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Joi n each pair of sentences i nto one by usi ng a suitable conjunction Example : Rita has no time to answer your

call as she is late. 1. We will go for an outing. We will do so if the weather is fine. 2. We had better get ready now. We may not have time to reach the airport. 3. The meeting had to be called off. There was not enough quorum. 4. Mr. Liew has been sick. He has been so since coming back from Japan. 5. Do not start the rehearsal yet. The chairman has not arrived. 6. The debating teams were very happy. Both were declared joint-champions. 7. The players gave their best. They still did not win the match. 8. We are proud to be Malaysians. We must fly the Jalur Gemilang on National Day. 9. The boys were unhappy with their results. The girls were also unhappy with theirs. 10. Let us be more serious in our revision. We may not perform as well as we want.

1. These rooms are very comfortable _____ they have a good view of the city. (A) also (B) and (C) still (D) as 2. _____ the teacher explained the lesson several times, some of the students still did not understand it. (A) Although (B) Even if (C) Unless (D) Since 3. He did not join us for the movie _____ he had already seen it. (A) and (B) but (C) although (D) because 4. She could not find the book she wanted _____ she borrowed a magazine instead. (A) so (B) and (C) but (D) so that 5. I tried to make her realize the consequences _____ she refused to listen. (A) lest (B) since (C) but (D) also 6. He will show us around himself _____ send someone else. (A) and (B) if (C)or (D) so 7. _____ he was not interested in music, he agreed to go to the concert. (A) Though (B) While (C) For (D) Since 8. Those village folk are poor _____ they always seem so contented. (A) though (B) since (C) ye(D) or 9. The river has overflowed his banks _____ it has been raining continuously for several days. (A) still (B) yet (C) when (D) as 10. I don't think he will remember the appointment _____ you remind him. (A) so (B) if (C) unless (D) lest