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We must keep inquiring into the background and character of people in power and high positions
to ensure that such tragedies do not happen in India . One good example of such a tragedy is the
Chennai-based English newspaper called The Hindu which can now safely be renamed as The
Anti-Hindu. The reason? Its proprietor N. Ram is not only a hard-core communist (an ex-SFI
member), he is also married to a Christian-born Swiss national! No wonder then that the
publication is so staunchly anti-Hindu. And yet, Hindus buy the paper and Hindu-owned
companies advertise in the paper heavily. The Hindu is sold to the low IQ Tamils at Rs 3.25
where as in Hyderabad it is sold for Rs 1. Hindus in India are helping the enemy Christians to
destroy ourselves. One such tragedy has happened by the conversion of Hindus by Muslims that
resulted in division of India in to India and Pakistan, and yet the Islamic virus is still growing in
India. India is in the sick bay with Islamic terrorism all over India and Christian terrorism in
North East. It is time for Hindus to eliminate these two viruses from India.