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Appendix D

Abbreviations and
These shortened forms appear in cohort default rate loan record detail reports, on
spreadsheets, and throughout various appeal instructions.

Code Description Code Description

BCD Beginning Class Date ICR Income Contingent Repayment

BUD Backup Data ICRD Income Contingent Repayment

(Loan Record Detail Report) Date

CDR Cohort Default Rate LDA Last Day of Attendance

CPD Claim Paid Date LRDR Loan Record Detail Report

DD Default Date LS&T Limitation, Suspension, and/or


DER Date Entered Repayment LTH Less-Than-Half-Time

DF Default Neg-am Negative Amortization

DL Direct Loan NSLDS National Student Loan Data


DLS Direct Loan Servicer OSD Out of School Date

DMD Default Management Division SL Supplemental Loans for

ECD Ending Class Date SSCR Student Status Confirmation
FDLP Federal Direct Loan Program SSL Subsidized Stafford Loan

FFEL Federal Family Education Loan Program SF Stafford

FY Fiscal Year SU Unsubsidized Stafford Loan

GA Guaranty Agency

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Abbreviations and Acronyms Appendix D

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