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MoneyControldedicatesitselftoprovidingsuperiordebtrecoveryservicebyusinga customer service based philosophy and striving to be consistently perceived as professional,trustworthy,accurateandefficient.


Roger Clarkson founded Citizens Credit Exchange in 1964 in San Bernardino, California, with the intent of helping businesses retrieve bad debt that would have otherwise been written off as uncollectible. Turning debt into cash flow became his motto and this motto is carried out still today by the next two generations. In 1976, after12yearsofhardworkanddetermination,Rogerssmallbusinessgrewenabling him to incorporate, becoming Money Control, Inc. This created a need for larger office space so Roger moved the business to Riverside, California, where it is currentlylocated.Endinghissuccessfulcareerin1993,Rogersoldthecorporationto his son Christopher T. Clarkson. With youthful motivation, Chris continued the constant expansion of Money Control. At this time there was a need for Money Control to broaden its services outside of the collections spectrum to become more versatile. Hence the implementation of a larger spectrum of services that included thefollowing: Consulting LiveAccountsBilling PreCollections PrimaryCollections

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