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Subject: / Mardongi
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/ Mardongi
/ Victor Pelevin

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Hear me pass, as the stench from the corpse.

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Word "mardong" Tibetan and refers to a set of concepts.
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Initially, the so-called cult object that creates this way: if any man in life is marked by holiness, purity, or, conversely, is, figur
atively speaking "Flower of Evil (Baudelaire connection with Tibet is only now being tracked), then after death which, incide
ntally, the Tibetans have always believed one of the stages of personality development, the body of a man is not buried in th
e ground and fried in vegetable oil (to the north of Lhasa, is usually used yak fat), then get oneself in the robe and sat on the
ground, usually near the road.
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After that, around the corpse and right next to him to build a wall of stones cemented, so that the result turned out rock for
mations in which it was possible to detect similarities with the contour of a seated cross-legged figure.
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Then, the object clay (in the northern areas - manure mixed with straw, after which he was required yet another roasting), a
nd then plaster and painted - painted portrait was walled in, but as a rule, the facial image are indistinguishable.
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If the deceased belonged to a sect Doug pa or Bone, his pririsovyvalas black Kamilavka.
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Then mardong was ready and the target of a frenzied worship, or just as frenzied desecration - depending on the religious af
filiation of participants of the ritual.
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This is the background. The second meaning of the word "mardong" widely known.
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So call themselves followers of Nikolai Antonov, so called himself Antonov.
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A small essay does not aim to trace the history of the sect - we are more interested in an early section of the ideology and tho
ughts of the Antonov, by the way, we do not agree with a recent hypothesis that the Antonov - a fictitious person, and his w
orks - a compilation, although the arguments of the supporters of this point view often witty.
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We must always remember that "the nonexistence Antonov", which repeatedly stated sectarians, is one of their mystical doc
trines, and not the sort of hint to future researchers.
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Agree with this hypothesis can not yet because all the works, known as Antonov, bear the clear imprint of the person of one
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, , ..."
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. 1993
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"Five or six pages long - writes Gilles de Chardin - and begin to feel your foot hit the slow jaw of a reptile, and more and more
pressure, and darker around ..." Let's leave excessive emotionality ratings on the conscience of the impressionable Frenchm
en, it is important that the work of Antonov really penetrated a mood and style are separate from everything written in thos
e years - if assume a compilation, the author of a forgery is also supposed to be one, in which case the name of Nikolai Anto
nov us understood this man. The beginning of the motion refers to 1993 and due to the appearance of the book Antonov Di
alogues with internal corpse. "There is no death" - this is the first part.
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The idea, of course, not new, but the author's argument is unusual.
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It turns out that there is no death because she had already occurred, and in every man there is a so-called internal dea
d, steal their power under an increasing part of the individual. Life, the Antonov - no more than the process of carrying the c
orpse in the developing as a fetus in uterus.
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Physical death is the ultimate actualization of Internal corpse, and is, therefore, childbirth.
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A living person, as the embryo of a deceased person is being low and inadequate.
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The body is conceived as a possible form of existence, because it is eternal (not physically, of course, and categorical). Failed
the common man is that he constantly mutes the voice of the internal dead and afraid to become aware of its existence.
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According to Antonov, VM (as is usually indicated by an internal dead in the current editions Antonovites) - the most valuabl
e part of the personality, and the whole spiritual life should be focused on him.
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We shall return to this idea were developed in subsequent papers Antonova, but for now proceed to the second part of the "
Dialogues." It's called "The Spiritual mardong Alexander Pushkin."
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Even here, in addition to the introduction of the term, outlines the key practices in vivo awakening inner dead.
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Antonov wrote about spiritual mardongah formed after the death of people, left a noticeable mark on the group conscience

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In this case, the role of frying in oil, do the circumstances of a person's death and public awareness (Antonov likens Natalia G
oncharova pan, and Dantes - the cook), the role of bricks and mortar - a categorical interpretation of the thoughts and moti
ves of the deceased.
, XIX ,
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According to Antonov, the spiritual mardong Pushkin was ready by the end of XIX century and the role played by the final co
loring of Tchaikovsky's opera. Cultural Space, by Antonov, a mass grave where buried mardongi spiritual ideologies, and wo
rks of great men, the presence of a living in this area offensive and unacceptable as unacceptable in some religions, the pres
ence of menstruating women in the church.
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The common grave, of course, the notion of an ideal (after the book the publisher has come a lot of letters to indicate its loca
tion). The existence of spiritual bodies in the noosphere, said further Antonov, promotes the development of proper spiritual
and emotional process, where each step leads to "utrupneniyu (One of the key terms of work).
, "", ,
. ". . . " (1995)
, ,

