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Keith Pillich Discusses the Board of Certified Safety Professionals Based in Champaign, Illinois, the Board of Certified Safety

Professionals began its existence in 1969 as a peer-certification board that accredited individuals in safety-related careers. Recognized internationally and domestically, this gro up develops standards for a variety of fields, conducts continuing education cou rses, and provides networking opportunities. Offering safety, health, and environment-related certifications is likely the Bo ard of Certified Safety Professional's most important duty. An individual earnin g the designation of Certified Safety Professional from the Board can be trusted to recognize hazards that threaten people, places, and the environment. Since t he Board of Certified Safety Professionals' inception, it has issued certificati ons to more than 30,000 people, including technicians, supervisors, and workers. These individuals are an asset to corporations and governments by aiding with p rogram management, design, planning, and facilities through their ability to ide ntify potential dangers. About the Author: Since 1986, Keith Pillich has served in various roles for Vlado Engineering in B uffalo and Amherst, New York. A former Environmental Health and Safety Industria l Hygienist, Pillich belongs to the Board of Certified Safety Professionals.