coutyards emphasize the scale of the
building, and show the construction principles: transparency, translucidity, and

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list of illustrations 1-detail of façade 2-north façades 3-south façade


architect : Xaveer de Geyter Architects client : Bouygues Immobilier, Nord

project architects: Ester Goris, Antoine Chaudemanche program : office building
collaborators : Lieve van de Ginste, Tobias Labarque, Anouk Kuiten- total floor area : 9 261 m²
brouwer cost : 7 153 729 €
engineers : Projetud, AR&C

© xaveer de geyter architecten - info@xdga.be

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