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ACTACHMENT 6A / HAZARDOUS WASTE MANAGEMENT. DATE 01701708 STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE REVISION: 0 GENERATION AND GENERATOR GUIDANCE Page t of 6 PURPOSE This standard operating procedure provides guidance for generators of hazardous waste on: Segregation of hazardous wastes Accumulation of hazardous wastes Hazardous Waste Identification Sheets and Drum Tags (Field Camps) Generator Training This SOP contains procedures required for compliance with the Antarctic Conservation Act regulations (45 CFR 671) including maintenance of hazardous waste accumulation areas and generator training. SCOPE The following procedures apply to all USAP personnel, stations, field camps, and vessels. Procedural differences specific to individual stations, field camps, and vessels are identified in the appropriate Appendix. Figure 1.0 contains a summary of this SOP in flow chart format. RESPONSIBILITIES Manager, Hazardous Waste - Program and policy development; program management; regulatory compliance; quality assurance/quality control; reporting Hazardous Waste Management Personnel - Guidance and assistance to generators; acceptance of waste; generator briefings. Generators - Proper segregation and accumulation of hazardous wastes; accurate characterization and documenation of hazardous wastes; management of hazardous waste accumulation areas; corrective action on rejected wastes. DOCUMENTATION, TRACKING, AND REPORTING Documentation for this SOP consists of the uniquely numbered, four-copy Hazardous Waste Identification Sheet (HWIS). The HWIS is used to characterize all wastes and provides a tracking number for each container during processing and shipment. Information provided on the HWIS is entered into the Hazardous Waste Database for tracking, manifesting and reporting purposes. HAZARDOUS WASTE MANAGEMENT DATE ovovae STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE . HWSOP 1.0 REVISION: © GENERATION AND GENERATOR GUIDANCE Page 2 of 24 FIGURE 1.0 - WASTE SEGREGATION AND ACCUMULATION FLOW CHART FLOW CHART PENDING ( HAZARDOUS WASTE MANAGEMENT DATE enoires STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE nevsion: HWSOP 1.0 (SION: © GENERATION AND GENERATOR GUIDANCE Page 3of 24 QUALITY ASSURANCE/QUALITY CONTROL, Quality assurance consists of individual generator briefings (by work center), guidance provided in this SOP, and support from Hazardous Waste Management personnel, Quality control for this SOP is provided by weekly inspections (Procedure 1.2) and quality control procedures conducted at the time of waste acceptance (HWSOP 2.0). TABLE OF CONTENTS PROCEDURES Procedure 1.0 Procedure 1.1 Procedure 1.2 Procedure 1.3 Procedure 1.4 Procedure 1.5 TABLES Table 1.1 Table 1.2 Table 1.3 FIGURES Figure 1.0 Figure 1.3a Figure 1.3b Figure 1.4 Figure 1.5 APPENDICES Appendix A Appendix B Appendix C Appendix D Appendix E Hazardous Waste Generation Overview Generator Orientation Hazardous Waste Identification and Segregation Hazardous Waste Accumulation Areas Hazardous Waste Documentation (HWIS) Field Camp Drum Tags Hazardous Waste Orientation Outline Hazardous Waste Identification and Segregation Guidance Hazardous Waste Accumulation Area Guidance Hazardous Waste Generation Flowchart Example Generator Inspection Form Example Hazardous Waste Management Inspection Form Example Hazardous Waste Identification Sheet Example Field Camp Drum Tag McMurdo Station Procedural Differences South Pole Station Procedural Differences Palmer Station Procedural Differences Field Camp Procedural Differences Vessel Procedural Differences 14 15 18 23 19 20 24 22 24