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culture kitchen: a truly malaysian dish white rice + popia (chinese) + pucuk paku and sambal (malay) + chicken

korma & b anana leaf (indian) main: mixed race Intro (1st scene): - foreign tv program - culture watch on Malaysia - Interview ppl in food court 'What is the dish that symbolizes Malaysia' - interview on famous chef who created the '1 Malaysia' dish 2nd scene: - Chef's flashback - 'yam cha' with friends - compile list of famous dishes from each race 3rd scene: - filming of food cooking - weird dish is made 4th scene: - Friend taste food - Bad; too many elements - Cut back to present, chef explains moral of story (toleration and understandin g is important to maintain the harmony between the diff cultures) - Cut to flashback: chef goes back to planning (filming ppl cook, mindmap, taste test with blindfolded freinds and exaggerated expressions) Conclusion (5th scene): - Back to present; chef invites international student to eat the food - ending Rolling credits: - side video: international student's interview on malaysian food 'how many msian dishes do you know...' 'which dish do you think is special to malaysia'...etc 'what do you think of when somebody mentions malaysian food'