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Feasibility Study in General Economics with Taxation and Entrepreneurship (SS12) Topic Proposal: Mobile Phone with Reserved

Power through Built-In Solar Panels

Given the current situation of a tropical country, plus the fact that were experiencing a crazy amount of heat every day, why not make use of it if theres any? Presenting, a mobile phone that can be charged using the sunlight! With built-in solar panels, the mobile gadget can charge its built in battery for full use, and can charge, if possible depending on the length of exposure, a reserved battery in case of emergency. Unlike other mobile phones with solar panels that only charges your phone until it is full, our product will also charge the reserved battery for emergency purposes. Likewise, the product will contain the same primary features of the phone. (Hanging questions) How touch screen works What material can store energy that can be put within the mobile phone, and at the same time can be remained handy Edge from other products