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Report by Supervisor (Confidential) FORM GF - 01 For Research Higher Degree Candidates (Master by Research, PhD)

Universiti Brunei Darussalam

1. Candidates Details Candidates Name Program Faculty Candidature 2. Details of thesis 3. Report 6 monthly report (Report number: ) Final report Special report ________________________ Student Number Commencement Date


Masters by Research Parttime


Please note: For final report, it should a. Confirm that the work has been done under the immediate supervision of the Supervisor and co-supervisor(s), if any, outlining the roles played by all in the supervision; b. Attest that the Supervisor have read the thesis entirely in a final draft and state whether he/she agrees that the thesis is suitable for submission; c. Provide a statement about the extent of the candidates own work, if parts of the thesis are based on work published under joint authorship; and d. Provide any other relevant information on the candidates work.

Please attach additional page, if required.

Please select one from the following:

Satisfactory Unsatisfactory

Areas of concern (Please specify in above space, if any)

(Note: Unsatisfactory report will cause a student, denial from renewing the Graduate Research Scholarship if currently awarded.) Recommendations: (Please attach additional page if required.) Supervisor Name and Title Signature Date

Graduate Coordinator Name and Title Recommendations: (Please attach additional page if required.) Signature Date

Dean of Faculty Name and Title

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June 2010 Date

Please complete and send fully endorsed form to Graduate Studies and Research Office, University Brunei Darussalam GSR USE ONLY To follow up For records

Dean of GSR/UGSC


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