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Higher + Wider + Deeper

Citipointe Key = E Tempo 90 Esus2

Intro :



Verse : E C#m

How beautiful this love, You would lay down Your crown B E

Surrender Your throne in heaven, so that I could be found E C#m

How awesome is this love that conquered the grave B E

Love that can move the mountains, yet knows me by name

Pre-chorus : A B Its unbreakable, F#m A C#m its undeniable B

Nothing will ever, separate us

Chorus : E Your love is higher than the skies up above C#m Your love is wider than what I can dream of B A Your love is deeper, its the greatest of all
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Interlude 1 : Verse Pre-chorus Chorus x2 Interlude 2 :






Bridge : B C#m A

Holy are You Father B C#m A

A love like no other B C#m A

So vast like the universe E Is Your love, is Your love (Repeat x5)

Chorus x2 Interlude 3 : Ending : E E C#m B A (x6)

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