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Reaction is D+T-------------------->He + n+ 17.

6 Mev And Constant are Avagrado Number 1eV

Solution Since 1GW is equal to Also 1W is 1 Joule/Second For One Day at 1GW Rate (Multiply by 3600sec & 24hr) As per Above reaction One Particle of D and One Particle of T reaction Generate Since We Know that 1eV is Equal to hence 17.6 MeV(ultiply by 17.6x106)

As per reaction above; 1 Partcle of D & 1 Partcle of T generate 17.6 MeV, which is equal to So to produce 8.64E+13 Joule (Energy Required divided by energy generated per particle) Since we Know that 1g mole partcle of D have

So weight of Divide No of Particle by Avagradro Constant

multiply by 2(mol. Weight of D) to calculated gram mole for D

multiply by 3(mol. Weight of T) to calculated gram mole for T

6.023E+23 1.6E-19 Joule

1E+09 W 1E+09 Joule/Second 8.64E+13 Joule energy to be produce

17.6 MeV 1.6E-19 Joule 2.816E-12 Joule



3.068E+25 Partcle required 6.023E+23 partcles

3.068E+25 partcle 50.941089 g-mole

of D and T

101.88218 Gram

152.82327 Gram