The practical recommendations contained in the "dialogue", subsequently were developed, so it would be correct to conside
r them for the second book Antonov. The book Night. Street. Lantern. Drugstore "(1995) is a seemingly incoherent jumble of
aphorisms and meditation techniques - but the followers argue that these statements, as well as the principles of their mutu
al arrangement is encrypted deepest laws of the universe.
- ,
"" - .
For lack of space we do not consider this aspect of the book - we only note that recent studies on the ES-5540 established the
obvious structural relationship between the recurrence of the book, the words "harmony" and the ritual preparation of boile
d bitches - the national dish Navajo Indians.
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(Legendary fact eaten by Antonov in the mystical view of his dog, after supposedly made-up by Pushkin, not documented a
nd, apparently, is one of the many myths surrounding this man's knowledge, no dogs at the Antonov was not.) Practical tec
hniques, leading to "utrupneniyu" diverse.
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Even in the first book offered "Talk on Pushkin".
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(It is said that in the last years of his life Antonov opened his mouth just to make another statement about the greatness of P
ushkin Antonov comment on this in the sense that the artist was working simultaneously on two mardongami - Pushkin stre
ngthened and built on its own.) This practice is now among the Antonov strictly formalized: "Talk about Pushkin" begins wit
h an introductory assertion that the poet did not know the period of apprenticeship, and ends with singing the mantra "Pus
hkin Pushkin's great" - are governed not only by all the spoken words, but also the intonation.
, ( , - )
- , , .
We can assume that during the life of Antonov (antonovets be corrected, he said - when pervosmertii) there were deviations
from the canon, and in its modern form it was formed later. Utrupneniya Another technique is to study the ancient culture certainly not of herself, and her mardonga.
On this way Antonov expressed an interesting idea, thanks to which the movement joined the mass Slavophiles.
, -
Antonov said that archaeologists found near Kiev pot VIII century is the first in the history of mardongom, and being in it fib
ula belonged to a girl named Goruhsha - the word is written on the pot.
. , -
, , , .
After such a patriotic speech Antonov received government subsidies, and their motion is significantly strengthened. In addi

tion to these techniques, Antonov recommends study of some dead language, like Sanskrit, as well as lying in a coffin. Since
the emergence of cult life of its members was subjected to a thorough ritualizatsii.
, , , -
, . " ", ,
, , . "" (1998)
- .
They say, for example, that Antonov could not stand, when it cucumbers were removed from the jar with your fingers - in his
view, dying vegetables polluted living touch. Job "Daily Miracle", where, perhaps, consider these questions are not preserved
. The book "Maidan" (1998) with stylistic unity with the rest of the works of restrained and thoughtful, and somewhat resem
bles sura Medina period.
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, - "".
There are no new ideas, but deepened and developed previously expressed - for example, there is the idea of a plurality of in
ternal bodies that seem to be embedded into one another like nested dolls (by Antonov - Old Russian character mardonga),
with each successive body contemplates and previous experiences of his nostalgia; primary internal body longs for the final,
that is streamlined Dead - circle. In this book Antonov renounces those of his followers, who go on suicide - he disdainfully c
alls them "noobs".
( , -
. .) 1999 .
(The system Antonov murder is seen as caesarean section, and suicide - as premature birth.'s Death in youth likened abortio
n.) In 1999, Antonov reaches actualization.
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, -
, , - - .
His mardong set on 39th kilometer of Mozhaisky highway, right near the road. He is still in this place, and in time there can b
e a pleasure to meet Antonov - a sullen young men in a dark cloak, painted a blonde with a rubber band tightly - to deathly
chenille brush - wrists.
- , "
In mardonga read poetry - usually Sologub or Bloch, selected by Antonov's principle of "maximum sizzling".
"... , , , ...

Sometimes reading poetry itself Antonov:

"...and when the candle will burn down, and in the darkness hours are heard, the dead will feel the grief, dead asleep on the f
loor ... The highway offers a breathtaking view".

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