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The Story of DNA - Questions

Answer these questions while you listen to the discussion

1. What is one example of a trait inherited by children from their parents through DNA?
2. Describe the shape of DNA.
Complete this table about the structure of DNA:
deoxyribose = a kind of sugar with
3. ___________________
a nucleotide

made up of 3 parts

a phosphate group made of phosphorus

and oxygen
a nitrogenous base
4. ___________________ (A)
Thymine (T)


made up of 4 types of
5. ___________________ (C)
Guanine (G)

1. Hydrogen bonds are the reasons that DNA can write codes out of the letters that
are the bases of the DNA ladder.
2. What do we call the process of copying DNA?

Complete this table about the types of mutation:

(8) ___________________

where one or more bases are left out


where one or more bases are substituted for

another base in the sequence

(9) ___________________

where one or more extra base is put in


where a sequence of bases pairs are (10)


11. What is mRNA?

12. Although Francis Crick and James Watson were awarded the _________________ in
1962 for their work on DNA, Rosalind Franklin had not received recognition for her
work when she _________________ in 1958.