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Ilian A. Deering U#56849438 17 July 2012 Assignment #6 What is Architecture?

The Notion There is a notion in the air Which tends so fast to geometry, Which in pure math bears its own flares And surely bears them, too, in here. It will not do to say of it Alone at night without a man, Since strangely it is he who gives Such beauty; be it day or night. So when in silence you perceive This notion of which now I speak, And suddenly your mind enraptures That is the nature of architecture.

I wrote this short poem as a definition of architecture. Moreover, my vision of architecture certainly changed. Now I am in the known; and I find some pleasure in every building and structure that I come into contact with. Architecture is simply beauty, a type of beauty that has taken ages to master and that continues to improve and delight us.