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List of Statistical Formulas

Let us see the list of statistical formulas in this page. The statistical is the essential of prescribed science of manufactured for effective use of numerical data. The statistical data is connecting with the set of each and every individual or group of experiments. It contracts with every portion of this, with not only the set of data, analysis of data and understanding of such data but also it calculates the collection of data. The procedure of gathering, abbreviating and examining the numerical data. The statistics creates it probable to predict the likelihood of events. It refers the quantities are like mean, median and variance. This statistical consist more formulas. The list of statistical formulas are following below.

Statistics Formulas
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There are list of formulas in the statistices. The list is following below: Population mean =

Population standard deviation =

Population variance = Standardized score= (x-) / ?. Sample mean = Sample of standard deviation =

Sample variance = Sample proportion = p* q / (n-1).

Pooled sample proportaion = (p1* n1 + p2*n2) / (n1+n2). Pooled standard deviation = . This is the list of the statistical formulas. Now see some examples based on statistical formulas given below Let us see some examples of statistical data. Problem 1: Find the mean of given data. The data is 2,4,6,8,0,1. Solution: Given data is 2,4,6,8,0,1. The formula for mean = (sum of data) / ( total number of the data). mean = (2+4+6+8+0+1 / 6) = 21 / 6. So, the mean value is = 3.5. Problem 2: Find the population mean of given data. The data is 100,200,400,500,700. Solution: Given data are 100,200,400,500,700 The formula for population mean = = =

= 380. Problem 3: Five friends take an IAS test. Their scores are 97,100,108,178.Find the mean of the score. Solution: The given data is 97,100,08,178. The formula for mean score = = = Problem 4: A population consists of four observation: { 1,4,7,8}. What is the variance? Solution: The given data is= 1,4,7,8 = = = 5. Variance 2 = - )2 / N.

= 7.5.