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PLEASE PRINT OR TYPE ANSWERS ‘The Toligring information 1s necegsmry in detemaining eligibility | and in preparing entries for the Fanily Land Heritage Registry... If additional space is needed, subrit material on a separate sheet, giving the Section number and the tom riumber. In Section II, please | dd the appropriate letter (A or B). Ifyou have old photographs of the land, butldings or settlers which we could cooy, please write your nave and address on the back, identify | the persons or subject and submit them with your application. Sone of | ly these photographs will be printed in the Registry; others may be used ina elite show on the Progran. All will be retumed. We shall. assune ‘the right to pubLish any photographs submitted to the Tennessee : mont of Agfculture. Do not send amy original documents to the Depart : iment that need to be returned. However, these will be useful in deter- mining eligibility by the county historian or designee of the Department. Information with an asterisk (*) must be completed. | SECTION I: 1975 OWNERSHIP ‘*For each 1975 owner, give the following information: 1. FullNane ees MovgwreT (ApcChte) Heaey : (Pease wate Mr, andfor Mor Mis) Address PED 2 __ kee aback __27 742 — * (ovte, P.O. Box, oF Stee) Civ) ip Code) County B20. 2-7 Phone No, trom 8am. to 5 pm, 6/5". $86 27S ; (ln which you reside) (Area Code) (Number) 2 FuiName 218. he iak Ana CA pacer Weak TR §~ : ‘lease write Mr. and/or Mrs., or Miss) address PAD. xf Ghee whack 27742 (Rote, P.O. Box, oF Street) (iy) (Zip Code) County Bava u 27 Phone No. fom am.to § pm._EAs=. BSC. 36 (ln which yon rend) fa te) (Nombe 3. Full Name (Please write Mr. and/or Mrs.,ot Miss) ‘Address —— | (Rouie, P.O. Box, or Stet) (cy) ip Cote) | County. : Phone No. from 8 a.m, to S p.m,____—_____ (Gn which you reside) 7 (Area Code) (Qube) SECTION I-A: HISTORY OF THE LAND |, “land location (Example: "Davidson County, 2 mi. NE of Nashville, Hwy. 41a") BAe ba 7 Eee aTh Pin Sak adavedoe jeucy tt, 2. Holder of original grant, Wiwown S2asveh He ay es 3: *Name of first fanily member to own the land (hereinafter to he referred to a8 “founder") SA muck He vey So ene eee ata 4 Where was founder bom?#agerea Co. £4. Reason For coming to ‘Teniessee Pek sunwce at dat ChAlas Iv Tae ve why Oscainaed S707 7a OF ERAwKA, ST Founder started homestead (f appHcable) = 6 “Date founder acquired tile to the land AY (y Jeo P-/2S" jy Meacy beh ‘(Yeumust be sble 10 substantiate date) 7. "Number of acres in founder's original farm or ranch @2-/ 8, Number of acres added by founder. Number of acres sold by founder 9. "Types of crops or livestock grown by founder = 10. Historical events during founder’ lifetime related to the development of the farm or ranch (Did the men have to leave to fight wars? Were there water problems? Was this land the site of everts important in history?) DurtTee ossTeh SeeecrnT puatv@ veh Tiogasy Weak 11.” Other activites of the founder and his family which helped to buld the community or state, ‘oF activities which contributed to the agricultural progres of our state j a 12. Interesting events in the life of the family during this period Gover vos To SexeeT os WT 22a OF mARy disse 7 aa. cane 13. Name of founder's wife or husband, if married P oLAY Bes 14. Name or number of children, if any _ SECTION IL-B: NEXT OWNER OF THE LAND Lo eName() Sa anes “He way 2. *Relationship to founder SO af 3. *Yearland acquired by this owner | PAZ 4. Number of acres farm atthistime (ifknown) _2£ 00 5. Number of acres added by this owner 6. Number of acres sold Kia Ese SL 7. Types of crops oF livestock grown by this owner Groin bay, li vests 8. Historical events related to the development of the farm or ranch 9. Other activities of this owner and his family which helped to build the community or state, or other events which contributed to the agricultural progress of the state 10, Name of this owner’s wife or husband, if married Ae cisco, A7dWARA 11, Name or number of children of this couple, & a IRR FeO RSE NA ee ee (f other relatives owned the land between the years noted in Section H-B and the year you assumed ownership, please submit the same information on them on a separate sheet. We want as ouch information on each generation as possible for the Registry.)