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Duration: 90 minutes Marks: Out of 30. Attempt either part A or B PART A: DESCRIPTIVE QUESTIONS Attempt any five questions.

All questions carry equal marks 1. Take any one theory of learning and explain the application of the same in group project context. 2. Comment on the three components of job attitude viz. job involvement, organizational commitment and job satisfaction in the context of a terrorist group. 3. Do you agree with Herzberg when he says that hygiene factors can not motivate employees, though the absence of the same will bring in dissatisfaction

4. Explain the concepts of group think and group shift. Relate the same to the experience that you had while working in group/s in your organization or in your group project context. 5. Do you agree that dependency is the key to power? Explain through an example what creates dependency. 6. What is your understanding of leadership? Explain the same with the help any theory that we have discussed in the class. PART B: CASE Attempt any four questions based on the given case.