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A very warm Good morning to all of you, I extend a heartfelt invite to all of you sitting here, welcoming you

to Bonvenon 2012. We have gathered here today to celebrate the auspicious occasion of Vishwakarma poojan and also, to welcome our dear 1st year students to K.S. Jain Group of Institutions.

Ye kitaabon ki duniya samajhte samajhte jindagi nikal jayegi, Theory ke concept mein life ki equation bigad jayegi, Sochte hain nikal aayen hum kitabon ki is duniya se, Par kya pata th humein ki inhi kitabo se, ek din zindagi jannat mein badal jayegi

Hum aadarniya chairman sir se anurodh karte hain ki wo stage pe aake jyoti prajvalan kar karyakram ka aarambh Karen.

<Chairman Sir enlightens the deep>

Dhanyawaad sir. Maa saraswati ke aashish bina humare chaatra jeevan mein agyaan ka andhakaar hi andhakaar hai, is andhakaar ko duur karne ke liye hum vandana kar maa saraswati se anurodh karenge ki wo humein aashirwad deke dhanya Karen. Mera aap sabhi se anurodh hai ki kuch kshano ke liye apne man mein maa saraswati ki vandana ka uccharan Karen, aur unka abhinandan Karen.

<Saraswati Vandana>

I think they have truly spread the spiritual vibes this morning creating a state of trance with their magnetic voices. Hum sabse pehle aadarniya Chairman sir se anurodh karte hain ki wo yahaan aaker do shabd kahen aur hamaara gyaanvardhan Karen.

<Chairman Sir speech>

Thank you very much sir for enlightening us with your kind words. I would also like to invite our secretary, Shri Abhishek Jain on stage to say a few words and motivate our new coming students. <Abhishek sir Speech> Thank you sir for such motivation and encouragement. Many of us would want to get good jobs, many would want to study further, but rarely there are gems among us who would want to pursue the career of an academician. We have one such personality among us today, who has dedicated his life to academics. So, I would like to request the presence of Dr. M.K. Singhal on stage to say a few words and encourage the academic spirit within all of us. <Director Speech> Thank you for making us realize the importance of education and academics in our life sir.

Just like our last years fiesta, we are here today with some sizzling performances and some awesome stage extravaganza. There have been some really rocking performances on this stage earlier, We have some really good past memories with our college fests. The environment is blissful and the occasion is auspicious, let us make this occasion more soulful by calling on stage amit sehgal with his gifted voice.

<Amit Sings>

Whoa! That was really breathtaking, Good music and good singers are a real rare nowadays. After such a performance my eyes cant wait to see another hotshot on stage, do you think I should keep it a surprise ? Let me just not make you wait anymore for this, This has to be demystified. So, Please allow me to call upon Lokesh with his awesome dancing skills on a classical western mix.

<Lokesh Dances as usual>

Will someone tell me what are we celebrating today ? Yes Sir, we are welcoming our dear freshers to our college. Then why dont we call them on stage and get to know them. Lets call them on for their short introductions.

<Ramp Walk> I think we have a vague idea now, of who our freshers are, Let us get on with the performances and rock the stage further.

Naach gaana bahut ho gaya, soch raha hun ye naatakbaazi bannd karun. Pa, lekin, parantu, hamare paas abi talent ki koi kam thodi hui hai. Ji haan, Hamaare talented freshers ne ek chhoti si natya prastuti tayyar kari hai. Jo aapko gudguda jaayegi, Hansa jaayegi, aur shayad apke antahkaran ko chhalka jayegi. Kripya taaliyon se stage pe swaagat Karen Good boy aur bad boy ka.

<Drama 1st year> Thank you for such an awesome performance, I would now like to call upon Komal on stage with her awesome dancing skills.

<Komal Dance> That was really breathtaking Komal. Thank you for such an amazing performance. Our prestigious institution does not only offer you value education, it also encourages cultural activities and talent. I think we have already discovered one such hidden talent among the freshers this year. He sizzles, he whizzles, he zooms in and out, in short he is a wizard on stage who will drop your jaws down with his magical performance. Let call upon the stage Shivam Diwakar with his dance performance.

<Shivam Diwakar Dance>

A big round of applause for such talent please. Phew! That was really amazing of him. We have seen various acts and performances till date, but this mystery man has been hiding in our college for 3 years.

A deep desire to touch the hands of unconditional love and protection, Ek khoj uski jo har pal de aapka saath, you think and it happens, you dont think about it, it still happens. True love doesnt have a season or a time, it does not wait for you, neither does it happen with age. You ask for a sip, and you get oceans. You ask for a penny, and you get thousands. True love doesnt just give you satisfaction, but also gives you peace within. Let us uncover this mystery with this beautiful song in Subodhs voice.

<Subodh Sings>

A big round of applause for such big hearted effort. Hum freshers ke naam aur unki pehchaan to kar hi chuke hain, kyun na jaan lein ki wo kitna talent rakhte hain, to inmein se kuch chuninda freshers jo Talent round mein kuch karna chahte hain, hum chahenge ki wo stage pe aayen.

<Talent Round>

We have seen some sizzling performance as of now, Dance is an art form which varies culturally to a very big level in our country. We have different dance forms in our country, The most popular among them is Bhangra. I think its time that we see a little bit of that on this stage, Let us now call upon Kamal on the stage to perform his Punjabi Dance.

<Kamal Dances>

Ise dekh to mer bhi kadam thirakne lage the. He has really show some really good moves today, Thank you kamal for such a performance. There is no limit to surprises that we can have today, Let us now welcome another fresher Subham yadav on stage with another dance performance. <Shubham Yadav Dance>** Hamare talented fresher ek baar to apna jalwa bikher hi chuke hain, hum chahenge ki ek baar aur hum unmein se hi kuch chuninda freshers ko question/ answer round k liye bulayen. To hamara anurodh hai swati maam se ki wo stage pe aayen aur chune hue freshers ke naam announce Karen. <Announcement> <fresher come> <Question answer> I think they have pretty much justified themselves. We will shortly get the results of this round and get to know who our Mr. and Ms. Freshers are. Humne ab tak humare college ka kaafi talent dekh liya, Kyun na hum hamare ek sehpaathi ko stage pe ek aur surili si bauchar ke

liye bula len. To Chalo sunte hain ki Amit humein kya sunaana chahta hai!

<Amit Sings>

Amit ne sach mein hum sab ka dil chu liya, Thank you amit for such a wonderful wonderful song. I dont think you would believe you eyes when you see the next performer on stage, He is a first year student of our college and dances really well. To kyun na ek aur dhamaakedaar performance ho jaaye. So please welcome with a big round of applause Shubham Kumar (OM) on stage. <Shubham Kumar (OM) Dance> Our B.Tech and Diploma students have both prepared a drama with a combined team effort, Please put together a big round of applause to welcome them on stage and let us all watch: <Adhunik Adhyapak Modern Bhikari Drama> Hum chahenge ki ab Abhishek sir stage pe aake Mr. aur Mrs. Fresher announce kar ke unhe abhivadit Karen.

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