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The anti national christian External Affairs Minister Pranab admits to Chinese


The anti national christian External Affairs Minister Pranab Muckerjee

working for the Christian Sonia Gandhi from Italy admits to Chinese

New Delhi, Jan 12 2008 A day before Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s
talks in Beijing, India has admitted to Chinese incursions in its territory but
said there was nothing to worry about.

External Affairs Minister Pranab Mukherjee said in an interview that the

matter has been taken up with Chinese authorities and the problem
addressed through established mechanisms.

“Sometimes incursions take place. We immediately take it up. Mechanisms

have been established through which we address this problem,” he said
while commenting on the observation made by the Indo-Tibetan Border
Police (ITBP) that 140 incursions had taken place by October last year.
Asked if the frequency of the incursions had increased, the External Affairs
Minister said “it is not unusual...it has not sudddenly increased. There is
nothing to worry about at this point of time, and the mechanisms which we
have, are doing well.” Mukherjee admitted that the infrastructure on the
Chinese side of the Sino-Indian border was much superior to that of India in
Arunachal Pradesh but said the Government was now building roads and
other infrastruture on the Indian side as well.

“So far as the development of the infrastructure on the other side of the
Indo-China border is concerned, their infrastructuere in terms of road,
electricity and other facilities is much superior to that on our side. It is a
known fact. That is why we have decided that we should also build up roads
and other types of infrastructural facilities,” he added.
He, however, said there was no need to panic, and assured that there was
no question of letting down vigilance or alertness.

“So far as vigilance is concerned, we shall always have to be alert and

provide whatsoeve facilities are required to protect the territorial integrity of
the country. There is no question of letting down our vigilance and alertness.
But at the same time, the situation which is prevailing right now on the
border and along the LAC, there is no need of pressing any panic button.
Peace and tranquility are being retained,”