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Put the beginnings and ends together, using expressions from the box. (There are too many expressions.)

a black cat

all year

some money

a mirror

some salt

an old shoe

some wine

dark hair

the baby

four potatoes

the sky

bad luck

the weather

seven years'

your left hand

If you see ____________________,

____________________ will be fine tomorrow.

If you spill ____________________,

you'll get ____________________ soon.

If ____________________ is red this evening,

you'll have ____________________.

If your first visitor in the New Year has ____________________,

throw ____________________ over your shoulder.

If ____________________ itches,

you'll have ____________________ bad luck.

If you break ____________________,

you'll have good luck ____________________.


Put in if ot when and choose the correct verb forms.

_______________ I (get / will get) enough money, I (travel / 'll travel) round the world.

_______________ it (rains / will rain) this afternoon, we (stay / 'll stay) at home.

I (close / 'll close) the curtains _______________ it (gets / will get) dark.

_______________ I (get / 'll get) older, I (stop / 'll stop) playing rugby.

You can't go home now, but you can go _______________ the game ('s / 'll be) finished.

Get off the buss quickly_______________ it (stops / ''ll stop).

_______________ you (say / 'll say) that again, I (hit / I'll hit) you.

_______________ I (go / 'll go) to bed tonight, I (dream / 'll dream) about you..

_______________ you (are / 'll be) in this country next year, I hope you (come / 'll come) and see us.